Ninja Bowl Adds Ammunition To Their Brunch Menu – NEW MENU!


The Ninja has done it again.

For those who’ve been following Explodingbelly, you all should have realized that I’m a HUGE fan of the Ninja concepts and food – chronicled here and here. I was psyched when Darren, the father Ninja, got into contact with myself and told me that they had NEW additions to their brunch menu. Squealing with delight, I made my way to their cosy cafe over at Duxton Road.

Woah. The weekend brunch crowd there has NO chill. It was packed to the brim and had a queue outside of the cafe. This only subsided at about 3.30pm. Well, I guess that’s testimony to how awesome their food is.

Their new additions included several fusion dishes such as the Aligot-O Gozaimasu and the Ninja Okonomiyaki; whereas the rest boasted of comfort brunch dishes like the Steak and Udon, as well as the Mentaiko Scrambled. All 5 new dishes are priced at an affordable $18 nett.

1. Aligot-O Gozaimasu ($18)ADFB33C5-5EC1-4CF7-B601-67F89FB4BDABThis dish is inspired by the French Pommes Aligot which translates to Cheesy Whipped Potatoes. I do not only love this dish, I loved the cheesy twist (pun intended) to the name of this dish. Haha! This plate was made up of a bed of truffle infused cheesy whipped potatoes, a generous slab of pork katsu, topped with apple slaw, served with a side of poached eggs, because Brunch. unnamedThe aroma and sight of this steaming hot pot of Pommes Aligot has got heads turning around. The rich aroma of truffle mixed with THREE cheeses and little chunks of potatoes made this the best damn potato dish I ever had in my life. Sumpa. Never exaggerate. I loved it.

The generous slab of pork katsu was enough to share amongst the 3 of us. However I did not quite understand the relevance of the sriracha with the poached eggs. Nonetheless, a pretty filling dish and that truffle mash…

2. Ninja Okonomiyaki ($18)

18DAB8AC-271E-403E-8AD2-13C1D07B3BE4Pancakes are an almost essential part of brunch. Ninja Bowl has their own twist with pancakes, by serving 2 crisp portions of mini okonomiyaki pancakes. I’m not a fan of Asian pancakes like hotteok and yang cong bing (Spring onion pancakes). So, naturally, I didn’t quite enjoy this side of okonomiyaki. I found it a little too filling and starchy for me, despite it being miniature.

BUT, the best part of this dish was the FORK TENDER and FLAVORFUL braised beef cheek. It was just so good, I couldnt help going for seconds at this dish. I suspect I’m just weird for not liking these Asian pancakes. If you’re okay with them, I’m pretty sure this dish would be right up your alley.

3. Mentaiko Scrambled ($18)

922CF4EC-DB0B-4715-9CA4-CF9CEF208175THE dish that has been making its rounds on Instagram since the launch of the brand new menu at Ninja Bowl. These plump scallops, FIVE of them to be exact, are served on toast and creamy scrambled eggs. The scrambled eggs were slightly over for us and was not as creamy as I thought it would be! Didn’t quite like how the egg was broken up, and I can’t have big chunks of creamy egg with my scallop.

The dollops of mentaiko added to this dish added a savory twist, which was really refreshing. I thought the scallops were just a tad over, but it could be me and the time taken for photography. Despite the complaints, I really liked this combination as well. So affordable for the generous servings of scallops, and what a simple and comforting combination. I can see why this has taken Instagram by storm!

Overall, the new brunch items at Ninja Bowl did not disappoint at all. The best part of all these is that the prices stayed as affordable, and it is in NETT pricing. $18 for such a filling brunch, I’d be glad to have it every weekend. I’d definitely be back for the other new dishes like their orzo pasta (MY FAVE!!) with miso broth and salmon confit, as well as the steak and udon! I WILL BE BACK.

Here’s leaving you guys with their all-time favorite french toast –

How to get there?

15 Duxton Road
Singapore 089481

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday – 9.30am to 9.30pm
Saturday to Sunday – 9am to 6pm


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