McCafe Launches Brand NEW Sandwiches and Soups!

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We all know McDonald’s for their convenience, after all, there is a reason why they are a fast food chain right? If most of you didn’t know, Explodingbelly has recently transitioned into a working adult. FINALLY RIGHT. You guys watched me grow! :’) HAHAHA! And these days, I really appreciate a quick, fuss free, and convenient meal since I’m constantly running around and on the go!

McCafé has recently launched their latest range of sandwiches and soups, and hey, THAT TOTALLY FITS MY EATING HABITS. FUSS FREE AND EASY. Not mentioning, really affordable especially since I’m working in the CBD area. SIGH.

Their line of sandwiches (from $4.50) includes:
1. Chicken Mayo, white cheddar and spinach on light rye bread, which sounds really healthy to me, and SPINACH = PROTEIN.

2. Egg mayo, chicken ham, and spinach on light rye bread

3. Chicken Pesto, wild rocket and tomato on ciabatta

4. Chicken Ham, white cheddar and tomato sandwich!
Photo May 28, 16 56 06I tried the chicken ham and cheese sandwich because I LOVE ham, and it sounded pretty substantial. Yes! Even though commonly served, it was a good ol’ sandwich with the classic ingredients that reminds me of my childhood picnic trips.

And it was pretty filling too! It actually kept me full for dinner all the way through the night! Not bad not bad. Of course, I didn’t have the sandwich alone, because for those who know me, you guys would know that I’m a sucker for soups.

I squealed in excitement when I realized that McCafé had NEW selections of soup (from $5.50) too. One of which being the usual Mushroom Soup To Go, while the other was the Broccoli Soup To Go. I am actually dying to try the mushroom soup though because I LOVE MUSHROOMS, and I heard they even have chunks of shiitake and button mushroom in them!

Me being me, I went for the more adventurous choice of the Broccoli Soup To Gowhich came with florets of broccoli , celery, onion and leeks!Photo May 28, 16 56 18I wasn’t disappointed at all. Absolutely loved the textures and mouthfeel in this soup because of the florets of broccoli, and that umami taste. Ah. GET ME ANOTHER BOWL OF THAT!

So simple, fuss free and filling. Although made with simple ingredients, I still really love the substantial selection that McCafé has recently rolled out, in addition to their usual cakes and sweet treats. Now I can have a convenient meal, finally without worrying about busting my calorie count, and easy on the pockets too!

Photo May 28, 16 54 02Find out more about their new items by following @McCafeSG on Instagram and on McDonald’s website here!!

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