Fish and Chips with a Twist – Salted Egg or Chili Crab Sauce, Anyone? – Fish & Chicks @ Ang Mo Kio

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We braved the 36 degree heat this Sunday afternoon and stood in line for ONE HOUR to order our fish and chips. Yes just earlier on. Such dedication. Also I’m writing this now because I don’t want to oversleep for my flight later.

Actually, I wasn’t the one queueing. Ben did. Bandit HAHAHA. ONE HOUR. That was how long we waited to have our orders taken for this plate of fish and chips that has been making its rounds on our social media platforms – Instagram and Facebook. What makes these fish and chips so elusive and special for everyone? Well.. For starters, they have SALTED EGG SAUCE on their fish and chips. And they look darn good on pictures as well, even for someone who don’t like fried food (ok I like certain fried food, probably only fries), it enticed me.

ONE HOUR was just for the queue. Photo Apr 17, 12 54 32It took another 45 minutes for this to ring. And maybe another 30 for our next dish to be ready. What the fish.

Just a disclaimer though. The heat and massive crowd has gotten into me today and I actually forgot, for the first time ever in a year (since my blogging career), to FORGET to take a picture of the place as well as the menu. I’ve since stolen them from Fish and Chicks’ facebook page, and hope it suffice!

The Place

Located at the corner of Happy Hawker, an otherwise normal looking kopitiam, lies Fish and Chicks. You wouldn’t be able to miss them with that flashy yellow signboard and… THAT LONG QUEUE. Happy Hawker is located just behind the huge Cheng San Market at AMK by the way!Photo Apr 17, 14 59 32We saw the queue stretch from the counter to the carpark behind this afternoon. Wanted to get a picture of the massive queue (probably can fight with the one I saw at Shake Shack Japan) but I met a friend who came here just to try out the fish and chips, and… Yeah I got distracted. Hi Chris! Oh he queued at Shake Shack as well. HAHA! The queue was like shake shack but WORSE because it wasn’t moving for the first half an hour, and the weather was a bitch.Photo Apr 17, 14 58 58 If you guys are intending to head down, do check their instagram (@fishnchickssg) and facebook page for updates because they seem to have different opening hours for each day. We nearly headed down on Saturday, only to realize that they only opened at 3pm. And while the opening hours was stated as 11.30am daily, they have notified on their facebook that they will only open at 12pm and last orders are at 1.15pm, just to cope with the immense orders with limited resources. SO PLEASE CHECK BEFORE HEADING DOWN.

Not too sure if you can see the queue but the queue is siao.

Not too sure if you can see the queue but the queue is siao.

The MenuPhoto Apr 17, 14 59 01This umm relatively artistic shot is taken from their facebook page as well. They have a separate menu for their Salted egg and chili crab fish and chips. Each on its own with 2 sides cost $9.90, while the “Best of both worlds” cost $12.90.

The Food

Because we are hipsters like that, we HAD to order what’s popular on instagram. That is, the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS ($12.90). This came with 2 sides of choice.  Photo Apr 17, 13 22 10Left: chili crab sauce – no crab meat lah. Right: Salted egg sauce.

Both had its strengths and were strong enough in flavors. The salted egg one tasted just like the ones we usually have at tze char places, especially like those in your salted egg sotong. So.. Imagine that and substitute it with fish and chips. It can get a little meh after a few mouthfuls, so it’s good to share!

The chili crab one fared better for us. Those strong flavors with the slight heat whets your appetite to make you want more! I guess the fish and chips on its own were.. Normal lor. This was honestly the third or fourth fish and chips I’ve had in my entire life. I thought it was not too bad, but the sauce was all that made the difference! Photo Apr 17, 13 20 14Those fries though. I could imagine them to make my friends really, really happy because they are CRAZY over the Long John Silver’s fries. Call me low class, but I’m the McDonald’s fries kind of person. HAHA! This was addictive enough for me to keep stuffing into my mouth even though I was muttering how fat I was with every bite. The cheese pasta was worth a try too!

Hawaiian Chicken ($7.90)
Photo Apr 17, 13 44 33“Oh Ben, order whatever you like” I said. “Oh I want the Hawaiian Chicken. But order whatever you like lah” I added.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Woes of eating with explodingbelly. And so we got the Hawaiian chicken 15 minutes AFTER we finished our fish and chips. This also came with 2 sides and we chose the onion rings with truffle mayo (really got truffle taste and smell), and onion rings.

Photo Apr 17, 13 44 57The Hawaiian chicken is called Hawaiian chicken because it’s Hawaiianly. Tomato base with cheese and pineapples atop of our overly charred chicken. Looks good I thought. BUT.
Photo Apr 17, 13 50 31It’s just chicken chop with that extra topping lor. Nothing to shout about really. I prefer the ones from AMK S-11’s Western stall – Rasa Sayang. Our favorite place for after training dinners. I digress.

This slab of chicken chop was slightly overcooked with some crazy charring on the skin and the tough meat. For its price, it could probably do better with a slightly thicker slab of chicken which might not get too tough so soon.

Closing Remarks

I just want to say, why are all the good and popular stalls in the hawker centers of Ang Mo Kio? First, there’s Rasa Sayang, then came Takagi Ramen.. And now, this.

I’m overall quite satisfied with my food experience at Fish and Chicks, and it’s somewhere I would recommend people who love their Western food and fish & chips. It is affordable yet delicious at the same time. Although I’d think this is a piece of useless advice – to wait for the hype to die down, but it is as true as it can get. The queues are CRAZY now. And I heard the one in the evenings are worse. I don’t know about you but I asked myself after spending close to 2 hours at that suffocating Kopitiam – is it really worth the heat and wait? 

Perhaps. Get some good company and it won’t be as bad of a wait. 😉

How to get there?

531 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
Singapore 560531

Opening Hours

Daily; 11am to 2pm, 5pm to 10pm


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