Japan: Totoro Cream Puffs – For fans and non-fans alike!

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I guess most of us are no strangers to this furry little… Thing (?) – Totoro. Even if you didn’t know what it was called (now you know), you might have seen it somehow or somewhere!

Totoro is a character from Studio Ghilbi’s film – My Neighbor, Totoro and this place (白髭のシュークリーム工房, a.k.a Shirohige’s Cream Puff Factory) is the only official cafe that serves up Totoro’s choux cream puffs.

I’ve noticed the pictures of these cream puffs going around online previously, but didn’t quite manage to fit into my itinerary on my first trip to Japan as I was still trying to get a grasp of their train stations and navigating around! This time, I made sure I did. However, I was rather hesitant to visit the cafe as the area it was situated at was largely a residential area and there was hardly any activity or shopping around. I decided that I would be the guinea pig to do so, and report to you guys on what you can possibly do in the area after having your treat at Shirohige’s Factory!

Guess what, this turned out to be better than expected as we found an ENTIRE STRETCH of shopping available 15 minutes away, and most of their stuff were cheaper than what we would usually find at the more centralized areas! Just enter Shimokitazawa Station AFTER you’re done with your meal here and follow the route towards the next train station. You’d be able to spot the whole shopping haven!


The Place

The totoro cream puff cafe is lcoated at Setagaya Daita, setaga what? As ulu as it sounds, and as ulu as it indeed is, this place is not too difficult to access via the metro! It’d just take you 7 quick stops (~15 minutes) from Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Line (BLUE COLOR ONE). SUPER ACCESSIBLE IN MY OPINION.

Photo 3-3-16 4 15 20 pmWhen you’re there, you will be required to whip out your trusty Google map to navigate the 5 minute walk to the cafe! Yes, you will have to navigate through the residential areas. It may seem like you’re on the wrong track, but no lah, have faith.

The first thing I tried to spot when I found the place was this signboard, which I have seen all over online, but NOT WITH MY OWN EYES.

The first thing I tried to spot when I found the place was this signboard, which I have seen all over online, but NOT WITH MY OWN EYES.

You might think I'm weird but THIS FEELS SUPER SURREAL.

You might think I’m weird but THIS FEELS SUPER SURREAL.

Check out the design in this tree house. Photo 3-3-16 5 35 18 pm The entrance! They have tons of totoro figurines and merchandise on display!Photo 3-3-16 4 21 37 pm Photo 3-3-16 4 22 12 pm Photo 3-3-16 5 35 28 pm

The place is rather cramped. The first floor is their little store for takeaway and their kitchen, while the 2nd floor is for their dine-in customers!

1st Floor:
Photo 3-3-16 4 18 59 pm Photo 3-3-16 4 21 53 pm Photo 3-3-16 5 33 23 pm The cookies here are pretty expensive though!Photo 3-3-16 3 20 21 pmPhoto 3-3-16 5 36 07 pm Yes, I got caught snapping a picture of him while the was stuffing cream into totoro’s body.

2nd FloorPhoto 3-3-16, 4 25 41 PMCramped place. We took the outdoor seats, which was only 2 tables but with natural lighting! Hehe!

The Menu

They have got english menu here! Phew!
Photo 3-3-16, 4 23 34 PMWe visited them at about 4pm and they were already serving up the dinner menu! Each diner is expected to order a drink when dining in!

The Food

Photo 3-3-16 3 51 42 pmThis was the spread on our table. Iced Matcha Latte, Hot Mocha and 2 cutie puffs.

I love the mocha in Japan as it seems like they all do know how to make a nice cuppa because it’s sinful enough – THEY ALL COME WITH ICE CREAM. And you should expect no less for the matcha latte in Japan as well! Though I have had bad ones before. This was super gao and yum!

We ordered the original cream puff (¥440, S$5.40) just to see how good the original ones are.
Photo 3-3-16 3 48 10 pm HOW ADORABLE!!!! Photo 3-3-16 3 45 44 pm Here’s a second look with the nice bokeh from the background. Perks of sitting outside. Photo 3-3-16 3 55 14 pmThe choux pastry was crisp, and was generously stuffed with cream, as you can see. I thought this was rather yummy, to my surprise, as character food items tend to taste a little below average! I would have loved it more if there were more taste to the cream though. Perhaps more vanilla-y?

Maybe that was probably why they’ve got other flavors as well, like this Banana Caramel puff!
Photo 3-3-16 3 47 45 pm SUPER FRAGRANT, SUPER GOOD. Photo 3-3-16 3 55 59 pmI think I even had little chunks of banana in them. Ah… I MISS THIS ALREADY!

Closing Remarks 

If you have the time, DO COME OVER TO THIS PLACE because it is a really different experience from the usual busy city life! Besides, you get really adorable and instagrammable food, and I have provided you with ideas of what to do in the area as well! A good and different place to explore! It’d definitely be fun!

How to get there?

Tokyo, Setagaya Ku, Daita 5-3-1

Opening Hours

Daily: 10.30am-7pm daily
Closed on Tuesday

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