Truffle Ramen, Truffly Goodness at Kanshouku Ramen @ Orchard Gateway

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Truffle fries, truffle ice cream, truffle many things, I also hear before but truffle ramen? That’s something new! And that goes to my list of MUST-TRY. Anything truffle, I’m ON. I’m probably as crazy over truffle as I am over salted egg. Yes, yes you may call me whatever nasty things you call people who blindly follow the trends. Yes, yes you very high up there cause you think truffle flavored anything is overrated. Must disclaimer first so I won’t feel so annoyed when I get slammed by the other “FOOD CONNOISSEUR” (or so they think they are). #defensive. 

ANYWAY, I digress. Yes, TRUFFLE RAMEN! Oh how exciting that sounds! The marriage of 2 of my favorite foods, and I was really skeptical about how it would taste like actually. Besides the truffle ramen, Kanshouku Ramen also serves up other types of ramen, as well as a few dons!

Kanshouku, means to finish every single bit of your food in Japanese. With my obvious lack of knowledge in the Japanese language, I wondered if their bowls of ramen are Kanshouku worthy.

The Place

We visited the second outlet of Kanshouku Ramen at Orchard Gateway, which is thankfully more centralized. Their very first outlet may be familiar to those working in the Buona Vista/One-North area, as it is located at The Metropolis, on North Buona Vista Road! Photo 4-4-16 6 04 39 pmYou won’t be able to miss Kanshouku at Orchard Gateway. It’s strategically located in between Gateway and Orchard Central. Moreover, its nice blue signboard is a huge draw, at least for my friends and I. If you require a landmark, they are located just beside 4 fingers!

Photo 4-4-16 6 04 49 pm There are plenty of seats at Kanshouku, but they get filled up pretty quickly when dinner time approaches!Photo 4-4-16 6 06 13 pm They also take an open kitchen concept where you can see the talented chef at work, and smell the aroma when he torches the chashu. Photo 4-4-16 6 34 31 pm

The Menu

Photo 4-4-16 6 07 07 pm I’d love to try the Grab and Go items in the future, maybe they should offer it for dine in as well, cause I got no where to grab to. Photo 4-4-16 6 14 07 pmHere’s the in-house menu, and you can choose the texture of your ramen too!

The Food

Starting off with a couple of drinks. Photo 4-4-16 6 24 53 pm (1) Iced Green Tea – $2++, my choice of beverage with any kind of ramen.

We were also recommended their Hong Kong Beers, all of which at $13++ each. I think there’s a promo going on where you can get 2 at just $22++. Photo 4-4-16 6 52 25 pm Photo 4-4-16 6 52 46 pmThis was pretty bitter. Gosh. Haha! But it goes so well with the sides we ordered at Kanshouku. Besides a ramen place, I’d recommend Kanshouku as a nice chill out place as well!


Truffle Ramen ($16.90++)
Photo 4-4-16 6 31 03 pm This was served dry, seasoned with copious amounts of truffle oil and black truffle bits. The first mouthful got us going like WOAH THIS IS DAMN TRUFFLY. We don’t even know what we were talking about but you know what we are getting at. HAHA! It is DAMN  truffly. It is the MOST truffle tasting dish I’ve ever had, and for a truffle lover like me, it was a good thing. However, I’d think it might just be too overwhelming for a neutral diner, BUT KEEP IT THAT WAY KANSHOUKU, CAUSE I AM COMING BACK FOR THIS.Photo 4-4-16 6 43 08 pmThe chashu was well-torched and pretty tender as well. Eggs were well done and we were also warned not to take too long snapping pictures as the dry ramen tend to become a lot drier and harder. You’ve been warned. But with a few more tosses and mixes, I thought it wasn’t too dry any more! I loved it. I’d have loved it more if this came with a bowl of broth to complete the “ramen experience”.

Signature Kanshouku Ramen ($13.90++)
Photo 4-4-16 6 33 52 pmThe experience at Kanshouku would not be complete without trying their signature ramen, right? This one was tonkotsu based, boiled for 8 hours with NO preservatives or salt added. The product was a smooth, flavorful broth, I think I could slurp on for hours. HAHA! But yes.

Black Garlic Ramen ($14.90++)
Photo 4-4-16 6 34 57 pmThis was essentially the signature ramen with the addition of black garlic. If you’re a fan of garlic, you’d love this. The additional kick from the garlic added another dimension to the flavor you’d get from its signature broth. I personally preferred this to the signature one probably because of its stronger taste and saltier broth!Photo 4-4-16 6 37 50 pmDon’t let the bowl fool you, it looks small but we were all surprised that there were so much noodles and soup within the bowl, we were all filled 75% of the way through! I especially liked how the chashu slices were so large, you could actually split them and last for the entire bowl, unlike some places where you are left with just noodles after like 3 mouthfuls.

While the ramen were pretty impressive, for me at least, I thought the sides we ordered were lacking.

Truffle Edamame ($5.90++)Photo 4-4-16 6 39 48 pm This one fared the best out of the 3 sides we ordered. I don’t even like edamame but I found myself reaching into the bowl without stopping. HAHA! We liked how you could suck the peas out of its pod and at the same time savor the truffle salt while you’re at it. Perfect snack to go with your Hong Kong beers! Tried and tested!

Prawn Gyoza ($5.90++)Photo 4-4-16 6 37 15 pm Our first time having a prawn gyoza. Why does this look like a chinese dumpling rather than a gyoza leh?

Also, the minced flour and prawn.. Just no. The skin of the gyoza was limp, cold, and everything inside tasted like vegetarian stuffing. No.

Ohitashi Xiao Bai Cai ($4.90++)Photo 4-4-16 6 45 30 pmWe ordered this just because we were curious why they served xiao bai cai here. Ohitashi is a classic Japanese way of soaking their vegetables in a dashi broth, I thought this was a pretty refreshing change from the usual eeky chinese version of xiao bai cai I always have at Chinese dinners! Haha! This was savory and sesame-y. I like!

Closing Remarks

I enjoyed my ramen experience at Kanshouku Ramen and yes, I slurped my bowl empty. Kanshouku indeed. However, more work has to be done to improve their sides for a complete experience,  because I always have to have some sides with my ramen. Hehe! I’ll be back for more truffly goodness and yes, as quoted by my friend, their truffle edamame puts all the truffle fries we had to shame!

For more truffle goodness on a budget, you can check out these affordable truffle dishes here ($15 and less hor)!

How to get there?

277 Orchard Road
OrchardGateway, #01-06
Singapore 238858

Opening Hours

Daily; 11am to 10pm

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