Your Dream Trip to MACAO + Giveaway!

Shoppes at Venetian. LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY.

When you say Macao, I say EGG TARTS!!!!! Hahaha! 1.Portuguese Egg Tart

Today, Explodingbelly is gonna share with you guys about what you can expect from Macao, the city of iconic cultural sights, THRILLING adventures, performances and definitely a one of a kind FOODIE paradise for people like US! Just in case you were wondering why Macao instead of MACAU, it is because Macao is the ENGLISH spelling of umm well. Macao. And Macau is its Portuguese name.


That’s definitely not the only surprising thing you’d learn about Macao in this post! For most of you who have overlooked Macao as one of the dream places for vacations, you might change your mind right after this!

You can’t say you’ve truly experience Macao if you haven’t experienced their food, culture and crazy activities and events ALL YEAR ROUND!

I’d definitely recommend spending at least TWO days in Macao, instead of just HALF a day or ONE day like most of us do. THERE IS DEFINITELY A LOT MORE TO EXPECT FROM THIS VIBRANT CITY! And for me, I’d choose to visit them in NOVEMBER because that’s when the Macao Food Festival is happening and also cause IT IS MY BIRTHDAY HOR. What better way to celebrate my hatch day other than with FOOD?

Day 1

Head to Macao bright and early so you could skip the queues and get some EGG TARTS (Pastéis de Nata) and PORK CHOP BUNS for breakfast!
2.Pork Chop BunBe careful not to have too much if you’re intending to do some daredevil-ish stuff like I would. Okay maybe I won’t cause I’m scaredy cat. BUT it’s not everyday and every where you could experience such thrilling adventures like BUNGEE JUMPING and SKY WALKING.

If you guys are familiar with Running Man, you might’ve recalled the episode when they came to Macao just for this! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE.


SkyWalk Sky walking.

from a WHOOPING 233m/764ft from the ground with just a space of 1.8m to walk along. I can only imagine how breathtaking the view would be, umm literally and figuratively.Bungee Jump

Bungy jump or SKY JUMP.

It’s up to you how you want to freak yourself out. Both of which takes place on the same platform – 233m off the ground. The bungy jump would allow you to experience the free fall while the sky jump would be more of a slow controlled descent towards the ground. I’d go for the latter, cause I’m freaking out just thinking of the free fall.

Golden ReelFor the less adventurous like me, this cool looking ferris wheel would suffice.

Next Stop: SHOPPING at Sands Shoppes (Luxury)

I can imagine how much my mum would love this place as Sands Shoppes is THE LARGEST duty free shopping experience in Macao. With a WHOOPING 650 retailers to choose from,Sands Shoppes in Macao features the world’s best boutiques and consists of THREE malls all in one – Shoppes at Four Seasons, Shoppes at Venetian and Shoppes at Cotai Central.

Shoppes at Venetian. LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY.

Shoppes at Venetian. LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY.

The amazing design of the malls are amazingly photogenic as well. GREAT FOR OOTDs and what not. I can’t believe I actually missed this in Macao!

Of course, one doesn’t simply miss out on the Michelin starred gourmet food they have here!SOHO_MacauSOHO at City of Dreams on Cotai Strip is a one stop dedicated FOOD and entertainment street!! They feature 16 restaurants covering the cuisines around the world and you will get to experience the street cultural experience of Macao. WIN WIN LEH

When with Explodingbelly, EATING NEVER STOPS. Next up, we will be heading to the Macao Food Festival, located just opposite Macao Tower. I would suggest heading down in the evening when the weather is milder!

Macao Food Festival - 1Experience the fun street stalls with delicious Asian, European, Mainland Chinese and local delicacies! Pretty much like our favorite night markets!

I’d even take away some of these yummies back to my hotel!

Day 2

Breakfast would be at Taipa Food Street where you would get to experience THE best of Macao.Taipa Food StreetYou could get a taste of the Macao favorites like Pork Chop Buns from Tai Lai Koi Kei, Egg Tarts, Almond Cakes, Egg Rolls, Peanut Candies, and even popular desserts like Serradura (cream mousse and biscuit crumbs)!

After which I’ll catch the House of Magic Show, which features FOUR magicians all in one show.
The House of Magic_1I think I would be thoroughly mindblown for the entire 90 minutes.

Next Stop: Lunch at Broadway Macao

You can get there with the shuttle bus services provided here.

Broadway MacauEnjoy a true Macao hawker experience at Broadway Macao with the array of over 40 Macao delicacies and other international delights!

Next Stop: Shopping at S. Domingos District

S. Domingos DistrictThis is the perfect place for you to shop for fashion apparels, souvenirs, and there are a couple of shopping complexes located on this street like Sun Star City, Nga Meng Shopping Arcade and Ginza Plaza!

Next Stop: Spa at Six Senses – MGM Macao

MGM SPAA relaxing spa session is definitely in place after a long day of shopping to rest that achy feet. Six Senses Spa provides amazing facilities and therapies, which would give you a unique experience as they combine locally inspired therapies with their signature treatments. I am definitely looking forward to that as I work out an appetite for dinner.


Dinner at Macao 360 cafe

Macao Tower 360 cafeJust wow. A wide array of international delicacies accompanied with the stunning view of the city scape. The restaurant actually rotates fully every 1.5 hours so that one could enjoy the panoramic view of Macao. I’d imagine it to be extremely romantic during sunset, I HAVE TO GO THERE NOW.

Another alternative for an amazing night out would be at Sky 21.

Sky 21 - Interior_1Enjoy the Macao concocted cocktails within this zen environment and feasting on their Asian cuisines. I don’t know about you, but I sure do want to experience the “hipster” scene in Macao!

Closing Remarks

I don’t know about you but writing up this post makes me want to book my tickets to jet off to Macao already. I honestly did not know that Macao was such a delight, with its rich cultures, adventures and variety of FOOD!

Seriously, if you are like me, tempted to visit Macao already, why don’t you try your luck on Experience Macao.SG Facebook page HERE? All you have to do is to search for this post:

Don't say I bojio, win liao, bring me along

Don’t say I bojio, win liao, bring me along

And then leave a comment on WHY you would like to win a trip to Macao! I have SO MANY REASONS FOR YOU in this post! Also, don’t forget to hashtag #MacaoOnSocialSG in your comments to qualify

Winners will be announced on Experience Macao.SG Facebook Page! And for MORE ideas to WHY you would like to win a trip to Macao, head on to their Instagram page  or their official website for more inspiration!

I don’t know about you, but I’m already looking to explore Macao on my next holiday trip!


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