LAVA Omu Rice only at Omu

Photo Feb 17, 12 29 09

Well.. After missing out on Kyoto on both my trips to Japan, I thought I had to wait for a long, long, long time before I could witness the LAVA OMELETTE RICE from Kichi Kichi at Japan.


I found it right on our all time favorite destination – BANGKOK. And guess what, you don’t have to travel to ulu places to have it because they have SIX outlets around Bangkok, with the most accessible being the one at CentralWorld! Also, if you’re looking for unique places in Bangkok to go, Omu is also featured on this post – 7 Bangkok Cafes I bet your friends haven’t been to.

The Place

We visited the outlet at Parklane Mall -Ekkamai because we lived in a super awesome boutique hotel nearby! It was probably a 3 minute walk away from our hotel!

Photo Feb 17, 12 03 12You’ve no idea how much I squealed when we saw Omu. We actually chanced upon them as we tried to find our way to a cafe nearby. Ah FUN TIMES! 

The Menu

Wow. The menu was EXTENSIVE, but basically it was everything omelette rice but different sauce.

Photo Feb 17, 12 04 58 Photo Feb 17, 12 05 02 Photo Feb 17, 12 05 06 Photo Feb 17, 12 05 10 Photo Feb 17, 12 05 14 Photo Feb 17, 12 05 21 Photo Feb 17, 12 05 28 Photo Feb 17, 12 05 38 Photo Feb 17, 12 05 45

The Food

We were both real nervous before the food arrive because I DEMANDED (DEMANDED) for a perfect video, so he had to cut it perfectly. We even looked at prior instagram videos to see why they failed. HAHA!

Okay just look at that. Almost perfect, I give it a 8/10.

Photo Feb 17, 12 25 31

We ordered the demiglace version with pork cutlet (210 baht, S$8.05) and additional shabu shabu (+50 baht, S$1.90) and opted for a lava egg (+20 baht, S$0.80). Food was not spectacular but worth every single cent for the experience. HAHA!

Photo Feb 17, 12 29 09The egg was not as buttery as I thought it would taste, neither did it have the silky smooth texture I was expecting.

Nonetheless, for the price we were paying for and the generous quantities, we 2 gluttons were pretty stuffed from just sharing a plate of this!

Photo Feb 17, 12 32 11Look at the mountain of rice underneath!

Closing Remarks

I’d say Omu is a place you should probably visit if you’re a fan of eggs like, or just love food porn in general. I thought the food was rather affordable and the entire experience makes up for everything! Even so, here’s definitely not to say that the food sucked, but rather, it was not so impressive per se, but still pretty acceptable.

You’ve definitely got to visit omu just to make your friends jealous!

Photo Feb 17, 12 25 56

How to get there?

OMU (Central World)
Central world 6th Floor Zone Atrium Room 602/1

For more locations, check out this link here!

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