First Ever Salted Egg Choux Puff from Pulse Patisserie

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Yes, salted egg anything these days. Got salted egg siew mai or not? I will eat leh. Yet another one to add on to the ULTIMATE LIST OF SALTED EGG DISHES!

Mmm.. Salted Egg Choux Puff, I wonder why did it take so long for someone to actually come up with this creation. Also, if I knew how to bake and were more culinary inclined, I think I’ll be famous liao. Cause I HAVE SO MANY CREATIONS IN MY MIND that I believe would taste good, but I don’t even know how to deal with flour to save my life. HAHA!Photo Apr 28, 22 12 39When I saw that Pulse Patisserie had their salted egg choux puffs for sale on Feastbump (order HERE!), I knew I HAD TO GET IT! Oh oh, anyway if you guys happen to be ordering anything from Feastbump, I’ve got a discount code just for you guys! Check out the steps here:

1) Visit and enter your delivery address
2) Filter for “FeastBump Exclusive” to check out participating merchants and their promotions
3) Key in the promo code EB upon checkout to enjoy the offer

EB for explodingbelly mah. HAHA!

Alternatively, you can get take them away from Pulse Patisserie themselves, located at Interlace Condominium!

How did the choux puff fare? First off, of course we must do a video of the flow.

And everyone said it looks like a pimple.. HAHA! I knew it looked quite ewww when it squirted out instead of flowing out but I just couldn’t put a finger to it until I read the comments and went like.. YES. YES. PIMPLE IS RIGHT. HAHA!

I guess they just poked and injected the salted egg sauce in, so.. Umm unless they do it in another way, it will always flow like a pimple if you tear it apart.

Photo Apr 28, 22 13 43The choux came in super bite sized portions, probably a mouthful or 2 would finish it, and it’s selling for a box of 6 for $12, 12 for $22 and 20 for $35. Not very affordable leh, but whatevs. And the reason for its bite sizedness is because they don’t want it to be too jelak when you have it. Hmm.

Photo Apr 28, 22 33 02The choux had a texture that was biscuity crisp on the outside and yet had a very slight mochi stretchy texture to it. While they nailed the sandy-ness of the texture of the salted egg sauce, i thought it was a tad too sweet and tasted honestly a little off. One was enough for me! My helper, on the other hand, thought it was okay. So I guess you will have to try it on your own to decide!

I’d think if you’re someone who don’t like stuff that is too sweet, this might not be for you! But I have to say, a good attempt on the creation! I’d love to see a salted egg cream puff like thingy, instead of a mini choux puff! YUM. The salted egg sauce in this is really generous though!

If you want to try this, you could order it from Feastbump – HERE or head on to:

180 Depot Road, #01-6, The Interlace Condominium, Singapore 109684 to get your fix!

On a side note, I’ve this nagging ARGH that I’d like to share with you guys with regards to my comment on the choux puff bursting like a pimple in my recent post on instagram. BECAUSE this is my own personal blog and not an official official food blog, I guess I can include these frustrations. HAHA.

I’ve received a message from an old friend/ acquaintance questioning about my use of words and said things like “I know you very funny, and want to be funny so you said…”,  and told me that it’s not very nice to describe it in a such a “disgusting” way (unappealing might be a better word here), just because the owner is her friend. Pimple very funny meh.

I’m annoyed because, IT IS WHAT IT IS WHAT. They poke the choux puff in the middle like that, it’s obviously gonna look ugly when the puff bursts. AND honestly, if you guys have been followers of my blog, you will know that I have been very forthcoming in my reviews because that’s how I want it for all you guys. I wouldn’t want to be hiding behind a mask and saying wow the food is great when it’s not or sugar coating my thoughts about something when in actual fact I think the food looks very unappealing and all. I simply HATE it when people tell me what I SHOULD write or not write, in this case. Even for tastings or any media events, I say what I feel, I say what I think and perhaps you might think that I need to polish my vocabulary or my repertoire of descriptions, then thank you very much for your feedback, I’ll continue to learn and grow and use more superfluous language to confuse the shit out of you guys. And the thing is, I PAID FOR THIS DAMN BLOODY BOX, the more I can say the shit I want to say just like anyone else. And pimple is just the most apt description we ALL think it is, and it’s not like people commented on the post saying omg look like pimple, don’t feel like eating right? Even so, then too bad lah, you superficial creatures. And as a friend, the more she should pass on the suggestion and see what they can do to improve instead of hinting me to take back what I said of their puffs.

I would have described it as – Wow, just as the crispness of the shell of the choux puff broke apart, the silky smooth golden salted egg sauce flowed profusely out of the opening, the sight got me so excited and I couldn’t wait to devour this delicate little pastry. Then you look at the video, and go MEH, WTF LOOK LIKE PIMPLE BURST LOR. I don’t want that to happen.

So after the long rant, here’s the abrupt end to it. The moral of the story is, Explodingbelly will always stay true to herself. DONT TEACH ME WHAT TO SAY. #micdrop #bellyout


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    May 15, 2016    

    Lol they should poke the hole below then less like pimple maybe butt hole or sth . Food is food it’s still flavour over looks la