Long Chim – Celebrity Chef’s Menu Goes for $9++ per Dish on 30th March

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If you need any last minute plans, like this last minute post I thought I should share before you say I bojio, here’s something you could do TOMORROW (30th March 2016).

To celebrate their 1st anniversary, they have decided to let the entire menu of their selected dishes and cocktails go for just $9++ for the entire day from 12pm to 12am! FULL SERVING HOR. It’s crazily affordable if you ask me, since their dishes like Pad Thai already costs $30++, and it’s a celebrity chef’s restaurant! Haha!

The Place

Photo 10-3-16 6 16 16 pmIt’s a little challenging to locate Long Chim if you don’t frequent the MBS area. The best advice I could give you is, take Exit D and use the up-riding escalator. Head towards Hermes or ask for your directions there and then you’d spot a sign that says –> Restaurants or something like that lah, and you take the elevator up one level. You’ll arrive at Long Chim.

The ambience in Long Chim is expectedly atas. It’s dark and very, very huge.  Photo 10-3-16 6 19 56 pmThis is the walk way when you enter the restaurant. You’ll notice paintings and murals around the restaurant, which are all done up by artists specially flown down from Thailand. What makes Long Chim different from the rest of the Thai Restaurants you’re so used to, is that they do serve up cocktails and even Thai Inspired ones. Definitely a unique experience.Photo 10-3-16 6 18 34 pm  Photo 10-3-16 6 22 46 pm The extremely spacious restaurant.Photo 10-3-16 6 26 45 pm The only place with natural lighting and a damn amazing view. Photo 10-3-16 6 27 21 pm Photo 10-3-16 6 28 29 pm They’ve got an open kitchen as well.Photo 10-3-16 6 28 10 pmTons of effort has been put into the design of the restrooms. You should really check out the handicapped toilet. It’s an art piece in there. No, not talking about what you can find in the toilet bowl. Oh I’m so crude. HAHA!

The Menu

long chim

The Food


1. Chiang Mai Larp of Chicken ($16++)Photo 10-3-16 7 19 39 pmNEVER judge a dish by its looks. While this dish looks mild, the spices used hidden amongst the pieces of chicken would set fire to your tongues. I thought it would’ve been a promising dish, however the flavors were being marred by the overwhelming heat. Well.. Not too sure if the massive heat was intended because David Thompson is known to deliver the spices and heat in his dishes.

2. Grilled Pork Skewers – NEW ($14++)
Photo 10-3-16 7 25 18 pmProbably my favorite starter amongst the 4. Juicy and succulent pork with the slight taste of char. BUT, really cannot fight with the ones on the streets of Bangkok.

3. Crunchy Prawn Cakes ($16++)
Photo 10-3-16 7 22 39 pm This was definitely not what I expected when i heard Prawn Cakes. Not a fan of this because I find the texture a little too pokey for my liking. HAHA! The dash of lime helps!

4. Chive Cakes ($15++)
Photo 10-3-16 7 20 33 pmThis is a vegetarian dish,  we thought this was very much similar to our local version of soon kueh. I would’ve liked it better with more flavors.


1. Grilled Long Eggplant with Dried Prawns and Steamed Egg ($24)
Photo 10-3-16 8 05 55 pmIt may sound underwhelming, or even verging on gross for people who don’t like eggplant, like me, but this turned out to be my favorite dish of the night. These do not even taste or feel like eggplant. It was simply delicious and the poached egg just adds the cherry on top of a cake. I would definitely recommend this, and hey, this is on their $9++ menu! 😉

2. Dtom Yam Super ($24)
Photo 10-3-16 8 08 07 pmWhile I’m a huge fan of tomyum, this was a let down. Though it was tangy, it didn’t have the full flavors of what I expect from a tomyum soup. Very disappointing. Besides, I didn’t quite like biting into chicken bones and feet with every mouthful. I sad.

3. Baked Prawns with Glass Noodles ($30)
Photo 10-3-16 7 47 56 pmI loved the glass noodles in this one, with the distinct taste of the claypot. A very hearty dish, I couldn’t stop reaching in for more.

4. Tilapia in Salt Crust ($34)
Photo 10-3-16 8 02 54 pmThe typical food we see on the streets of Bangkok. I’m glad I got to try this here especially since I did not in my previous trip. Succulent and fresh protein, best paired with the garlic chili sauce. Yet another recommended dish.

5. Green Curry of Chicken ($24)
Photo 10-3-16 7 59 32 pmThis is a classic curry dish you can find in any Thai restaurant. It was decent but nothing to shout about.

6. Baby Squid ($26)
Photo 10-3-16 8 00 28 pmThis would be best paired with rice, because of their heavy handedness with the salt. A good dish to snack on as I found myself reaching in for one squid after another over a couple of drinks.

7. Siamese Watercress ($16)
Photo 10-3-16 8 01 20 pmWhile this wasn’t the usual sambal kang kong I am used to having, I loved this watercress because of its sweetness and the distinct taste of wokhei with every bite. The absence of the sambal makes me feel a lot healthier though. HAHA!


1. Banana Roti ($10)
Photo 10-3-16 9 06 46 pmThis dish is EVERYTHING you can ask for in a banana prata from Bangkok. Generously stuffed with slices of bananas, crisp prata drenched with condensed milk and drizzled with sugar. Heart attack on a plate that I’d gladly die from. However, $10++ for a low cost dish like this.. It’s very much of a rip off.

2. Pandanus Layer Cake

Photo 10-3-16 9 04 34 pmThis is the 9 layers colorful cake in pandan form. Not too bad, but.. Not worth the price in my opinion.

Before I forget, Cocktails are available as well!

Bangkok Blazer ($22)Photo 10-3-16 6 37 43 pm Photo 10-3-16 6 37 32 pm

Thai Milk TeaPhoto 10-3-16 7 03 07 pm

Bangkok Blazer and Kopi MartiniPhoto 10-3-16 6 34 59 pm

Closing Remarks

I have honestly expected a lot more from Long Chim, I felt that the dishes that we tried on that night were pretty much of a let down as they were merely mediocre or mainly just a disappointment. Very underwhelming for its reputation and price. I had initially looked forward to visiting them on their opening as I LOVE THAI CUISINE, however it had somehow slipped my mind. This tasting session proved that it was actually a blessing in disguise. Phew. Perhaps the $9++ celebration might be a good opportunity for you guys to try out their dishes without burning a hole in your wallets, or.. Maybe not. P.S. Each diner is only limited to ordering 3 dishes!

For its price, I’d really rather spend them at a humble thai restaurant at Golden mile or simply at the usual thai eateries we frequent like Nakhon. I might even be able to have 2 full meals for 2 there with the price you have to pay at Long Chim. Well.. The ambience and availability of cocktails may make up for it, but… It just ain’t for me.

How to get there?

10 Bayfront Avenue
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Atrium 2,#02-02
Singapore 018955

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 11 30am – 2 30pm; 5 30pm – 11pm
Sat – Sun: 12pm – 4pm; 5 30pm – 11pm

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