Henri Charpentier’s FIRST TAKE OUT OUTLET @ Orchard Central

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Ah, Henri Charpentier. You remind me of the amazing and carefree days over in Japan, where I just ate and ate and ate everyday without having a single worry at the back of my mind.. Well. Except for the worry of getting fatter than I already am. Anyway check out my adventures in Japan here! I believe the travelogue is rather incomplete.. But.. I really forgot what went down over there already, and I genuinely regret for being lazy to blog about it previously. Till the next one, ok?

I digress.

Henri Charpentier is the patisserie chain that is SO prevalent in Japan, you could spot them ANY WHERE especially at the basements of departmental stores – what the Japanese call the Depachika. They have more than 80 stores around Japan! And how many do they have in Singapore?! 1. Now, 2; with the opening of the brand new take out outlet at Orchard Central.

Their first outlet in Singapore is nestled within the lush greenery of Dempsey Hill. Looks really pretty and atas, but requires a hell lot of effort getting into that place for peasants like me. Haha! We loved the financiers from Henri Charpentier but getting all the way to Dempsey for them were too much of an effort, really. Hence it was a HUGE deal to me that they have a much more convenient outlet now in town and I HAVE to blog about it.

Apologies for the really bad quality of pictures as these were all taken using my phone really quickly as chef was waiting for me to try the pastries, and I paiseh to take too long to take pictures of his pastries.

The Placephoto-jul-29-21-24-48They are just situated at the basement of Orchard Central, just outside of Lady M! Is it directly posing a challenge?

This take out counter showcases their wide range of cakes and pastries, as well as our favorite FINANCIERS and MADELEINES in pretty boxes! As the place is mainly for take outs, they have pretty limited seating, possibly have a max of 12 seats.

photo-jul-29-21-19-31Their repertoire of pastries and cakes behind the glass display. Apologies for the badly captured display. Haha!

This outlet also boasts an open concept kitchen where you get to see their amazing pastry chefs piping and preparing these delicate pastries.

photo-jul-29-20-43-45Yes, Kiryu San, won 6 awards in a pastry contest, and he’s here in Singapore to bake these pastries for us personally! You can catch him in action LIVE! Ah, he’s 24 years old only you know!

The Food

Besides the financiers and madeleines, what’s worthy of mention would be the DOUBLE CHEESE CAKE and the Orchard Central Exclusives – Hanjuku’s the really charming Kiryu San presenting them to me!

Contrary to popular belief, the fromage is possibly one of the most affordable pastries I’ve had. Henri Charpentier not DAMNNNN expensive lah. Haha!

Hanjuku Fromage (Background) – $2.50.
Hanjuku Fromage with itoen matcha – $3
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The fromage has a consistency of a light, whipped cheese cake. The plain one is slightly denser than the one with matcha, but both of which were oh so delicate and I especially loved the matcha flavor.

Processed with Snapseed.Why? Because it’s matcha. HAHA! No lah, the matcha they’ve used were so legit. It was gao and so satisfactorily bitter. $3 for this?! It’s more legit than any matcha item out there.

Double Cheesecake ($7.50)Processed with Snapseed.I chose this over the famous strawberry cheesecake BECAUSE this sounds just amazing. You can’t see it here because my camera sucked but this has 2 layers.

On the bottom, it was a baked cheesecake with cream cheese, and the top layer was a no bake cheesecake with mascarpone cheese. Dense on the bottom, and light on the top. It simply melts in your mouth. The added sable crumbs all around the surfaces of the cheesecake gives it an extra bite and that added buttery taste. Possibly my favorite one so far.

Closing Remarks

I guess what makes Henri Charpentier’s pastries so delectable and addictive would be the use of quality ingredients such as Hokkaido milk and cheeses. Although they do not serve their plated desserts like those over at Dempsey, I’m still really glad that they are made much more accessible for us now with their amazing pastries to take away and share it with our loved ones.

This branch reminds me of Japan sooooo much, and I wish for more exclusive items to be launched in Singapore just like the Matcha fromage! Head over to try now if you haven’t – SEATS ARE REALLLLLY LIMITED THOUGH.

How to get there?

181 Orchard Road
#01-18 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Opening Hours

Daily; 11:00am – 10:00pm

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