Calla Spa – Indulgence Redefined with Quality Massages and FOOD


The new(ish) and revamped Suntec City might just be my new favorite haunt, just like how it was during my childhood. Fun fact: My parents used to bring me there EVERY weekend. Gosh.

In this brand new edition of Suntec City, I like it not only because of how spacious it is now and the large number of yummy F&B outlets, they have recently housed a top notch spa opened by the same people behind the famous 24 hours G Spa! Just in case you’re wondering about the FOOD places I’ve reviewed at Suntec, here they are:

District 10 – BEEF ON BEEF ON BEEF
Artisan C – COFFEE
Pasarbella – Pasarbella lor
Tuk Tuk Cha – THICK TOAST!!

CSPA0065With the opening of Calla Spa at Suntec City, I’ve found a place to go after a good meal at Suntec City. It can even be a place for you to spend your entire day in there because they have their VERY OWN BISTRO with a free flow menu and you could also enjoy the spa facilities till closing time, just like in G Spa!

Admission Fees & Menu

The admission fees are $98 per pax, and massages start from $158 for a 1-hour neck and shoulder massage, with the highest price being $288 for a 2 hour massage with varied choices from oriental, deep tissue to the Calla Massage.couple room treatmentTheir facial treatments ranges from $198 to $428 for the stem cell phylo elite treatment, I heard this stem cell thingy is super effective, you could even see the results from just the first application!

Their other services include body wraps at $228 for the various options, body scrubs at $188, hand and foot care treatment ranging from $198 to $228 and you could even get a couple room all for yourself for the entire day at just $68!

Facilitiesconsultation area

Calla Spa is gorgeous and exudes a certain chillax vibes when you enter the place. Definitely the kind of sanctuary I needed from the hectic life I’ve been living these days. I liked how they were conveniently located just inside from the drop off area of Suntec City Tower 2, and yet situated in a spacious corner which gives you the feeling of going into a secret garden, where no one else knows about.

1. Changing rooms/lockers

Upon entry, you’ll be allocated to your personal lockers, and the friendly staffs situated in the changing areas would be there to guide you along!CSPA0131 There is EVERYTHING you need in this amazing place, from disposable underwear (bra and panties all have), combs, towels to hair dryers. You’d come out feeling fresher than you first came in! CSPA0239

2. Treatment rooms

I personally thought G spa fared a lot better, in terms of the general scheme of space and the grandiosity, but Calla was very much more accessible and convenient to get to! CSPA0337 CSPA0374There are a total of FOURTEEN treatment rooms for facial and body therapies, as well as hair and scalp treatments! They also do have different types of couple rooms available! This will definitely be one of the PERFECT date ideas.

3. Spa facilities

Of course, besides the rooms, Calla also has their top notch (as usual) spa facilities, like their mineral jacuzzi pool that is set at that OMG SO HOT.. OMG… Ahhhhh so shiok  40 degrees celsius, and they even have THREE of these pools set at 7, 38 and 40 degree celsius in the MALE treatment area! UNFAIR! These mineral pools are apparently using the latest technology to balance your skin condition. Oooh! In addition, they also have got a sauna and steam room in the same area!
female-pool_2 I really liked how well deisgned the pool area was though, it was seriously relaxing and serene. My sister and I had so much fun just sitting in the pool and talking about everything under the hur hur clouds.

This is the male pool!

This is the male pool!

Within the same area, the place also houses the sauna and steam room, as well as showering cubicles!


4. Foot massage

Relaxation loungeThis is also available at 2 relaxation lounges, and each seat is fitted with a retractable touch screen entertainment system and headset! We didn’t see this anywhere while we were at Calla spa! Perhaps the lounge was hidden in a more secretive corner for a greater disconnect from the hustle bustle.

Foot reflexology prices start from $158 for 60 minutes, $188 for 90 minutes and $228 for 120 minutes!


CSPA0200Haha any where with food is my favorite place leh. I thought G spa was already amazing with its free flow menu of food, Calla Spa has upped this level by having free flow menu of more atas food, with a casual fine dining concept. Imagine having free flow TRUFFLE MUSHROOM THIN CRUST PIZZA, which was more truffley than your usual pizzas.

steakAll guests are entitled to a complimentary FIRST order of main entree – which includes things like pork chops, steaks etc, while subsequent orders of the main entrees would be charged accordingly. Actually you don’t even need to go for the main entrees with all the yummy free flow food they serve! If you’re intending to make a return visit to Calla Spa, don’t worry about getting bored with the food because they change the menu weekly!

Drinks wise, they have a chargeable selection of wines, otherwise you could enjoy teas from Newby, London, coffees or their various detoxifying juices!

First, the menu for that week:
Photo Apr 10, 17 00 39 Photo Apr 10, 17 03 59

The entrees had pretty decent portions!

Pork chops

Pork belly?!



While the entrees were only complimentary on your first order, the rest of the items on the menu, like this smoked salmon salad and..Photo Apr 10, 17 20 28

TRUFFLE MUSHROOM PIZZA were all free flow!Photo Apr 10, 17 29 36

We had the tiramisu shooter for dessert and it tasted surprisingly good. Wow. I must say, the food had seriously took us by surprise! They were GOOD.

Closing Remarks

We definitely did enjoy our experience at Calla Spa and it was an eye-opening experience for my sister who has only been to countless of massages and not a full fledged spa like this! However, I couldn’t help but to strike a comparison between Calla Spa and G Spa, and feel that somehow I enjoyed the facilities at G spa better as it felt more spacious and less cluttered, especially in the changing and pool areas!

Nonetheless, the experience was great, although it would have been better if the massage experience was shiok-er. I definitely recommend Calla Spa for you if you’re looking for something different to do over a weekend to unwind and relax, and this makes an amazing, amazing date idea too!

So many treatments I can't make up my mind. Do talk to the receptionists to find out more about each treatment! They are all really friendly!

So many treatments I can’t make up my mind. Do talk to the receptionists to find out more about each treatment! They are all really friendly!

How to get there?

Suntec City Mall Tower 2
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

Opening Hours

Daily; 10am to 11pm


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