Paddy Hills NEW menu – Does it tastes as good as it looks?

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After a year and a half’s hiatus from Paddy Hills since I’ve moved on to a new hall and graduated from NUS, I found myself back at familiar grounds 2 weekends ago as I was really keen to try out their BRAND NEW menu. So, I ventured back to this oh so nostalgic area of Singapore. I’ve spent 20% of my life there hor. SIGH.

Sorry this post came so late for you guys, because every time I read that paragraph above, I begin to reminisce about my good old days back at NUS. Man.. We need a way to turn back time.

I digress.

You’d think that the hype about Paddy Hills since its opening would’ve died down by now, and especially with its incredibly inaccessible location… CONFIRM DIE DOWN ONE LAH. But NO. Boy, are we so wrong. The entire place was PACKED even at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon. It was crazy. The only time we saw it clearing up was at about 5pm, a teeny weeny break before the dinner crowd started streaming in. Crazy, is an understatement.

Photo Jul 17, 16 41 13 (1)Their brand new menu boasts of new creative concoctions, as well as upgrades to their signature dishes. Yay.

For a start, let’s look at what drinks they do offer.

The massively humid weather plus the long waiting time got us real thirsty and we went for their quenchers on the menu.

Bubbly Yuzu ($8)

Photo Jul 17, 15 48 33They definitely weren’t joking when they named this drink bubbly. Bubbly, it was. This was refreshingly good with the yuzu, plum and chewy grape jello. What a go to drink in that sultry heat.

Taste like purple ($8)

Photo Jul 17, 15 50 35

This was yet another photogenic drink with the white grape and MAGIC balls. Hmm. Didn’t particularly like this because it was really artificial tasting. The Magic balls were probably the saving grace in this one as its chewy textures elevated the entire experience of the drink. Otherwise, nope.

Beer Slushie ($12)

Photo Jul 17, 15 56 50 I went for the Beer Slushie because I saw POPCORN. Like HUH? Popcorn on a drink? Yes this had dragon fruit and maragarita within. Pretty dang addictive and I liked this best out of the 3.

Iced Matcha ($7.50)Photo Jul 17, 18 22 39Their coffee remained as good as I remembered it to be. But we have our reservations on this bottle of iced matcha. So dang weird tasting even after stirring it. Ugh why.

On to the actual menu, we had more than a couple of mains.

Their brunch menu is available from 10.30 am on weekdays and 9am on weekends and PH, until 5pm.

Hei Rice ($22)
Photo Jul 17, 16 08 43
 The dish which I am the most excited to talk about would definitely be this one. When this was first served to us, I thought to myself, Man… Not another charcoal dish. Like seriously we need a break from all those orh lu lu dishes. Not exciting any more.

Boy, I was so so so so so wrong. Ok first, this was squid ink rice. But that’s besides the point. Instead of the usual kinda tasteless black dishes, the rice had the wok hei of your favorite tze char fried rice dish, and that garlicky flavor. Mmmm. Coupled with the streaks of mentaiko mayo, this was one umami dish.  Photo Jul 17, 16 12 12 I have to admit that putting an egg on the rice was pretty unorthodox. WHY. But ok, cracking it on our own makes it slightly more excting to eat,  I guess….

Photo Jul 17, 16 13 06Besides the umami rice, the fried chicken was also one of its kind. It was definitely generously served and was so tender and flavorful. If there was a MUST order dish at Paddy Hills, I’d bet my name on this.

Pink Rigatoni

Photo Jul 17, 15 57 59Cheese, pepper, mentaiko (again), brazilian sausage and lardo stuffed within the holes of the rigatoni. Not the easiest dish to capture, but this tasted rather bland despite the copius amounts of cheese atop.

Photo Jul 17, 16 00 43It would have been better if they stuffed more sausages and salami within the holes to give it a better bite. Good to pick at while you’re having a chat, but not my to go main.

Ramen Risotto ($25)

Photo Jul 17, 16 01 26The slices of kurobuta cha shu screams ramen, and yes, this is PH’s rendition of their ramen risotto. What a unique dish this one was.

Photo Jul 17, 16 02 10Honestly not quite sure why there was a raw quail egg in there, and I personally didn’t like the piece of seaweed there because it turned a little soggy. Despite that, we thought the risotto itself was rather flavorful, and that tonkotsu was on point. Wow, Paddy Hills, you never fail to blow me away.

PH Crab Roll ($28)

Photo Jul 17, 16 05 28Squid ink bun with its crisp exterior and fluffy interior. A classic case of a perfectly done roll. What makes this dish more perfect is its generous fillings of blue swimmer crab and roe. I CANNOT.

The blue swimmer crab was so darn good, I nearly became a crab roll convert. But mai lah, lobster rolls still rule the world. Served alongside with this roll would be their house made kimchi slaw and wasabi mayo, and straight cut fries.

On to the desserts, we tried everything off the dessert menu.

Pink Cheesecake ($16)Photo Jul 17, 16 57 31 We were served a foamy bowl of nothing, which saw us staring at the bowl with dropped jaws for a good 5 seconds.

Digging deeper (like what we should always do in our work outs) saw us finding the goodness within. Butter crumbs, the mashed up cheese cake, pomegranate and the same magic balls within. Ummm.. Presentation was a definite zero, but I’m not quite sure how to feel about this cheesecake rendition. Ok lor, unique lor, but uhh..

Chocolate Pasta ($16)Photo Jul 17, 17 06 26 This was something I had to try when I saw it on the menu because I love weird food.

Honestly, this was a mega huge NO. I finally got weirded out. Despite the good looking appearance, no. Chocolate DOESN’T GO WELL WITH PASTA. Gosh. I CANNOT. Photo Jul 17, 17 06 50 Although I don’t deny that the chocolate was darn good. BUT with pasta, is just NO. Order a side of fries and go with the chocolate. Tried and tested, better than this plate of dessert any day. 

Berry Muffcake ($20)Photo Jul 17, 17 56 06 The upgraded rendition of their ricotta hotcakes. This time, I felt that it was better, and oh that buttery goodness with the perfectly crisp crust. I loved how the ice cream was presented in cubes too. SO CUTE. Photo Jul 17, 17 55 24A go to dessert if you guys did not stuff yourself too much with their mains because this is obviously darn filling. BUt hey, on the bright side, got fruits leh, so it’s healthy I guess. HAHA!

Closing Remarks

Paddy Hills never fails to impress me with their dishes. Aesthetically pleasing and palatable – the level that is highly unattainable by the many cafes. Haha. I just can’t stop introducing PH to all my friends these days. Seriously, they are darn ulu but the long queues and packed interior despite that says a lot.

How to get there

38 South Buona Vista Road, 118164

Opening Hours

Weekdays: 10.30am to 5pm, 6pm to 10pm

Weekends and PH: 9am to 5pm, 6pm to 10pm

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