What is it like in TrueLove @ Neverland Husky Cafe in Bangkok

Photo 16-2-16 2 22 19 pm

Step aside.. Cat cafes, dog cafes, rabbit cafes, owl cafes. BECAUSE nothing can beat TrueLove Cafe in Bangkok. HUSKIES. YOU CAN PLAY WITH HUSKIES IN THE CAFE LEH. It’s so aptly named because the experience you’ll get here is akin to TRUE LOVE.

In this post, you’ll get the full fledged experience in this cafe, including details on how to get there, admission fees, and basically everything you need to know. I’ll do my best to share so that you’ll be able to experience the cafe without even being there, and provide more detailed information for those who are intending to make a trip there! TrueLove is also featured in my post of unique cafes you HAVE to visit when you’re in BKK (trust me, I’m confident these are unique enough. Heheh).

How to get there?

The first thing you need to know is that it will require some time for you to travel to get to TrueLove cafe! The nearest BTS station would be Ari, and from there you can take a good 25 to 30 minutes walk to TrueLove using Google Maps to aid you in the navigation or take a cab/tuktuk to get there. Don’t worry if you happen to think you’re on the wrong track when you walk through the private estates, that IS supposed to happen.

Photo 16-2-16 1 45 03 pm
For those who are intending to take a cab, here’s the address in Thai for you to copy and pate for your cab drivers: 153 ซอยอารีย์สัมพันธ์ 2 ( คนละซอยกับอารีย์ 2 นะคะ) สามเสนใน พญาไท กทม, or you could go woof woof to tell them you’re going to the husky cafe. Hehe.

You are now here at the entrance of TRUELOVE! Photo 16-2-16 1 45 30 pm When you arrive, you should be able to hear some of the dogs barking upon your arrival!Photo 16-2-16 1 45 39 pm Let’s go closer to the gate… Photo 16-2-16 1 45 52 pmHARROS.

Do take note of the following visiting hours so as to maximize your time with the huskies!

Visiting Hours:

  1. Tuesdays to Thursdays: 12.30pm and 3.30pm
  2. Friday to Sunday: 12.30pm, 3.30pm, 6pm
  3. They are closed on Mondays.

Each round takes 1 hour. So that means, if you arrive at 12.30pm, you get to play with the huskies till 1.30pm, and there won’t be any husky activity till 3.30pm. So if you arrive at 2pm, you got to wait till 3.30pm for the next husky interaction! Understand?

Also, some of the blog posts are a little outdated, so we got caught by surprise when we arrived with regards to the entry fees. The latest (2016 latest) update is that each entry would cost 350 BAHT (S$13.45), and this entry ticket entitles you to one drink and one cake of choice!

Arriving at TrueLove

After paying at the counter just at the entrance, you’re required to fill in the following forms!Photo 16-2-16 1 46 22 pm

A closer look at the notice.Photo 16-2-16 1 48 12 pm Even though they say till 2.30pm, we were only allowed to play with the huskies for 1 hour! So your best bet? Just arrive before 12.30 so you can enjoy your food and drinks then play with them, OR arrive at 12.30 to play with them then eat your food. HAHA!

Here’s how the cafe looks like on the inside.Photo 16-2-16 1 49 44 pmHEHE the place very nice, there’s al fresco dining as well where you can take a closer look at some of the huskies roaming about before and after visiting hours. Photo 16-2-16 1 49 50 pm The counter to pay for your souvenirs or more food. Photo 16-2-16 1 50 03 pmI bought my toy here! Hehe!

Menu at TrueLove

Photo 16-2-16, 1 52 21 PMWith the entry fees, you can choose any drink from here, and any cakes (milicrepes or ice cream cakes) from their display!Photo 16-2-16, 1 53 03 PM Those who want a more substantial meal can opt for their main dishes!Photo 16-2-16, 1 52 51 PMOr peckish..Photo 16-2-16, 1 52 28 PM Photo 16-2-16, 1 52 37 PM

The Food we had

For 350 baht (~S$13.45) per pax, you get the entry into the husky pen, a drink and this ice cream cake! Pretty worth it IMO!Photo 16-2-16 1 59 22 pm This is the cookies and cream ice cream cake and in the background, matcha! PRETTY YUMMY! Photo 16-2-16 2 02 00 pmTheir iced coffee was surprisingly good as well!

Photo 16-2-16 12 50 39 pmOur view from where we sat! There are fans outside so that it doesn’t get overbearingly hot. BUT there are mosquitoes out there..


When it is time for you to enter the play pen for the huskies, you’d be provided with the covered plastic footwear, and you’re required to take off your shoes, wash your hands and sanitize them before entering!

Photo 16-2-16 1 13 02 pmAccording to the TrueLove owners, there are 25 Huskies, 2 Australian Shepherds, 1 Japanese Akita and 1 little MoMo in the pen! Not sure which is which cause I’m not an expert on dog breeds, I only know my shih tzu and I know who’s MoMo. Photo 16-2-16, 1 23 40 PM (1)Pardon that face, but this is confirm MoMo, because he’s the only odd one out! SUPER CUTE!

Photo 16-2-16 1 14 02 pm You’ll also see ice filled food bowls, these are for the huskies to cool themselves down in the sweltering heat.

At the start of each session, you’ll see the staff feeding the huskies, so it’s a really very adorable sight with all of them standing on their hindlegs. VERY CUTE.
Photo 16-2-16 2 16 55 pm

Besides the big space, there are 3 other “enclosures” where some of the huskies are being kept. Some because they are still people shy, some cannot mix with others, or some need the fan or like to pee!

Photo 16-2-16 2 19 09 pmThis was taken in one of the “enclosures” with just 2 of the huskies!

This was in the other “enclosure”! Photo 16-2-16 2 42 58 pmYeah, they all pee here, but it gets cleaned up almost immediately! Haha!Photo 16-2-16 2 39 59 pm

Just tell the staff you want to take picture with the husky and she will help you lure the husky over and teach you how to hug and get him to look at the camera! Hehe like this:
Photo 16-2-16, 1 50 36 PM Is it love at first sight? Photo 16-2-16, 1 51 00 PMYes it is.

The following are pictures of all the other huskies in the big space!

Photo 16-2-16 2 22 04 pmBullying is it?Photo 16-2-16 2 39 25 pmToo handsome

Photo 16-2-16 2 24 33 pmHere’s momo again!

Photo 16-2-16 2 24 47 pm (1)Pinky nose!

Photo 16-2-16 2 25 18 pmUmm they got scolded for this public display of affection..While the other husky looks on..

Photo 16-2-16 2 25 46 pmOne sided love because the recipient is obviously not interested.

Photo 16-2-16 2 22 19 pmThis looks like me looking at my crush.

Photo 16-2-16 2 17 26 pmIs it me or does he look damn playful? Hahaha!

Photo 16-2-16, 1 29 21 PMFavorite dogs.

Photo 16-2-16 2 31 05 pmAfter a while, most of them get a little bored/tired (See above), and so will you lah really. You guys can stone together on the floor or reach over to disturb them. 1 hour is really more than enough to play with them, especially since most of them are not the clingy kind, they really can’t be bothered with you. Haha!

At 1.30pm, you’ll realize that all of them will start getting quite fidgetive. And those kept in the separate enclosures would start going a bit crazy, because they know it’s time to head back into their beds! That’s what I call conditioning. HEHE!

The staff will usher you to the place where the dogs would return to, and you can stay put to take the slow mo video like this:

Hehe up till today, I still can’t stop watching this video! Super adorable and look at that little dog trailing behind! SUPER CUTE!

Also, do not fret if it rains though because they have roofs to ensure that the grounds remain dry for you to interact with the huskies!

Post husky playing

After the huskies go have their break, you can finally sit down and relax at the cafe, and enjoy the food! On the way out, get a souvenir or 2 to remind yourself of this super awesome experience! It’s not everyday you get surrounded by 25 huskies eh?

The best part? TrueLove has this service of helping you to call a tuktuk OUT to the main road or BTS for a FLAT rate of just 40 baht! So basically you don’t have to fret about the journey out from the ulu area, just need to figure your way in! GET A CAB LAH, easiest!

What do I think of this place? To me, this was one of the highlights of the trip, really. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this experience because it was SO MUCH FUN AND EXCITEMENT! For dog lovers, YOU MUST COME HERE. You’ll love it. It’s definitely worth the time and effort to head down to TrueLove cafe if you’re still contemplating because I doubt you’ll ever find a experience like this anywhere else!

I hope this post helped and allowed you to experience the super amazing time we had at TrueLove! If you wondered where we went or what our itinerary was on this very day, you can check it out here! Besides, there’s a mall at Ari BTS so you could always head there to shop, and it’s only one stop away from MoChit, and that means you can come here before or after visiting Chatuchak over the weekends. PERFECT.

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