Travelogue (#explodingbennybkk): Bangkok Day 2

Photo 16-2-16 2 39 25 pm

Here’s the not too long awaited sequel to my Bangkok travelogue! If you’ve missed the first one here it is:

Travelogue (#explodingbennybkk): Bangkok Day 1

So, on the first day, we went to several places around the Ekkamai area, and barely took the BTS! On day 2, it was the day when I’ve planned for us to explore the further and more unique places! Hehe!

We woke up bright and early to hit the gym before heading out, cause we fat. It was quite the struggle actually. Ben knew that I’d be a grouchy little bitch if I didn’t have my morning coffee, so we went to this cafe (which happens to be a roaster as well) for my coffee fix!

Stop 1: Ink and Lion

This cafe only opens on 4 days in a week – Saturday to Tuesday. We were lucky to catch them on a Tuesday, or else I’d have had left with regrets cause Ben keeps saying Ink and Lion is near our hotel and I don’t know what they sell. So.. Must just visit to feed that curious cat within me.

Since I don’t intend to do a separate review for them, here’s some shots of their interior!
Photo 16-2-16 11 02 47 am
Not bad, is quite chio. Photo 16-2-16 11 03 41 am Photo 16-2-16 11 04 30 am We looked through their menu and they seemed to only serve coffee, teas and some waffles. The really memorable thing about their menu is that instead of the cold brew coffee we are used to seeing, they have bottled brewed teas as well!Photo 16-2-16 11 09 47 amGood coffee doesn’t come any cheaper in Bangkok, this set us back about $5.50, quite the same as what we have in Singapore.Photo 16-2-16 12 10 50 pmI liked how full bodied it was, and it was one of the best cuppas I’ve had! No regrets, but I wish there was more!

We decided to have some breakfast before heading to look at some huskies, so on our way to the BTS station, we stopped by a random food stall and THOUGHT we were going to get just some stuff to fill our stomachs a little. 

Stop 2: Random street food stall beneath Ekkamai Station

Photo 16-2-16 11 26 30 amUhh.. It turned out to be our brunch cause we were so full after this meal. I recall wanting just tomyum soup, cause I LOVE TOMYUM SOUP AND I WANT TO HAVE IT AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY, but they didn’t have and Ben don’t know say what and I just okay okay, and it turned out to be beef noodle soup..

I WAS SO UPSET. CAUSE I WOULD HAVE LIKED THE NOODLES DRY. AND HAVE THE SOUP SEPARATELY. So I sulked for half the meal and had to admit that this one actually taste quite good. Guys, be glad that your girlfriends are not as fussy as me. 

We continued our journey towards Asok, because that’s the nearest BTS station to True Love, the Husky cafe! EXCITED!

Stop 3: Asok Station

We checked our google maps and knew that it was a LOOOONGGGG WALK to the cafe from the BTS, so we bought some food from just outside the BTS gantry in case we got hungry. No we were just greedy. 

Photo 16-2-16 1 18 14 pm I got the Original Thai Milk Tea from that popular brand! Hehe! VERY NICEEEEEE and very happy cause I don’t usually drink thai milk tea in Singapore, cause I scared fat.

I asked the boy to buy the pinky chocolate pie from McDonald’s cause we saw it the previous day but were too full to get it. AND SO HE DID!Photo 16-2-16 1 24 17 pm This was okay lor, just chocolate filling inside. I’m not a fan of sweet stuff like this, eh actually depends, I am very double standards one. HAHA but I thought this was okay . The boy loved it though. Like can literally see hearts in his eyes.

And then we trudged along.. VERY LONG. WALK UNTIL I WANT TO CRY. WALK THROUGH ALL THE PRIVATE ESTATES, WHINE, AND CRY till we finally saw this. For an easier time there, grab a tuk tuk or cab lah. Don’t know why we so hardworking, I think cause we ate a lot and we felt guilty.

Stop 4: True Love Cafe (Neverland Siberians)

Photo 16-2-16 1 45 03 pm YAY! All the fatigue just weaned away, I immediately had the energy to run into the cafe. Damn nonsense this girl.

The full review with ALL THE DOG PICTURES WILL BE UP SOON. Here’s a snippet of it!Photo 16-2-16 2 16 55 pm DOG DOG! SO MANY HUSKIES!Photo 16-2-16 2 26 50 pmIgnore my derp face, look at smiley husky face! SO CUTIE! Photo 16-2-16, 1 29 21 PM So handsome. The dog I mean. HEHE. Photo 16-2-16, 1 19 03 PM MORE DOGS. Check out the sexy footwear though.Photo 16-2-16 2 39 25 pmDamn handsome. I cannot. This is truelove. We spent about 2 hours in this cafe, eating the mandatory ice cream cake hastily because I wanted to snap pictures of the dogs, and also they suddenly opened the gates to allow us into the husky grounds. So as a typical Singaporean, I damn KIASU, I just rushed in. AHAHAHAHHAHA Actually no need to rush one, you’ve got plenty of time to play with the dogs, you might even get bored half way through.


Photo 16-2-16 1 50 03 pmI also bought a toy husky back for souvenir, and he’s sitting on top of my bed right now. Wanted to get a cuddle sized plush but mokkked didn’t want to buy it for me. Fine. And TrueLove could ask for the tuk tuk service to take you back out to Asok BTS if you wanted. Most people do. But we were so traumatized by the scamming tuk tuk guys, Ben decided that we should walk out.  I WANTED THE TUK TUK CAUSE I TIRED. BUT OKAY HE DID ASK ME IF I WANTED, THEN I SAY UP TO HIM. See.. Girls.. Damn idiotic. But okay lah, I still walked out in the end what. HAHAHA!

Photo 16-2-16 2 33 16 pmOh before I forget, he also sneakily bought another ham and cheese pie or something like that from McDonald’s just cause we haven’t had it before! HAHA! DAMN CUTE, MUST BE SO SNEAKY ONE MEH.

On our way back to the station, we passed by an Adidas factory outlet, which was 3 storeys high but I was too poor to afford anything, so I just sat there and stared at him while he shopped…. And didn’t get anything in the end. HAHA! We then decided to grab a cab to head out to CODE CAFE for the salted egg toast from there! YAY!

Stop 5: CODE Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts

Photo 16-2-16 5 56 27 pm I’ve blogged about this previously, and I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this, BUT I’m really thankful that Ben was SOOOOOO accommodating. HAHA! Even though it was super HOT, he just allowed me to sit outside because I wanted natural lighting… And tolerated my nonsense because I got annoyed with the lights, and the overflowing salted egg sauce. *SNIGGERS* Aiya I damn naughty I know. 

Photo 16-2-16 5 28 41 pmOOOH LOOK AT THIS AGAIN.

Photo 16-2-16 5 25 36 pmAnd that’s him and his handmodelling skills.

I had fun sulking at my food, until I got scolded by him. Then okay already. Sometimes I just need some spanking  scolding.

We then decided to waste some time before dinner because our meal times are all messed up HAAHA! We wandered around the open air mall, and it was hot and boring. I also remembered walking into a daiso and getting bitten my mosquito. LIKE WHAT THE HELL in aircon also got mosquito!

We then took a cab to Mo Chit, and took the BTS to Siam from there! We did so because the traffic was getting pretty horrible at that time, it was about 5.30pm then!

Stop 6: Ban Khun Mae

Photo 16-2-16, 8 25 32 PMWe shopped further at Siam Square, got bored, and decided to head to the famous Ban Khun Mae! As usual, full review up soon, but here’s what we had!

Photo 16-2-16 8 48 37 pmThe food was not too bad, but I somehow preferred the ones from Som Tam, just opposite Ban Khun Mae!

Stop 7: Siam Night Market

Photo 16-2-16, 8 10 50 PMHehe! We spotted a night market outside the entire stretch outside Siam Square! I was initially upset that we were here during the weekdays because most of the bigger night markets are only opened on weekends! So when we spotted a night market, it was quite big of a deal for me! I could still feel the excitement now, I must be mad.

Photo 16-2-16 8 36 56 pmI was so full but when I saw my favorite animal, the squid, I immediately got hungry again. I even had their babies. I mean, ATE their babies.

Photo 16-2-16 8 37 46 pmFreaking yummy I can’t wait to be back just to eat these affordable squids!

Photo 16-2-16 8 39 52 pm Their chili sauce somehow always does it for me. That sweet, spicy, tangy combination.. I CANNOT. Photo 16-2-16 8 42 49 pmWe had to stop in the middle of nowhere so I could take a picture of this. HAHAHAHA!

While stopping in the middle of nowhere, the boy saw a cute toy which he insisted on buying for me BECAUSE he says it looks like a monster, hence it suits me. I couldn’t stop him from buying so… HAHA. You’ll see it in the next post of my travelogue.

Photo 16-2-16 10 59 14 pmI also bought a super adorable banana drawstring bag because my favorite fruit is BANANA! This was a random shot taken on the train to show it off to my mum! HAHA!

And with our bellies bursting, we walked the longgggg road back to our trusty hotel, where Ben spent the night refusing to shower cause he wants to watch Journey to the West.

Stay tuned for DAY 3 of this travelogue! In the meantime, check out the previous post here or the list of cafes you wouldn’t want to miss here!


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