Cheng’s Gourmet Food Bar REVAMPED MENU!

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Explodingbelly has started work for 3 months, and she’s missing her student life. A LOT. Those days of freedom with all the time to eat, study, gym and train. Ah, you guys better treasure your youthful and free days eh?

Even when you’re swarmed with projects and finals, your cafe hopping days can still ensue with Cheng’s Gourmet Food Bar’s (Located near al ameen) revamped menu, including brunches and set meals!

I was definitely impressed when I saw how beautifully each of these dishes were plated on Instagram, and of course I decided that I had to try!

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For starters

1. Cheese Baked Hokkaido Scallops with Mentaiko ($16+)Photo Apr 22, 14 30 55This sounded absolutely amazing to us, the combination of scallop, cheese and mentaiko – wow, right?

However, we found it to be watery beneath the scallops, which of course lacked the stark freshness. I’d say it’s a good attempt on the flavors and execution, although I would’ve liked my mentaiko to be freshly smeared atop of the cheese baked scallops. $16+ though.

2. Yuan Yang Fries ($14+)

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A pretty clever offering, essentially having the best of both worlds in a single bowl. We were disappointed with the truffle fries, though. I’d say go for the sweet taters, they are the better half.

On to the mains

1. Pulled Pork ($14.90+) from their brunch menuPhoto Apr 22, 14 22 27 Finally something I thought was justifiably priced. This one had pulled pork served on a crisp toast, and supposedly poached eggs. Hmm. Photo Apr 22, 14 39 00 The eggs were not poached as well as they wanted, I guess. Hahaha. BUT we liked this dish, a little of a sweet savory combination, and pretty generous servings of pulled pork too!

2. Spaghetti Seafood Tom Yum ($18.90+)Photo Apr 22, 14 15 53 Tom yum pastas are always our to-go pastas because we were huge fans of tomyum. This was one tomyum flavor done right, as compared to the many we’ve had previously. Right amounts of acidity and flavors, but could do a little more with the heat. Photo Apr 22, 14 16 35 However, it seems like Cheng’s has got work to do on their quality of their seafood. The ones we had weren’t too fresh.


Tower of Belgium ($13+)Photo Apr 22, 15 35 39 We would’ve wanted to have the hotcakes, but we were stuffed by the end of the meal. But there were definitely no regrets having these stacked waffles, topped with COCONUT ice cream. Gosh. I loved the coconut ice cream, however the waffles were slightly too umm.. bready for my liking. I love my waffles crisp on the outside! Nonetheless, the addition of some batter like crumbs to the entire dish just manages to elevate it.


They have several unique drinks, but I would have loved a solid cuppa. Photo Apr 22, 14 18 32

Did you know? This drink turns from blue to purple when the ice cup melts and lemonade enters the entire mixture? Surprise surprise!Photo Apr 22, 14 19 55

Closing remarks

Well.. Cheng’s have been constantly improving on their craft and has stepped up on making their offerings more affordable for all you NUS people! They even have a $13 set lunch for you guys, and seriously, I’d be treating myself to a lunch like that every week. I like how they’ve got really innovative offerings and ideas on their menu, and would just require slight tweaks in their repertoire to satisfy most bellies.

Ah, how I envy all you schooling kids.

How to get there?

28 Clementi Road
Singapore 129754

Opening Hours
11am to 11pm, daily.
Last orders: 10.30pm



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