Kumoya @ Jalan Klapa – Japanese French inspired pastries made for the eyes and heart


My friends always tell me calories from desserts don’t count because they don’t go to the belly, they go to the heart. Always this was just a fluke until I paid the one-week old Kumoya Singapore a visit last weekend. The sight of their desserts just made my heart flutter like the adorable 5 year old girl I never was.

Kumoya is a Japanese term for a fluffy cloud house, definitely apt for a dreamy place like this one. With some change in the management of the now defunct Karafuru Desserts, Kumoya occupies the same space along Jalan Klapa, maintaining the similar interior as its previous occupant.

The Place

Pretty much the same same but different kind of thing, but it was an entirely new experience for me as I did not want to succumb to the hipster-osity of the hype Karafuru Desserts were drawing then. I did not bother paying them a visit. Hence, this trip down to Kumoya was definitely an eye-opening one.

I already liked the place right from its exterior because.photo-oct-16-16-23-32That teal. Hehe, and look at the glass windows with natural light filtering through!photo-oct-16-16-41-13They are on their way to become halal certified too!photo-oct-16-16-41-25The poster that caught our eyes. How representative of Kumoya, and looking at it just makes me happy leh. photo-oct-16-16-41-55photo-oct-16-16-40-46The crowd that was present over the weekend. If there was one thing I didn’t like about the interior, it has got to be the warm orangey lights.

However it’s really hard to miss Kumoya with its clean looking appearance amongst the enclave of shops, especially at night when they stand in stark contrast to the rest with their bright lights shining through the window.

The Menu

Deviating from their initial dessert-only concept, Kumoya has also included several savory items on their menu. Thank goodness!photo-oct-16-18-24-01

Here are their range of savory pancakes! photo-oct-16-18-24-10

Savory treats for people who don’t quite like desserts. WHAT? But yeah. photo-oct-16-18-24-18 photo-oct-16-18-24-26 photo-oct-16-18-24-33 photo-oct-16-18-24-38 photo-oct-16-18-24-42 photo-oct-16-18-24-48 photo-oct-16-18-24-54


1. Iced Matcha Latte ($7) and Iced Hojicha ($6)photo-oct-16-16-49-25Although im not quite a hojicha fan, I preferred it to the matcha as my matcha was a tad too milky; while the hojicha retained the roasted fragrance.

Fresh Soda ($7.50)photo-oct-16-18-00-26Comes with the syrup of your choice at the bottom of the glass and soda water. If you want something refreshing, go for the yuzu flavor! SUPER REFRESHING, and it kinda helps to balance out the sweetness from all that desserts! The passionfruit is damn sweet.. I cannot.

The Savories

I wondered how the savories would fare especially since they are more known for their desserts!

We went for their Tempura Soft Shell Crab ($17.90);file-oct-19-08-17-12The tempura soft shell crab was great, however its counterparts were lacking. For one, the pancakes were a tad too dry, especially with the fried tempura companions, which amplified the dryness. We had to attempt to dip it into the wasabi mayo HAHA! We thought a good solution to this was to provide a side of maple syrup for the sweet savory combination, esp since the pancakes were pretty good on its own!

Also, we got scammed because the ones on the side werent tempura ebi, they were tempura… Capsicums. I rather liked the cereal bits though, it was crisp and slightly sweet – which cements my opinion that the entire dish required a tinge of sweetness.

We also had the Karaage Chicken ($16.90)file-oct-19-08-15-41We preferred this dish better because the karaage chicken was JUICY, and there was another dimension to the flavors as the tomato shoyu sauce has a slight tangy twist to it. Together with the buttery pancakes and succulent chicken bites, I would take this over the soft shell crab any day!


The best invention has got to be mini eclairs – JUST $3 for one! photo-oct-16-18-56-41You know how some times the usual sized eclairs can cost as much as a slice of cake, yet not as fulfilling as a cake, BUT more effort is done to make this delicate eclairs? To solve this problem, mini eclairs are the solution.

You get to try MORE flavors, and these are flavors handpicked by the owners which were the best sellers. SO PRETTY!

Here comes the star of Kumoya. Their plated soft serves and frozen yogurts.

This one was their house churned froyo atop of the fluffy pancakes! We went for the Tiramisu ($15.90) instead of the mainstream matcha becuase… Coffee. photo-oct-16-18-06-33 This was served with a shot of cold espresso, tiramisu souffle cheesecake, brownie and GOLD DUSTED almonds. Bling. photo-oct-16-18-08-45 I liked this because of the overdose of espresso and caffeine. Definitely NOT for someone who hates coffee. I absolutely loved the sweet bitterness (oh the orthodox) of the coffee with the CHEESECAKE. SO GOOD. I LOVE! Really really liked this one, and I’m glad they are intending to bring in more quality beans in the month to come!

We also had the super photogenic, all over instagram Sakura Yogurt Parfait ($14.90). photo-oct-16-18-30-45-1 This was served with the same souffle cheese cake, vanilla pudding, dango and sakura syrup!photo-oct-16-18-31-27 I’m honestly not too big of a fan of this dish. Possibly for someone who loves berries. I’m definitely not one, but this taste rather average. photo-oct-16-18-33-17Then again, it looked so good, I kinda forgot I didnt quite like berries. The only part I loved about this, has got to be how varied the ingredients were, and you wouldn’t get bored till you get to the very last bit of the dessert.

Closing Remarks

I really did quite like the entire concept of Kumoya. Afterall who can resist pancakes?! The offerings over at Kumoya is something I’ll definitely come back for when I’m in the area, because it’s 1. so photogenic, 2. I haven’t tried the matcha HAHA!

I really wished they served the thick ass fluffy Japanese pancakes though. I’ll definitely be there every weekend stuffing my face with those and sleeping on it. HAHA! Pop by if you haven’t guys, before it gets real crowded!

How to get there? 

8 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199320
Nearest MRT: Bugis

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm to 10pm

Closed on mondays!



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