Chir Chir Launches HONEY BUTTER CHICKEN. Omo.

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Here’s yet another post on Chir Chir because.. NEW MENU. You can find my previous posts on Chir Chir here and here!

It’s been a year since the Korean fried chicken brand invaded the Singapore market and spearheaded the sudden rage over fried chicken. Wow. Time flies. Within this short span of time, Chir Chir has launched 2 other outlets, in addition to the one at 313 @ Somerset – at Bedok Point and lately, Chinatown Point.

With the Korean culture growing exceptionally strong (thanks and no thanks to the Descendent of the Sun, don’t beat me), we are all not only in love with the good looking Korean idols, but also the super delicious and incredulously overpriced Honey Butter Chips from Korea! Chir Chir has got your honey butter cravings covered with their brand new HONEY BUTTER CHICKEN, and of course, several other new items, which would be launching on 4th April! Let me entice you with them in the following review.

Honey Butter Chicken ($28.90++)

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Woah look at that. Guess what, for those who are excited about the launch, let me get you more excited. BE THE FIRST 50 CUSTOMERS AT EACH OUTLET TO ORDER THIS HONEY BUTTER CHICKEN ON 4th APRIL AND YOU’LL GET 50% OFF THIS PLATTER OF GOODNESS. Siao.. DAMN WORTH IT. If you see me, let me cut your queue okay. Thanks.

Photo 31-3-16 7 32 37 pm (1)

Okay here’s why I seem so excited about this okok looking platter of chicken. On this plate, you’ll get honey butter GLAZED, crispy battered chicken AND potato wedges PLUS THE OH SO DAMN GOOD PAN FRIED TOPOKKI. All these are then finished off with lashings of honey butter sauce, honey butter seasoning powder, dried cranberries and sliced almonds. As learned from my 200-episodes experience of Running Man, I’d call this… DAEBAK.

Also, if you’re mehhh about fried chicken, or are allergic to anything with feathers, the following might just entice you.

Spicy Seafood Stew ($26.90++)

Photo 31-3-16 7 57 34 pmSo worth it for 2 or 3 pax with the generous, generous amounts of seafood – mussels, prawns, crayfish and whole squid. It’s even laced with glass noodles (transparent mee pok like noodles).

It can be pretty spicy if you can’t take much heat BUT wow this was just so flavorful and seafood-ish! You could even find many many clams within the broth beneath. I found myself slurping on this soup throughout my entire dinner. Hehe!

Spicy Topokki ($15.90++)

Photo 31-3-16 8 07 07 pm
If you found the seafood stew spicy, you may wanna skip this because this one was probably 1.23795x the heat of the stew! We all thought the stew was pretty mild after having the spicy topokki. HAHA!

Photo 31-3-16 8 14 34 pmThis dish consists of Topokki, sliced fish cakes, cubed sweet potatoes, crispy fried squid and a deep fried hardboiled egg, immersed in the spicy gochujang sauce! If you want a more substantial dish, you can just add $4 to include these breaded chicken tenders! While my partners thought you should quickly eat the tenders or else not crispy liao, I thought you should just let the tenders soak up the gochujang goodness bask in its spicy glory. SUPER SHIOK.

Topokki and Cheese ($9.90++)

Photo 31-3-16 7 16 10 pmIf you love topokki but no like spicy, this topokki and cheese might just be the one for you. I thought it was a very fattening dish because cheese and cream. Hahaha! Then again, I always think everything is fattening lah. Within this hot plate, you get creamy cheese with parmesan, chicken ham and crunchy bacon bits.

Photo 31-3-16 7 34 22 pmI was as underwhelmed with this dish as I did with their mac and cheese. I don’t know maybe Chir Chir isn’t strong with their cheeses. It was not too watery now, but just.. Lack the oomph. Maybe they should panfry their topokki and dunk it in cheese. Might be shioker.

Rosemary Chicken ($28.90++)

Photo 31-3-16 8 26 58 pm

Of course they had to end off the tasting session with MY personal favorite chicken from Chir Chir. It was also the favorite of many others. Like I’ve raved about previously.. This is good lah, too damn good. Juicy, tender, moist, even the breast also very shiok. That’s the result from the 12 hours of marinating I suppose.

Double Smoothies ($12.90++)

Oh, and we all know the weather these days is a killer. You could always cool yourselves down with Chir Chir’s newly launched COOL SIPS. How aptly named. Simply add $3 for your drinks to be laced with soju.

Here’s the trio of newbies at $12.90++ each – the Double Smoothies. Double because they are all blended with mango puree and topped with a different flavored ice slush!

Raspberry Double Smoothie

Photo 31-3-16 6 56 45 pmThis one was topped with raspberry.. Duh hor.

Aqua Double SmoothiePhoto 31-3-16 7 04 01 pmThis one was topped with tropical fruit flavor. Umm diabetes alert.

Mojito Double Smoothie

Photo 31-3-16 7 09 00 pmThis one was topped with lime and we liked it best, although we thought the 3 drinks tasted relatively similar due to the strong tasting mango flavor! All of these drinks are then finished off with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles, because according to Rachel Xie, everything tastes better with rainbow sprinkles. Bimbo.

Closing Remarks

 I thought the new additions to Chir Chir’s menu were rather refreshing, although deviating a little from their brand of being a Fusion CHICKEN Factory with the addition of non-chicken dishes. BUT that is also a good thing because not everyone loves chicken or fried chicken. I really liked most of the additions in the already extensive menu, but I wish they would finally add pan fried topokki to the menu because it is really damn good. DAMN GOOD I tell you. For now, you will have to order the Honey Butter Chicken platter to have a taste of these yummy topokkis!


Chir Chir Outlets

313@Somerset, #B3-04/05/06
Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 10pm (LO: 9.30pm)
Friday and Saturday: 10am to 11pm (LO: 10.30pm)

Chinatown Point, #01-43
Daily; 11am to 3am (LO: 2.30am)

 Bedok Point, #02-05/06
Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 10pm (LO: 9.30pm)
Friday and Saturday: 10am to 11pm (LO: 10.30pm)

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