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I’ve waited so long to blog about my hair because I actually really wanted to see how long can the color last. Remember the last time I did my galactic funky hair colors at Bump Hair Salon?

The colors faded pretty quickly, and also cause I was an idiot for swimming in the SEA at Davao! Haha within 2 weeks, my hair was back to my old bleached self.

This time around, I was very glad and surprised that the colors in my hair are still present after close to a month! I loved how the colors evolved as I washed, and it’s like getting a fresh look every week because the midnight blue turned to violet then blue and to a slightly turquoise color right now! I wish I had pictures of the evolution of change of colors, but I’ve been too caught up with work these days, I don’t get enough natural lighting to snap pictures of my hair! ):

About the Salon – J7 Image

I hope I’ve gotten you excited to know about the salon after my very enticing introduction. HAHA! Located in the corner of Far East Plaza, J7 image stood out in the relatively run down mall with its modernized and fresh looking interior!

j7Their salon has one of the most spacious interiors I’ve ever seen. They even have lockers available for you to keep your stuff, and a lounging area to make the wait comfortable!



Look at how faded my hair was when I first stepped into J7!

Look at how faded my hair was when I first stepped into J7!

I ran out of ideas of what I could do with my hair, and so Jon (my stylist) decided that he should do a shade of midnight blue for me, especially since I’ve started working and I need to be more decent and discrete.

Here’s him patiently introducing the colors and walking me through the steps of the whole coloring and bleaching process!

Clara at J7image11


Clara at J7image10He decided that I should do another round of bleaching because some of the colors are slightly uneven. Thank goodness, this time round the bleach didn’t go all the way to my scalp! YAY! He’s super conscientious and careful as well! I feel like I’m in safe hands!

Clara at J7image17They also had this machine thingy to accelerate the bleaching process! This process took us about 30-45 minutes!

After which, we started on the colors! It was as if he read my mind because I’ve always thought the colors didn’t pop for me as the outer layer was too BLACK. Jon actually suggested that he was gonna color the outer layer as well, so as to soften the effect of the BLACKNESS of my natural hair, and this would then enhance the gradient like effect. PERFECT.

Here's the violety color for the inner layer

Here’s the violety color for the inner layer

Here's how it looked on the inner most layer

Here’s how it looked on the inner most layer

The best part of the coloring process is that they use bleaches and dyes that were LOW in ammonia or NO AMMONIA AT ALL! Best for people with sensitive scalps and no wonder it didn’t hurt this time round!

Laying a plastic sheet so he could work on the outer layer

Laying a plastic sheet so he could work on the outer layer

And as discussed, he's gonna lighten the lower part of my hair. I'm excited!

And as discussed, he’s gonna lighten the lower part of my hair. I’m excited!

Of course, Exploding is Explodingbelly even when she gets her hair done. Did you know? J7 has collated all the menus of the eateries that they are collaborating with and you could order off the menu and have them delivered to you while you’re waiting for your treatment to be done! That includes the salted egg ribs rice from New Station Snack Bar!

Clara at J7image28Yummers! I had my hor fun craving settled here while waiting for the color to set! WIN WIN.


Clara at J7image37Because it’s really harmful for your hair and scalp especially after bleaching and coloring, J7 also provides treatment services to soothe the scalp and revitalize the hair!


Look at that SOFT BOUNCY HAIR. And those gorgeous shades of blue, purple and what not.

Clara at J7image40 I LOVED how the lower parts of my hair were a shade lighter now, which brought out the colors within and had a slight gradient effect!Clara at J7image41Can’t stop admiring really, and my colors are still 70% intact even after a month! It’s CRAZY!

I can’t emphasize how much I LOVE the colors looked on my hair, but as you guys can tell.. I can’t stop talking about it. Even until today, the faded colors looks even BRIGHTER than before and I love it.

Thank you Jon for your patience and EYE FOR DETAILS. And do you guys know? J7 is actually running a promo till the end of JULY. ENJOY 50% OFF ALL COLORING (one color only) when you book an appointment with them (call or SMS 91084755), and mention BEAUTY UNDERCOVER – the very guys who made my awesome hair experience possible! (:


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