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Ah Bong’s Italian 2 – NOW...

Photo May 28, 13 08 48

If you guys haven’t realized, my favorite place in my year long of blogging has got to be AH BONG’S ITALIAN. The little store which had its humble beginnings in the kopitiam of Eng Hoon street serving up absolutely comforting pastas, and who also is the only place with a 100% hit rate on “OMG I […]

Beat the Heat with Waan Cha’s T...

Photo May 21, 13 08 59

I heard it’s 35 degrees out there today. Also, Explodingbelly has just become a full fledged adult, and knows how all of you working people feel – that excitement to get a good drink when you head back to office after lunch as you face the throngs and throngs of work. Or is it just me? […]

Review: Mo’mor Izakaya @ Tangli...

Photo May 11, 20 11 27

SET LUNCH MENUS at just $15++ EVERYDAY only at Mo’mor Izakaya. I don’t think there are any other better deals you can find in the town area, especially on weekends! Hi all, yet another post by Chewypompipi, this time round the pictures nicer cause it’s MINE. Dont worry, explodingbelly will be back with more posts, […]



YES THE FIRST 24 HOUR HELLO KITTY CAFE IN THE WORLD IS RIGHT HERE IN CHANGI AIRPORT. Explodingbelly is so busy with work these days, this post is brought to you by Chewypompipi – the same person who brought you the review of POMPOMPURIN! Following her fellow Sanrio friend Pompompurin, Hello Kitty has also found […]

The POKEMON CAFE in Singapore –...

Beef patty and mashed potatoes covered with crepe and vegetables shaped like POKEBALL!

You can find a rare candy in there as well ;)

Oh gosh guys. IT’S HERE. IT’S FINALLY HERE. A LEGIT POKEMON CAFE ON OUR VERY SHORES. For a limited time, of course. Sigh. And of course, even though Charmander is very CHARMING (because CHARMander HAHA), the main character of this entire pop up cafe would be PIKACHU. Of course it’s gotta be Pikachu, he’s Ash’s […]

What to Expect at Savour 2016

Photo May 12, 16 36 34

Why cafe hop when you can restaurant hop this weekend at Savour 2016, with dishes starting from just $6 and up, NO GST NO SERVICE CHARGE. SERIOUSLY. NO ADMISSION FEES AS WELL. Savour 2016 comes back this year with a bang and super open doors, because admission is FREE! They are located at Bayfront Avenue, just […]

Kam Long Curry Fish Head – The ...

Photo May 09, 14 49 06

You might want to bring along a loaf of gardenia bread or baguette to this place. Kam Long, wow. Where have you been all my life? And I am probably late to the party because a single google search would fetch you tons of reviews. I’ve never heard of them until we met some friends […]

First Ever Salted Egg Choux Puff from...

Photo Apr 28, 22 26 56

Yes, salted egg anything these days. Got salted egg siew mai or not? I will eat leh. Yet another one to add on to the ULTIMATE LIST OF SALTED EGG DISHES! Mmm.. Salted Egg Choux Puff, I wonder why did it take so long for someone to actually come up with this creation. Also, if […]

What it is Like to Travel Alone as a ...

Photo Apr 07, 13 18 54

I’ve seen many thought catalog-ish posts on traveling solo and how people find themselves on trips like these. I’ve always wondered how true it is, and when they talk about traveling solo as a girl, it’s almost always written by an angmoh, or it’s about their adventure to some exotic lands. This is for YOU, if […]

Explodingbelly’s Solo Adventure...

Got myself some pancakes at Siam Paragon. ALL FOR MYSELF THIS CHEESECAKE PANCAKE

Being the needy and clingy person I am, how did you guys think I fared on a trip alone to the Land of Smiles? Okay lah, I’m actually quite independent, but I’ve never travelled alone in my entire life, and so I thought it would be fun to share my experience with you guys all in one […]