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SET LUNCH MENUS at just $15++ EVERYDAY only at Mo’mor Izakaya. I don’t think there are any other better deals you can find in the town area, especially on weekends!

Hi all, yet another post by Chewypompipi, this time round the pictures nicer cause it’s MINE. Dont worry, explodingbelly will be back with more posts, I’ve been preparing some posts which are scheduled to be published soon! Meanwhile, let’s look at what Mo’mor has for us:

I was super excited to visit Mo’mor as I have been seeing pictures of their wagyu striploin on Instagram. I’m feeling hungry as I’m writing this review because the cravings for MATSUSAKA WAGYU STRIPLOIN is real!!! More about that later.

Mo’mor is helmed by Chef Martin Woo, an award-winning chef with over 30 years of experience at renowned hotels like Hilton Singapore and The Ritz Hotel Taipei. He was also part of the team that developed the hospitality menu for 2015 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix.

The Place

Photo May 11, 18 40 08Conveniently located at the main entrance of Tanglin Post Office (just opposite Tanglin Mall’s Starbucks), Mo’mor Izakaya is a contemporary izakaya concept that serves Japanese & European inspired tapas and grills at affordable prices.

Air-conditioned indoor seating & alfresco seating available. Photo May 11, 18 48 55
Photo May 11, 18 49 19

Cosy indoor seating with a bar
Photo May 11, 18 48 42

Open-kitchen concept
Photo May 11, 18 49 00

Alfresco setting
Photo May 11, 18 49 39

The Menu
Photo May 22, 22 41 30
As mentioned earlier, these are their items from their ridiculously affordable Set Lunch Menu. For just $15, you get to choose 1 main + 1 tapas or dessert; and for $18, you get 1 main + 1 tapas + 1 dessert.

GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY – their set lunch menu is available EVERY DAY (omg WHAAAAT??) Yes, including weekends! We were also told that the items on the set lunch menu changes EVERY WEEK, and some items on the set lunch menu are special items that are not even on the main menu. So you can be assured that you’re able to try new dishes every week by ordering from their set lunch menu!



For Tapas, we’re having the Onsen Tamago and the “Kani” Crabmeat Remoulade. Each tapas come with a complimentary serving of soup, for us it was mushroom soup that was quite nice, good texture and flavour.

1. Onsen Tamago
Photo May 11, 18 59 10The Onsen Tamago comes with ponzu and ikura – initially we couldn’t really taste the ponzu but we realised that it’s all underneath the egg so make sure you give it a good mix. Simple ingredients but it’s quite nice.

2. “Kani” Crabmeat Remoulade (add on $2.00)
Photo May 11, 18 57 58
The “Kani” Crabmeat Remoulade was served on a ciabatta toast, it tasted pretty average though, but the different textures in that one bite made up a little for it. (Editor: I agree and why the additional $2? Because of the little bit of crab meat? Hmm).


1. Minute Steak (add on $3.00)

Photo May 11, 19 22 17By adding $3.00, you get to choose Minute Steak as your main course. It comes with fries, confit onion and béarnaise sauce.

Photo May 11, 19 25 36The steak was quite thin but it surprisingly came with the right doneness that we asked for (medium). I didn’t find it particularly satisfying because it wasn’t very juicy and it was a tad chewy. There were quite a lot of onions which suited the tastebuds of an onion lover like me. (Editor: I also like onions, but having the steak together with the onions kinda muted the flavors of the steak, I personally prefer my steak to come naked for the best flavors.) The béarnaise sauce was a little flat (E: and honestly a little weird), could be better with some acidity.

2. Yakiniku Pork Collar Udon
Photo May 11, 19 22 53Our other main was this Yakiniku Pork Collar Udon. The pork collar was sliced thinly, shabu-shabu style but they were quite generous with the meat.
Photo May 11, 19 24 46The texture of the udon was quite disappointing, lacking in springiness. However, the dish was quite flavourful, not too bad!


1. Melon Gazpacho
Photo May 11, 20 21 48 Melon gazpacho, served with berries salsa and blood orange sorbet.Photo May 11, 20 22 12This combination works well for me, I think it’s the perfect ending to your meal at Mo’mor. It’s light, refreshing and full of pleasing fruity flavours.

2. Matcha Ice-cream
Photo May 11, 20 23 07Matcha ice-cream that you can afford to miss. Pleasant but light matcha flavour in the ice-cream, but it’s not for me. (E: Yup we wished the matcha was more gao in its flavor, maybe they were going for a lighter touch in their desserts to wash down the mains)

The following features some of their signature items from the main menu!


1. Butan Ebi
Photo May 11, 19 33 57
We had this Butan Ebi, each serving comes with 3 fat sweet-tasting prawns. However it tasted quite minty and the texture could be a little towards the slimy side, which may not appeal to everyone. (E: the texture was a little disturbing, and the combination with the mint made it feel like I was having toothpaste. I cannot).

2. Hokkaido Scallop Tartare ($22.00)
Photo May 11, 19 39 50An absolutely delightful dish! The scallop tartare is served on spoons, with ikura and spicy furikake for a slight kick. It was flavourful and refreshing, I really liked this! It also comes with a small bowl of lotus chips, nicely fried and crisp but it was *WAYYYYY under seasoned.

3. Apple Cured Salmon Sashimi ($16.00)
Photo May 11, 19 36 48The salmon was cured for 24 hours and served with a medley of yuzu gel, picked cucumber and olive oil caviar. I liked the salmon on its own, delicate and refreshing. Not a big fan of the yuzu gel.

E: Oh wait what? APPLE CURED? Wait what? I wasn’t even aware of that. And the sashimi is just sashimi. Best eaten alone. 

4. Plum Tomato Ceviche ($12.00)
Photo May 11, 19 56 07Plum Tomato Ceviche, dressed in nori vinaigrette, garlic chips and cilantro. No doubt it was refreshing and appetising, but it was quite average. A forgettable dish.


1. Matsusaka Wagyu Striploin ($9.00 per 10g)
Photo May 11, 20 11 27Finally, what I have been waiting for the entire night – THE WAGYU STRIPLOIN (need I say any more?!) is grilled, sliced thinly and served with a tangy ponzu sauce, shredded cabbage and lime.

Photo May 11, 20 12 18This wagyu striploin is so FATTY it just melts in your mouth! I think it goes really well with the ponzu sauce, but it’s pretty awesome even when you eat it on its own. Gosh, I really want more of this!!!

E: EH got see the drop of lime i captured? Is it talent? Also this reminded me alot of the meat I had at District 10 at Suntec City. 



Lavender Pudding ($13.00)

Photo May 11, 20 34 19The Lavender Pudding is not what you think it is – it’s not purple, and it’s not an actual pudding. It is a cake with spongey texture, served with grilled pineapple and coconut ice-cream. AND IT’S SO PRETTY.

Okay one more picture of the dish because I like itPhoto May 11, 20 35 14I am a big fan of tropical fruits and I loved all the flavours in this dessert! Ok I may be a bit biased but I liked this dish because all the components of this dish complements each other. Something that I would order again.

Closing Remarks

In general most of the dishes were pretty average, with the exception of the Wagyu Striploin, Hokkaido Scallop Tartare and the Lavender Pudding.

BUT for $18.00 you can get a main course, a tapas and a dessert, any day of the week?!?! We find it really affordable for 3 courses and good value for your money!

If you happen to be in the area, you may want to drop by to try their set lunch menu.

How to get there?

56 Tanglin Rd, Tanglin Post Office

#B1-01, Singapore 247 964

Opening Hours:

Mondays to Wednesdays
11.00 am to 11.00 pm

Thursdays to Saturdays
11.00 am to 1.00 am

11.00 am to 11.00 pm

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