You’ll never guess – BRAND NEW TOM YUM CHAR MEE in 5 minutes!


On one fateful weekend, I was being whisked away to the event space outside AMK hub for an event. Ooh look at that – $1 noodles! photo-sep-03-11-08-20Well.. Of course, as Explodingbelly, I joined in the crowd and queued, just like any other gracious Singaporean. photo-sep-03-11-07-00Chef’s so focused with frying those ingredients. Yum yum!

Being a huge fan of char mee and fried noodles, I was obviously really thrilled to try especially with the enticing whiff of the aroma of the cooking process. I excitedly snapped pictures of the event and it was not long after, I got my very own box of $1 noodles!

photo-sep-03-11-53-11I took a first mouthful of it and squealed in delight BECAUSE this was actually TOMYUM flavored. Definitely not what I was expecting and if you guys know Explodingbelly well enough, you should know that I LOVE tom yum!

That zesty kick coupled with the slight spiciness in the noodles really surprised me as I was really expecting it to be an ordinary box of char mee. The noodles were so springy and yummy, I found myself slurping my way through. And boy, the second surprise was, I almost could not finish the entire box because there was just SO MUCH NOODLES in there. Like I THOUGHT THIS WAS JUST A RANDOM $1 BOX OF NOODLES, confirm damn little one. BUT NO. I STRUGGLED.

untitledThe biggest surprise had to be the revealing of the ingredients used in this boxful of goodness – it was actually Myojo’s Mee Goreng Thai Tom Yum from their latest MEE GORENG SERIES. WHAT. Not sure if I should feel extremely foolish or impressed. Well.. I guess it’s both.

photo-sep-25-10-56-27This is apparently developed by one of the hawker chefs in Singapore to put a unique twist to the other usual and already delicious mee goreng char mee.

Seriously, what a twist. This could very well be my favorite instant noodles flavor when I’m craving for some mee goreng. The best part? It’s SO filling. I still remember the days when I had to cook TWO whooping packets of instant noodles to keep my satiated, now I can get myself satisfied with just ONE packet, which costs just $1 by the way!

photo-sep-25-10-54-55LOOK AT THIS. My to go meal over the weekends when I want something good but lazy. Hehe!

Find out more about their range of brand new mee goreng series at Myojo’s facebook page HERE!



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