Pizza Hut launches HEALTHIER MENU and MORE.

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Ah, I remember those secondary school days when I had my gatherings at Pizza Hut oh so often! I regret not going to their physical stores these days when I heard about the new additions to their menu, which are only available at the restaurants!!!!

I was surprised to find that Pizza Hut has actually upgraded and revamped their menu recently. Besides our all time favorite pizzas, they have also included a series of MAINS, PASTAS and an array of yummy desserts to their repertoire. Pretty much like your cafes, BUT MORE ACCESSIBLE. HAHA!

Needless to say, every meal at Pizza Hut will definitely include THE SWEET ‘N’ SPICY DRUMLETS ($10.90 for 10, $7.90 for 6).

Photo Jun 18, 11 25 09Yes. You got to have these EVERY. MEAL. My favorite dish on earth. Serious. Hands down. No cafes can win this. That sweet, savory and yet spicy mix, it’s everyone’s favorite on the Pizza Hut menu!

For starters, you can also try their NEW SALMON CROQUETTES ($7.90). Photo Jun 18, 11 37 58These fried little balls are filled with salmon and melted mozzarella within, and their covered with tomato salsa. Mmmmm. What an innovative dish!

Another alternative you can go for would be their NACHOS with BOLOGNAISE ($7.50)
Photo Jun 18, 11 26 24HAVE IT HOT, or else the nacho would turn soggy under that generous amounts of cheese and beef bolognaise sauce!

Of course, at Pizza Hut, we MUST order their pizzas. This is their BRAND NEW Tropical Dream Pizza ($20.90), is definitely a dream come true for all of us HAWAIIAN PIZZA LOVERS.
Photo Jun 18, 11 24 07This is a Hawaiian dream come true because they have CUBES OF CREAM CHEESE topping the pizza! Wow. AND CUBES OF HONEY CHICKEN HAM. I loved the textures in this one, and absolutely loved the feeling of biting into a cube of cheese. Mmmm.

Photo Jun 18, 11 23 47The pineapple like sauce that was drizzled on the pizza was a tad too sweet for our liking though.

In their new menu, they not only have more legit non pizza items, they also offer HEALTHIER OPTIONS – such as their Curry zazzle baked rice, an array of pizzas like the pesto gusto, seafood symphony and MORE, as well as their roasted half spring chicken! I never knew that they had such options! They even have dishes that are less than 500kcal – you can spot them with the healthier choice logo on the menu!Untitled

The Tropical Dream Pizza (above) is a HEALTHIER OPTION as it is the hand stretched thin crust! There is lesser dough and oil used in this one, but hor, still taste damn good! WIN WIN! DID YOU KNOW? THREE HAND STRETCHED PIZZAS SLICES IS ONLY 500KCAL?!

And! Pizza Hut makes their dough freshly AT LEAST twice a day, as early as 7am to make sure of its quality! IT’S CRAZY!

Pizzas are meant for sharing. Of course, that means you’d need a main for yourselves! Check out their PULLED BEEF PENNE – hailed at the Chef’s TOP pick. And we concur.

Photo Jun 18, 11 37 19The tender and generous amounts of pulled beef flavored this dish so well. Gosh, with the addition of the cabanossi sausages, now now, I was surprised at how good this tasted!

Well.. For the local palates, try out Pizza Hut’s very own rendition of their pies ($13.90)!

Curry Chicken Pie and Mash - tastes like curry puff

Curry Chicken Pie and Mash – tastes like curry puff

This had generous amounts of protein and potatoes. A VERY VERY VERY FILLING and INNOVATIVE dish. A deconstructed MASSIVE curry puff!

Chicken Pie and Mash.

Chicken Pie and Mash.

I preferred this because I personally LOVE anything cream based, with mushrooms and the very generous portions of chicken. Mmmm. I APPROVE!

Of course, their regular stuffed crust pizzas NEVER fails. Check this BBQ chicken STUFFED CRUST pizza we had. Did you know, Pizza hut’s stuffed crust consists of a mix of cheese? Mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan. No wonder it’s sooooo cheesy. And the sweet and savory chunks of chicken on this was just the perfect match. Gosh. BBQ Chicken Pizza is available at $9.90 for 6”, $20.90 for 9” and $26.90 for 12”!Photo Jun 18, 11 45 45

For our favorite part – DESSERTS.

This is their APPLE TART WITH ICE CREAM ($7.50).Photo Jun 18, 12 31 10 Simplicity at its best. Buttery crust filled with chunks of green apples within, and then topped with a scoop of ice cream and strawberries. You could taste the balance of flavors and a pretty delightful dish.

For the fickle minded people like me, Photo Jun 18, 12 24 19The TRIPLE DELIGHT ($11.90) is for YOU. Profiteroles? Ice cream? Tiramisu? YES PLEASE. We wished the cream within the profiteroles have a better texture!

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry just looking at these pictures. I never knew Pizza Hut has had such a wide variety of items on their menu aside from their pizzas. Definitely a PIZZA AND MORE experience.

Remember to head over to their Facebook page ( for contests and giveaways too! Be right back, I’m heading to my nearest Pizza Hut to try out more items on their menu!

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