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I have been intending to do up this post for the longest while, but I’ve been too caught up with work! I don’t usually blog about buffets because they are mostly usually mediocre, but this one from Edge at Pan Pacific Singapore blew me away. I knew I had to share this with all of you when I took my first step into Edge. WOW.

Being ONLY AVAILABLE on SUNDAYS makes this brunch buffet a much more exclusive affair. How does it stand out from the rest of the buffets I’ve been to?

Well, first, you would require a damn map to navigate your way around the place, just to make sure you do not miss any of the stations out. Serving up an EXTENSIVE MENU of unique international delicacies, they boast of SEVEN interactive live food theaters (i.e. you can see the chefs at work), SIXTEEN stations worth of food, as well as THREE cocktail bars. It’s INSANE.

Second, there’s a live band with mediocre music. BUT LIVE BAND HOR. Third, free flow champagne, of course that depends on how much you’re paying for your buffet. Fourth, it is a FOUR HOUR LONG AFFAIR, available from 12pm to 4pm. WOW. Get your breakfast, lunch and dinner settled all in one. HEHE!

The Buffet

Did I say SIXTEEN different stations worth of food? You heard me right.

Ocean Gems on Ice

Photo Apr 24, 12 19 59Look forward to an entire repertoire of seafood with the likes of Alaskan King Crabs, freshly shucked oysters, Maine lobsters (!!!), Chilean snow crabs!Photo Apr 24, 12 43 55

Raw and Caviar Bar

Photo Apr 24, 12 45 17The caviar bar features a SICK ARRAY OF CAVIARS, such as that of flying fish, wasabi prawn, keta, mango and avruga caviar. There is also a range of sashimis for you to choose from, and they are freshly cut by the chef at the station!

Photo Apr 24, 12 17 42 You can even expect your choice of CHIRASHI DONS from the selection, which includes ahi tuna, salmon and omi wagyu. Photo Apr 24, 12 17 52HOW DECADENT.

While there are simply NO hard and fast rules on the sequence in a buffet, I’ll bring you guys through their repertoire of appetizers, following the raw start from above.

Farmer’s Cheese Theatre

Photo Apr 24, 12 03 18This station features up to THIRTY types of cheeses. Any kind of cheeses you can think of and CANNOT think of… They are probably there. A heaven for cheese lovers, and conversely, hell for those who can’t handle cheese. Definitely a delight for the adventurous eaters out there who are game enough to try all kinds of cheeses.


Charcuterie consists of your iberico hams, salami and any of the cold cooked meats. In addition to the usual hams, Edge goes one step further to whet your taste buds with their terrines.

Photo Apr 24, 12 28 01Foie gras terrine, mushroom terrine and duck rilette is expected here! I had so much of these I think I overdosed.

It’s probably time for some actual cooked food, and trust me, they have more than you can handle.

Signature a la minute pastas

Photo Apr 24, 11 47 25Chilled angel hair pasta with caviar. This was a little underwhelming because i have been spoilt by SAVEUR’S angel hair pasta! Nonetheless it’s still a great effort. They also have Duck Ravioli with mushroom ragout which sounds absolutely delish, and it’s obviously something that I’ve missed, and regretting right now as I am writing this post.

Photo Apr 24, 12 31 30Oh before I forget, they have their TRUFFLE mac and cheese too! This put some cafes to shame.

The Grill

Photo Apr 24, 12 43 46Grilled as you pick. This was probably my favorite station because I’m a carnivore like that. They have a selection of Ohmi Wagyu Striploin, Herbed Haibut Fillet, Lamb Chops and assorted homemade sausages! This was our order of “Umm can I have just ONE OF EVERYTHING?”

Carnivore’s Carvery

Speaking of meats, you definitely got to check out this station’s offerings. Hay smoked whole baby lamb, Mongolian Suckling Pig, whole roasted prime rib and roast chicken with lemon. WOW. JUST WOW.

Photo Apr 24, 11 43 00 Photo Apr 24, 11 43 16 Photo Apr 24, 11 43 46I don’t know where to start.

Western Delights

While it sounds like our neighborhood western food stall, the standards contrasted starkly against which.

Photo Apr 24, 12 50 32You can expect hazelnut crusted foie gras with raisin puree here, as well as crispy pork knuckle on braised red cabbage. Photo Apr 24, 12 35 56

Seasonal Flambe Trolley

Featuring Chef Ken Zheng who came up with the spread of gastronomic delights in this very buffet. He was stifling his laughter as I asked for a re-shoot cause I don't look greedy enough.

Featuring Chef Ken Zheng who came up with the spread of gastronomic delights in this very buffet. He was stifling his laughter as I asked for a re-shoot cause I don’t look greedy enough.

This station features the GIANT BURGER, as well as their salt crusted seabass with champagne caviar sauce and seafood paella! Photo Apr 24, 12 12 04The burger is just a novelty lah really. I felt a little disturbed eating a patty as huge as this one and I don’t know why leh. HAHA!

Egg station

Photo Apr 24, 11 47 50My favorite because brunch won’t be complete without EGGS. Photo Apr 24, 12 46 31 But okay, they weren’t that impressive. The scrambled eggs were obviously too dry and overcook. NEXT.

Besides the featured items, they have other stations that fit the Asian profile, such as that of the Canton Roasts and noodles, heritage flavors of that of Peranakan, Malay and Indian delights featuring duck and crayfish satay, Lobster tikka masala and even laksa! There’s literally something for EVERYONE, and that in itself is not an understatement, I promise you.



Photo Apr 24, 11 41 08
You can expect a hefty range of items from a la minute waffles (got MATCHA flavor some more), pancakes and crepes, to traditional desserts like durian pengat, kueh lapis, to tarts, cakes, macarons, chocolate fountains and THE MUST TRY NAMA CHOCOLATES. Photo Apr 24, 12 15 35Made on the SPOT.

Photo Apr 24, 11 42 04Hands down THE BEST NAMA CHOCOLATES EVER. Even better than Royce. I bet my name on that experience. Wow just wow.

You could obviously sense my excitement when it came to desserts because… 90% of the pictures I took were from that station. Photo Apr 24, 11 40 54 Raspberry choux. Reminded me of super mario. Photo Apr 24, 11 41 29 Chocolates.  Photo Apr 24, 11 54 00 The WIDE WIDE WIDE array of pastries. Photo Apr 24, 11 55 43 MORE pastries. Photo Apr 24, 12 02 32 Umm I’m so sorry, they are so pretty, I just can’t help myself. Photo Apr 24, 12 01 43 Oh this banana cinnamon thingy is AMAZING. Cause I like bananas. Photo Apr 24, 11 59 30Fruit danish tart-ish thingy.

Photo Apr 24, 13 38 26I PLATE ONE HOR. That in itself is a HUGE accomplishment. Please praise me.

The desserts were all amazing I tell you. If you have no space for desserts… Really? Okay but if there’s just one thingy you have to go for, it is the range of NAMA CHOCOLATES. SERIOUSLY. WOW. Bring a tupperware and dabao back.

They also have THREE cocktail bars AND coffee station.

Photo Apr 24, 12 04 14 Photo Apr 24, 12 04 23

Closing Remarks

Photo Apr 24, 12 43 55 (1)I was so eager to share this amazing buffet with you guys because everything was just not as lackluster as I thought it would be.

In fact, most of the dishes portrayed rigor and I was admittedly blown away by the fact that they were able to maintain the standards of each of the dishes despite its variety! We were all amazed by this very fact, as most buffets tend to have only one or two dishes which were done nicely while the rest lacked consistency.

Edge has distinguished itself from the pack with its solid offerings and the experience was truly theatrical. I did not even manage to eat EVERY single thing on their menu, because it was that extensive. It’s pretty crazy.  And not forgetting that their offerings are pretty extravagant and generous as well. Possibly THE best buffet I’ve been to, and you guys can check out the highly raved CHEESE RACLETTE HERE!


The prices of the buffet is as follows:

S$59++ per child (6-11 years old)
S$118++ per adult – includes unlimited fresh juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea
S$178++ – includes all together with unlimited Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label Champange, selection of red and white wines, international beers, passion fruit mojito, sugar cane with rum, champagne cocktail and the other drinsk.
S$198++ – comes with the above and free flow Rose champagne.

Only available on Sundays 12pm to 4pm. Trust me, this is worth every penny saved.

How to get there? 

Edge, Level 3
Pan Pacific Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039595

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