Gudetama Cafe Arrives in Singapore @ SUNTEC CITY!


The only thing that can get me zooming out of my office at 6pm on the dot since I started working is the opening of the ONLY GUDETAMA CAFE IN SINGAPORE! I was definitely thrilled because as you guys can tell, I’m a HUGE fan of this lazy egg.. Just look at my room, really. It’s gudetama everywhere. I think I can open gudetama museum in my house, even underwear is gudetama. Haha! I digress.

Honestly, I had my reservations about character cafes, given their reputation of serving meh food, and my experience at the gudetama cafe in Japan, I was a bit scared that I would get disappointed. However, the reassurance I got from this very character cafe before its very opening was the fact that, the SAME PEOPLE behind 2 of my favorite F&B concepts – JOE & DOUGH and The Soup Spoon, is managing this themed cafe. But how did they really fare?

Read on to find out more! (Hehe read bait)

If you’re not prepared to brave the queues to go into this cafe, get the entire cafe experience through my lens! 254eaa11-1b6b-4bdd-af83-4f0f1d6220f5Even when they are boarded up before their opening, it’s still so adorably cute. These boards are already taken down now! Super cute leh, don’t throw away!1521e760-7549-4b98-8842-964226cedb3eHere’s at the outside of the other side of the cafe – where the fountain and wall greens are. It is specially themed this way with all the plants and water fountain because we are a tropical country and a garden city! Hmm pretty apt!

Here are a few pictures of their interior:

The interior is honestly pretty huge – much more spacious than I expected! This 112 seater cafe includes:2a6cfdd7-e09d-42ac-9db4-c1a1b9c0aa9e This design of this part of the cafe is only temporary! Hopefully they make something more adorable and exciting!

Apologies for not taking the entire picture of the cafe because my camera lens was 35mm ah. Haha! Here are the cute private booths for you to have an intimate gathering! 955e25f7-e500-4090-aff0-1cababd270f9 232a6da0-a84f-4fc2-9002-be36ab29ef66 598f4f7a-abd0-412a-8d5e-7b578f7789fa Each booth with a cute gudetama looking over you. Haha! 58357724-d303-41d5-b1eb-2a2c9403e1d6 The super cute table setting! dc2290fd-2c07-4a62-bca7-33e56aa981d6They even have a communal table that resembles an egg tray. AHHH. I cannot!f4605593-b91d-412b-9382-21fd55ef9cbf I want to kope the serviettes home. And the table mat. HAHA!

This is the INDOOR GARDEN – the other part of the cafe where it’s really good for phototaking, thanks to the natural lighting streaming in from the glass panes! 1eac6792-a145-494b-8bb7-3e6b82c40d6b This would be a water fountain by their opening day! 795419b2-2bea-4395-b436-9af182a0e8c7 Really very garden leh.

You might begin to realize that the gudetama in this cafe seems to be carrying a leaf every where he goes. The reason?

This gudetama with a leaf is made specially for their outlet in Singapore because we are a tropical country! What better way to shield yourself from the rain and sun than using a… leaf! 0b4f928c-0032-4cff-871f-405cf0fd2d40You’d find him plonked in the middle of the entrance of the cafe. We heard that touching his butt would bring in luck! 

Ok, now, let me get to the part where most of you are waiting for! The menu and the food! photo-nov-28-7-48-36-pmI thought the prices were pretty okay, especially for the amount of effort put in for the styling, and character cafes are known to serve umm slightly overpriced food. Just LOOK AT THIS though:e1cc263a-3bc4-4a3f-82d9-fc49b2d759beWorth it.

For drinks, we had their latte ($6) and the Hulahula ($8.50)!97d2ddfe-042a-47e5-904e-5383da9c8de7Using the same beans as Joe and Dough, coffee here was ridiculously good for a themed cafe. Haha! dba87347-5189-4cb0-8a74-d4c4c781c793Hula Hula is the one in the middle. A pretty refreshing drink, with fresh chunks of strawberries! Not bad, good start to the meal!

For starters, we tried their truffle fries in a cone ($16.50++). Expensive. But it’s good for 3-4 to share. When I say can share, means really can share cause I’m a selfish eater. a47e8de6-cab5-4019-a2e8-f274cc8437b0The taste of truffle was slightly mild in this one. Maybe can add more truffle oil so can make it more value for money. BUT the serving was huge and the fries stayed crisp throughout. Quite shiok. This also comes with 2 dips, the sirarcha and garlic aioli. Garlic aioli was YUM.

They also do have another starter – the Gudetama Lobster onsen ($16). I’ve not tried but this look pretty filling!
23451013-546d-40ba-91ab-90a1e9cd7202Looks like he’s being sucked into the lobster bisque.

On to the mains, what really changed my mind about “character cafes serving meh food” was this dish – Rib “I” Dont Care ($28.50). bf7fd5b7-e670-4d8f-b578-bb3f765f2790Did I mention how I really liked this gudetama concept made to suit our Singaporean culture? Nua….

The first mouthful of the mash potato (gudetama), I raised my brows in amazement. Well.. It’s not out of the world, but it tasted WAY better than I expected. And guess what? Slicing into that piece of ribeye revealed a perfect medium, just like how the kitchen staffs were trained to do. YUM?!?!?!

We also had the “Shiok” Pork Ribs ($38.50). The serving.. Definitely enough for sharing!

413e46da-e6d8-4197-9241-6b8f6a34c507The glaze was slightly too sweet for my liking but the ribs were slide of the bone tender and IT WAS IN HUGE CHUNKS. I’m starting to get really impressed.

Well.. Since both have impressed us, I decided to go for the last main of the tasting menu – the famous sweet savory dish of Waffles and Chicken ($23.90). Did it get me EGGCITED?9f1f46b7-f95d-4caa-acfc-f81cd65d20b2Super adorable. The grilled chicken thigh was moist and tender, however the photoshoot has got the waffle all limp and soggy. Nonetheless, taste wise, it was buttermilky and with that addition of the maple syrup.. I literally slurped up every single bit on the pan! Really not bad leh!

Some of their mains include I don’t know what they are called, but they are very cute, so.. feast with your eyes. 

d6f13a52-3442-4b0a-93bf-77551396a450That fancy pants spread. SUPER CUTEEEEEef852fba-c16c-4a03-bb30-a197ee53c722 The burger… Oh god. HOW TO BITE INTO THE BUN?!f4fe40f0-1a12-42bf-8887-bc3e7fb7a40e This one is for the seafood loversaedfa14b-dfeb-409c-9e44-c2f304e34d35 Wa this eggs benedict very spoil market. SO cute how to see other eggs benedict in the same way again?!a50a2e2f-6c0c-4800-a531-b92be9091674 Your classic big breakfast!  625c7e05-e04c-4ad0-afd9-689598828ffaScotch eggs with yee mee looking like noodles. Perhaps their Asian twist on the menu?

I’m drowning in adorableness. Here are the desserts, which I DID NOT EVEN know were desserts until the end of the meal..

This one obviously is Tamago what! Yeah it actually is named TA-MA-GO ($17.90) on the menu, but just look at this.68677dbe-a552-4dc3-adad-ad0445179b22 HUH NOT SUSHI MEH?!d61b9721-1d34-4a8f-80d2-03f5591ee20a To my absolute horror/delight 2 hours later, I came to realize that this was a cheesecake in disguise. Rice puffs topped with egg sponge cheesecakes with a side of matcha curd and maple syrup. The cake was slightly dry and crumbly though! Hmm.

I didn’t try this, but this was the chocolate brownie with smores? Looks like a super filling dish for a dessert though 244630f7-bd94-45a0-96d8-adf50ae48cf2

And, I was a little perplexed when I saw tables after tables having this bowl after their meal because I was like HUH EAT UNTIL SO FULL STILL ORDER UDON?! GOT SO NICE MEH? Like seriously thought so. 80964a0a-1a35-4f49-93fb-c51aaf81e19aIt’s quite ridiculous how well done this is. The Shoyu ramen ($21.50) – Chestnut mont blanc with EARL GREY jelly and a chocolate mousse cake, served with a side of panna cotta and sweet rose tea. Unfortunately, I didn’t order this cause I really thought it was udon then I can’t finish. But it sure does sound good though.

Our last order of the day – Gude Pudding ($16.90)photo-nov-28-8-22-18-pmCaramel flan with premium vanilla soft serve, served with apple crumble and caramelized bananas. I really liked the play in texture of this one. The bouncy texture of the pudding, with the crunch from the crumble as well as the smooth goodness of the mousse. Mmmmmmmm. I like. It’s not too sweet as well!

The cafe also serves a range of pastries, good for take aways as well!88227850-5700-4ffe-922c-e64a527d26a6Here are the displays, can’t exactly remember which is what, but…photo-nov-28-8-02-51-pmI was honestly not too impressd by the cakes and pastries because they tended towards the dry-er side. Flavors wise were there, but I was not quite a fan of the textures. Hmm.. We’ve since given them a feedback so I think it would definitely get better considering now they are still in their soft launch phase!

img_4740 As you can tell, I’m highly pleased with my experience at the Gudetama Cafe. WAY BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS, especially since a couple of disappointing visits to the new character cafes in Singapore and even to the ones in Japan!

The limited edition merchandise would only be out in early january during their official opening, but for now, they are slowly bringing in items for your purchase at this cafe!

Oh gosh, you know whats the best way to end a post to suit the theme?

Bye~~~ Gonna sleep~~~ Like literally, now, now. Bye.

How to get there?

#01-61 Suntec City Mall, 5
3 Temasek Blvd
Singapore 038983

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 9am to 10pm
Friday to Sunday: 8am to 10pm




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