7 Cafes in Bangkok I Bet Your Friends Have Not Been To

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Even the non-foodies in our circle of friends would know some of the more popular cafes in Bangkok, like After You, Roast, and Mr Jones’ Orphanage. With the affordable air tickets and such, we are often tempted to head to Bangkok to SHOP (!!!), to eat the really affordable street food and enjoy the massages. However, it can get quite boring after awhile because we often end up eating the same old food or visiting the same old cafes!

After all, everyone loves being unique right? And that includes the places you visit when you’re overseas! It’s like I see every friend posting about Roast or After You or Karmakamet Diner when they visit Bangkok until I sian. Here’s a list of 7 CAFES, or rather 6 that your friends most likely haven’t been to, and the last one? It’s the one everyone LOVES, but NOT ALL would visit because of its inaccessibility!

Disclaimer: I say MOST LIKELY haven’t been to ah. Don’t send me hate mail just cause you’ve visited it.

1. CODE Cafe of Dessert Enthusiast
Photo 16-2-16 5 56 27 pmAH, thick toasts, shibuya toasts… We know where to get THE best in Bangkok. That buttery goodness from After You. BUT, have you ever had a LAVA TOAST? With Thai Milk Tea fillings, or the ever popular SALTED EGG SAUCE? Or even MATCHA for you green tea lovers?
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It might be a little far off, but it’s definitely worth the little trip if you’ve got the time. Perhaps after visiting Chatuchak? Cabbing there is the best option. More detailed directions to get there on the review – here!

Address: The Jas Ramintra, Ladplakhao, Bangkok 10220, Thailand (Nearest BTS: Mo Chit + 15 minutes cab ride)

2. Omu – Japanese OmuRice X CafePhoto 17-2-16 1 26 13 pmIf you’ve been following my blog, you’d have seen my review on the hotel I stayed on my previous trip, this place is just located 5 minutes away from the hotel!

If you’re thinking, HUH WHERE GOT PEOPLE GO BANGKOK EAT OMURICE ONE? Wait till you watch this…

The last place I’m aware of doing this is none other than Kichi Kichi at Kyoto, Japan. BUT NO. WE AIN’T GOING TO KYOTO JUST TO SEE THIS WHEN WE CAN EXPERIENCE THIS IN BANGKOK. Photo 17-2-16 1 29 01 pmReview will be up really soon, and you can decide for yourself whether to include it in your itinerary or not. This was pretty affordable and delicious like less than S$12 kind of affordable.

They’ve got a few outlets as well, the more accessible ones are:
Ekkamai Station: 18 Park lane Ekkamai rd
Chit Lom Station: Central world 6th floor

3. Shugaa
Photo 17-2-16 12 42 52 pm When I visited Shugaa, they were only a couple of days old. I chanced upon them on Instagram and decided that I MUST GET THERE NO MATTER WHAT because the place looks freaking gorgeous.Photo 17-2-16 12 49 40 pm This. Is what I mean. And it’s also located just a walk away from my hotel at Ekkamai!

They serve up Japanese inspired treats, which looks really pretty as well to match their interior. Prices are a little steep for Bangkok standards, but it’s worth it because of how well thought out the designs were, from the interior, the plates and the aesthetically pleasing desserts. About S$7 to S$8 for their cakes.Photo 17-2-16 2 31 39 pmBut the taste was unfortunately… A little worse than so-so, or rather the lack of it. A good place for OOTDs though.

Address: Sukhumvit61, Bangkok, Thailand 10110 (Nearest BTS: Ekkamai)

4. Rocket X 72 Courtyard
Photo 15-2-16 5 38 39 pm Rocket is also one of the more dominant cafes in the Bangkok cafe scene especially with FOUR outlets being set up. Rocket X 72 is their latest venture and it is placed right in the heart of Thong Lor, just opposite the hippest place to go to now, The Commons. You won’t be able to miss them on the main road because of their beautiful pastel blue theme.Photo 15-2-16 6 49 14 pmRocket X 72 serves up coffee, pastries and some bagels. A good place to chill with the reclining seats, and hey look, a CRUFFIN – baby of croissant and muffin. This was pretty dang sinful but delicious. And look how their water is being packaged. SO PRETTY.

Address: Thong Lor Soi 17 (Opposite The Commons) – nearest BTS station: Thong Lor

5. Peace Oriental Tea House
Photo 15-2-16 3 31 40 pm One of my to-go places on the itinerary because they are one of the very few places that specializes in oriental teas in Bangkok, and in particular MATCHA. These guys here DO know their stuff, and are passionate in sharing their knowledge with you!Photo 15-2-16 4 57 21 pmIf you can’t already tell, they’ve got a SUPER zen environment, and it is absolutely relaxing to just be here to chill your day away while you have some of their teas. If you must, ask them for their ice cream, it’s not stated on their menu, but if you asked about it, they’d bring out a separate menu for this. You can choose between 3 levels of matcha, and this was possibly one of the sickest matcha experiences I ever had. You could even slurp the sauce up after you’re done with the ice cream!

Umm.. It’s really pricey though as the teas cost S$10 and up per pot!

Address: 70/5 Sukhumvit 63 (Ekamai Rd.), Bangkok 10110, Thailand (Nearest BTS: Ekkamai)

6. Kyo Roll En
Photo 18-2-16 12 25 37 pm Well well.. Speaking of matcha in Bangkok, I MUST NOT MISS OUT ON KYO ROLL EN. While they are prominently scattered in Central Bangkok, they are getting much lesser attention than they really deserve. Photo 18-2-16 12 28 26 pmRICH, LUSCIOUS matcha with the well balanced bitterness. I CANNOT. SO DANG GOOD. This roll was the Chocolate Matcha roll, and it was.. AWESOME. That softserve I ordered separately (not pictured) was the charcoal X matcha ice cream and it was so good I nearly ordered another! Very affordable too! This set cost about ~S$10.

They have 16 outlets around Bangkok and no I’m not going to write them all out. You can find them here! They are conveniently located at Siam Square 1, Siam Paragon, The EmQuartier, The Emporium, just to list a few!

7. True Love Cafe
Photo 16-2-16 2 22 19 pmAww.. Isn’t this true love? Like I’ve mentioned earlier, number 7 is no stranger to many of us, but we are often put off by the idea of heading them because of how ulu it is. If you love dogs, you will definitely enjoy the experience here – being surrounded by like 15 huskies. Photo 16-2-16 1 58 44 pm While many reviews state that they do not have any entrance fees, we realized that there actually is lah, kinda. You HAVE to pay ~S$15 to enter, and that entitles you to a free drink and cake of your choice per person! I chose the Matcha Ice Cream Cake, and it was pretty shiok especially in the super hot weather. More would be shared in the detailed review coming up!Photo 16-2-16 2 16 55 pmTrue Love Cafe is not exactly very ulu, in my opinion. The nearest station would be Ari, and it takes you a good 20 minutes walk here through the private estates (Google map)! Alternatively, you could grab a cab or tuk tuk in!

Address: 153 Paholyothin Soi Ari Samphan 2, Bangkok, Thailand

Before I leave you, here’s some true lovin’

Hope I’ve helped you in some way or another in planning your itinerary to Bangkok or at least got you a little more excited about your trip! I’ll be posting my itinerary in the next few weeks so that it can help you in planning your trip more efficiently!

Also, many people have been enquiring about the prices in Bangkok cafes, well, I wouldn’t say it’s cheap or affordable for most, if you compare it to the prices in JB. But a good description of their prices would be they are priced more expensive than the cafes in JB, but cheaper than what we have here in Singapore!



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