Bangkok: On Lok Yun [Review]

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Wow, thanks for tuning in to my day 1 travelogue and boy, am I surprised that so many of you have read it within a day! I stalking your readership heh heh, no lah happened to see it only! So here’s the review of On Lok Yun as promised!

On Lok Yun, as most of you guys know, is a classic breakfast place tourists and locals alike go to. A simple google search would bring you to tens and thousands of travelogues describing their experiences at On Lok Yun. Cool story, bro. So, how’s this review gonna be different from the rest? Haiyo how different can it get? HAHAHA! But I’ve included their menu in this post, so… Read on for more!

The Location

As mentioned in the travelogue, we took close to 2 hours to get there from the airport. The most convenient way to go is of course, with a cab. On Lok Yun is located within the chinatown area, and the “nearest” BTS station we checked was Hualamphong! The nearest isn’t that near really.

We’ve experimented with showing the tuk tuk and cab drivers addresses in Thai, but it didn’t seem to work on our various tries, so.. The nearest landmark you could possibly guide your tuk tuk or cab driver by, is The Old Siam! You could also use your google map like what Ben did, to make sure they are on the right track!

The Place

Photo 15-2-16 12 47 34 pm This place reminds me a lot of Chin Mee Chin. Same vibes, similar food.Photo 15-2-16 12 32 34 pm They’ve got their famous kaya and bread for sale to take away. As there are made with minimal preservatives, these kaya are only valid for 3 days! Cannot dabao already ):Photo 15-2-16 1 15 38 pm This picture got feel. Photo 15-2-16 1 15 25 pm They have plenty of seats in On Lok Yun. We arrived at about 11am and it was barely occupied. Too late, perhaps!

The Menu

Photo 15-2-16, 12 52 11 PMPhoto 15-2-16, 12 52 22 PM

The Food

Review will be up soon, but this was oh so comforting, but very hard to take pictures lah, cause very hot and sticky and messy. HAHA!So according to Instagram, we ordered the 2 eggs with bacon, ham sausage and chinese sausage set, French Toast and Egg Custard Bread with 2 cups of Thai Iced Milk Tea because.. First thing you got to have in Thailand.. Is their milk tea. Hehe!

Thai Milk Tea (25 baht, ~S$1)Photo 15-2-16 12 57 39 pmOk lah, this was thai milk tea lor. A little too sweet for my liking, but thai food is always a little too sweet. They do have complimentary cups of tea as well, I preferred them to the milk tea!

“Big Breakfast” – Breakfast with 2 eggs (scrambled), chinese sausage and sausage 75 baht (~S$3)Photo 15-2-16 12 59 13 pmWe didn’t order the full set only because we did, but they ran out of bacon. HAHA! Everything was a tad bit oily but still somewhat comforting!

French Toast (35 baht, ~S$1.40)Photo 15-2-16 1 06 51 pm This was quite unique as it isn’t like the usual ones we have. This felt like fried egg wrapped upon bread, instead of bread dipped in egg. Pretty interesting, I’d make this at home for myself if I didn’t mind clogging my arteries! Hehe!

Egg Custard (Kaya) Bread (28baht, ~S$1.10)Photo 15-2-16 1 04 14 pmThe bread was so soft and fluffy, but wasn’t soft and fluffy enough to make me squeal in delight. HAHA! This was quite addictive, but again, I thought the kaya was a little too sweet!

Closing Remarks

SO is On Lok Yun as much of a “MUST-VISIT” place like what everyone says? Well… If you’re intending to tour around the Chinatown area, then why not? Otherwise, if this is out of the way and you’ve difficulties in fitting this in your itinerary, I’d say skip it. The food here isn’t out of this world, just plain classic old breakfast you could really just whip up on your own, really. It’s probably just the ambience, the effort to get here, and the taste of the food that brings back the kind of homely happiness and nostalgia that keeps people coming back whenever there are in Bangkok! Hey, not forgetting they have accidentally photogenic tables too!

For me, well.. Once is enough! I doubt I’d make a special trip back to have food from here, but if I’m in the vicinity, perhaps I just might!

How to get there?
72 Charoen Krung Road, Talat Noi, Samphanthawong
Bangkok 10100

Opening Hours
Daily; 5am to 4pm

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