Japan: Cup Noodles Museum @ Yokohama

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For those who are planning your trip to Japan and are having difficulties in deciding whether to head over to the cup noodles museum or not, I hope this post comes in handy! Also, if you’re expecting to read about the DIY cup noodles experience here, no, it’s not in this post because we arrived slightly too late for that and they only have limited cups everyday. Nonetheless, we did quite enjoy our experience in there, and the following post will cover everything besides the DIY cup noodles, which was what we went there for.. ):

Take note that the opening hours of the museum is from 10am to 6pm everyday, and is closed on Tuesday. We arrived at 4pm and the cup noodle activity ran out. So.. I would suggest arriving earlier in the day if you want to experience that!

Honestly, the museum was quite a pain in the ass to get to. Literally. Because we had to take a pretty long train ride from Ginza to get there. Ginza to Shinbashi to Yokohama then to Sakuragicho station. Don’t worry, always trust your google maps on this one! Check out how to navigate around Japan here!Photo 28-12-15, 2 17 39 PM This was the station we alighted at. Super pretty skies. Photo 28-12-15, 2 33 04 PMThe museum is located 1.1km away from the nearest station. So that makes a 15-minute walk.

The walk will be pretty enjoyable. Why? Firstly, there is a mall in the middle of your route, where you can take a break or do some shopping. Secondly, and most importantly, the sights and sounds you’d experience during the walk is worth every effort. Take a look at the following:Photo 28-12-15, 3 08 23 PM Isn’t this the prettiest sight ever. Photo 28-12-15, 3 09 37 PM Can you imagine yourself walking down here during spring and looking at sakura, assuming there will be here? Otherwise this is pretty breathtaking and calming as well.Photo 28-12-15, 3 18 43 PM Photo 28-12-15, 3 20 50 PM Yup, just across the road from the museum is an amusement park, which seems like it’s for kids. I’m not too sure but you can always go and check it out.

And before we knew it, this appeared in front of us. WE ARE HERE AT THE MUSEUM!Photo 28-12-15, 3 32 59 PM (1) Photo 28-12-15, 3 33 51 PM Just in case you need the road name or something. Photo 28-12-15, 3 34 29 PM OOOH SO EXCITED. BECAUSE THIS WAS BEFORE I WAS TOLD THAT I CANNOT MAKE MY OWN CUP NOODLES. Photo 28-12-15, 3 35 33 PMThe entrance.

The Museum

When you first enter the museum, you’d be greeted with the souvenir shop. Strategic placement because that was where we went first…
Photo 28-12-15, 3 38 09 PM

That random girl was not posing for me, even though she looks like she is..

That random girl was not posing for me, even though she looks like she is.. AND WHY DIDN’T I TRY THE MILK SEAFOOD CUP NOODLES?!

The entrance fee to the museum costs 500 yen (~S$6). I didn’t know there was a fee to enter. Everything else required the entrance ticket. So.. Only the souvenir shop was free to see see look look. And of course you don’t go all the way there to see see look look at the shop. The DIY cup noodle activity and other workshops and food all require extra charges.
Photo 28-12-15, 3 49 05 PM
Photo 28-12-15, 3 36 34 PMPhoto 28-12-15, 3 50 54 PM Here are our tickets and guide book.

The museum has 3 levels for you to explore. One of which being the exhibition, the other is for the activities and workshops, and the last one is where the “food court” is.

The exhibition
Photo 28-12-15, 3 54 23 PM Photo 28-12-15, 3 52 51 PM Photo 28-12-15, 3 54 40 PM Photo 28-12-15, 3 58 02 PM Photo 28-12-15, 3 58 47 PM Photo 28-12-15, 4 00 22 PM It’s HEAVEN for us students, ain’t it?
Instant Noodles through the years.

For parents, there is also a cup noodles park (300 yen) for you to dump your kids there while you walk around. HAHA!  Photo 28-12-15, 4 01 52 PM

We skipped the workshop level because I was still sore about not being able to make my own cup.

As Explodingbelly, of course I came in for the Noodles Bazaar. Photo 28-12-15, 4 02 05 PM
The entire place was designed to look like a night market, which explains the dim lighting and cute little stores. Photo 28-12-15, 4 03 04 PM They’ve got 8 different stalls, each serving different “cuisines” using INSTANT NOODLES.Photo 28-12-15, 4 07 58 PMA pretty fun experience, except that you have to order your food using the vending machine which has their menu in Japanese. Anyhow press to try your luck and waste your money. Each dish is priced at 300yen (~S$3.65). Photo 28-12-15, 4 02 49 PM Japanese stall – the usual instant noodles where you can pick and choose your ingredients. 300 yen would get you just 2 choices. There are pork ,cheese, carrots, etc etc.
Photo 28-12-15, 4 16 12 PMLike this!

They even have a laksa stall.Photo 28-12-15, 4 04 55 PM Here’s where you get the most quirky dish. CUP NOODLE FLAVORED ICE CREAM. Photo 28-12-15, 4 05 01 PM  Photo 28-12-15, 4 07 45 PMCurry flavored or shoyu flavored for you? We got the curry flavored one!Photo 28-12-15, 4 08 37 PMThis was it, served in a super cute take away cup. It was well.. An acquired taste. It tastes exactly like the curry powder we put into our cup noodles in the ice cream form. The toppings are the freeze dried accompaniments that comes with instant noodles. Sweet savory combination which was pretty… Interesting, I’d say. DO TRY!Photo 28-12-15, 4 05 51 PM They also have Pho, Korean noodles, and beef noodles!

I ordered Mee Goreng. Hey look, quite legit hor. Photo 28-12-15, 4 11 18 PM Photo 28-12-15, 4 12 12 PM My order ticket. Photo 28-12-15, 4 12 27 PM And here’s my plate of mee goreng being prepared. Got shrimps some more hor. Photo 28-12-15, 4 17 20 PM There you go. Taste wise it wasn’t as authentic as we would like, but it was still pretty delicious! And it’s only 300 yen! Photo 28-12-15, 4 18 34 PM  Our teabreak. And the bowl of soup with noodles is from the first stall I mentioned where you get to pick and choose your ingredients. Photo 28-12-15, 4 20 19 PM And of course, I couldn’t get enough of my curry ice cream. I mean.. the idea of it. It was honestly bearable when you eat it with the ingredients. But having the ice cream on its own was a bit eeky. It’s like curried vanilla ice cream.

After your meal, you can also head outside to take some pictures and to admire the view or simply just chill like what most of the people did!Photo 28-12-15, 4 32 08 PM

I thought the experience to the museum was a pretty interesting one although I didn’t learn as much about the cup noodles as the museum intended to. But it was pretty cool to see how innovative these Japanese can get by churning out so many different dishes just using the ingredients from our usual instant noodles.

Hope this post has helped you in some way or another to decide on whether to pay a visit here or not! Otherwise, you’ve experienced almost the entire museum through my lens. That’s good enough, I suppose!

How to get there?
Japan, 〒231-0001 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama, 中区新港2−3−4

Directions mentioned in post.

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday (Closed on TUESDAYS): 10am to 6pm
Last entry: 5pm

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