Montana Singapore launches Revamped Menu – Again?


It’s been a month without blogging. I hope at least a handful of you… Or maybe, just one of you might have noticed my absence. :( HAHA! Yes, the past month has been real crazy at work – 12 hours a day is an understatement, but I am still very much enjoying what I’m doing… Or so I try to convince myself to. You guys should be expecting slightly more frequent updates as I’ve got loads of things to write about, especially with the upcoming Korea trip!

I’m finally back here to do a quick review on Montana’s NEW menu! I would say I’m an ardent supporter of their cafe – I first visited them when they were a humble outlet at PoMo mall serving their unique waffle creations, then followed them as they went through a pokemon-isque mega evolution to a cafe with 3 dining concepts spanning over 2 levels – you can read the review here, now they have undergone YET another change – I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANY MORE. Food is still food lah, they still have their waffles, so I guess that’s ok.

Nonetheless, let’s dive in to what matters most – THE FOOD!Taking a quick look through their menu, I came to realize that they didn’t change anything much from my previous visit, as they still served their “South Bronx burgers”, the all-time favorite waffles in various permutations and coconut cold brew. Hmm.. So what’s the difference really.FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_3 Ok lah, actually got add a bit more dishes lor.FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2 The burgers seem a little pricier than previously…FullSizeRender_4 The freak cakes are NEW and really pretty!FullSizeRender_5 But so darn expensive. Crazy! FullSizeRender_7

I decided to try out some of the newer items on the menu. OH OH let me side track a bit, they are so conveniently located beside Anytime Fitness at PoMo, I think they should probably invest some time in the R&D for healthier choices such as quinoa or the latest hype – Poke Bowls. Damn, I’m genius.

1. Crab Aglio Olio ($20.80)

Aglio Olio is one of my favorite pasta dishes because of its garlicky, spicy and kinda oily profile. Best if I don’t have the feels for the heavy cream sauces.

This crab aglio olio from Montana was pretty well-presented – them chunks of crab meat. 83DDE43A-368C-46D0-BF38-49EE72ECB30EMixing it all up, I thought the aglio olio was rather yummy on its own! They probably could use more of the seafood broth to bring out the flavors of the crab in the entire dish. The chunks of crab meat were… Well.. A little off. Not as fresh as I wished for them to be, but good attempt, I guess.5EB491CA-4FE7-4D23-9C2A-9FBC8F9121C8It was pretty addictive, though I was hoping that there was more heat in the entire equation. I couldn’t stop coming back to this dish even after all the other items arrived. Not bad lah really.

2.  Braised Beef Cheek with Carrot Kimchi ($20.80)
1DB59B85-87DF-4968-928B-B0EE5CCA61F1 Brioche toast with braised beef cheek and a side of sweet potato + potato mash, topped with a poached egg. I honestly think the poached egg was there for the aesthetics, and also cause it’s a brunch dish.

The stars of the dish (in my opinion) did stand out, namely the braised beef cheek and the buttered brioche toast. Loved how the brioche managed to soak up all that saucy goodness and the braised beef was pretty tender, I LIKE! I could do without their sides though, they just seem rather out of place for me. BUT it may be cause my palette not as complex and atas as everyone else!

3. Peking Chicken Confit with Waffle ($16.50) C6F98C21-769C-4257-891B-A91E95B70A92 The waffles were rather limp after we were finally ready to dig in because of the moisture from the heat of the duck, i mean, chicken confit, it still remained as tasty as I remembered them to be. CHIVE waffles leh, don’t go ewww , you vegetable haters. You can’t even taste the chives but it definitely added a savory touch to the waffles, I liked it.

I still can’t get over the fact that it’s CHICKEN confit with waffles…. Why?

Because I’m a creature of habit. WALAO I’m so used to my duck confit with waffles.. And honestly, duck is a better option after trying this rendition from Montana. The chicken confit was way too dry, and the ginger plum sauce is a NO. Cause I hate ginger. My counterparts kinda liked it though. BUT NO, GINGER NO. Well.. It’s quite evident that I didn’t quite like this dish, but their waffles though…

4. The Bronx ($16.50)51A949C9-6D28-431B-A041-0747DB739416HAHA! I absolutely hate it when the description of the burger sounds so darn amazing and then it turns out to be looking like meh… (actually looks worse than this but I did them a favor by “re-plating” it.

Okay the description goes like this: 160g beef patty served with homemade burger bun, bronx sauce, gruyere cheese, bacon, arugula and thick cut fries. Okay lah, actually as I typed it out I realized that everything was in place, BUT just not what I imagined the burger to actually look like.. Sigh..

I loved the burger bun nonetheless! Their burgers are pretty good but just kinda pricey..

On to the most exciting segment of the day, THE FREAK CAKES. I’ve seen them all over social media, and was super excited to try! We had the Matcha Black Sesame Cake ($14.80)! 87CFB1D4-A97D-4792-8BA4-6CAACE49ED86What a beauty. Matcha sponge with black sesame forsting, matcha buttercream and black sesame glaze – What seems like a good balance between black sesame and matcha from its description was not quite so in reality as we found ourselves overwhelmed by the taste of black sesame. It’s like a black sesame cake with green frosting. I cry. Cause I don’t quite like black sesame, and I expected way stronger matcha flavors in this one with the complimentary black sesame flavors. I WAS WRONG. E81A8418-23C7-4AD4-A999-907C159D5DD1Black sesame lovers would love this cake though. I thought it was SUPER expensive for a small cake like this. BUT it’s really really photogenic and pretty. A huge pity we didn’t like it because of the black sesame. Sigh. Should have went for the cookie butter one.. It’s too expensive for us to get 2 in one sitting though.

The experience with Montana’s revamped menu this time was not as good as the previous experience with them. Well, maybe we tried the wrong items on the menu, resulting in hits and misses. Nonetheless, salute to the crew over at Montana for constantly R&D-ing and coming up with new ideas and instagrammable food. They should probably play around more with the waffles creation since its quality is pretty consistent! Oh oh, they have great coffee but real crappy truffle fries. HAHA!

Till next time, and thanks for reading guys!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Montana is closed this lunar new year weekend and will be back on Monday!

How to get there?

PoMo Mall
1 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188306

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 11am to 10pm
Friday: 11am to 11pm
Saturday: 9am to 11pm
Sunday: 9am to 9.30pm

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