Tokyo Chopped Salad – Singapore’s FIRST Chopped Salad by Teppei


Chopped salad? What’s the difference ah?

That was my first reaction when I heard about Teppei’s brand new salad store concept.

Yes, Tokyo Chopped Salad is brought to you by Teppei San – the man behind the series of popular Japanese restaurants including, Teppei Syokudo (MY KAISENDON), Man Man Unagi restaurant and Teppei Japanese restaurant. And… How different is this chopped salad from the usual salads we have?

Well.. The greens and proteins and everything are CHOPPED in this one. I’m pretty sure we all had one too unglam moments of stuffing a huge ass romaine lettuce into our mouths, leaving the salad dressing smeared across the sides of our lips. Ugh. But having their chopped salad totally eliminates this!

Here’s how it’s done!

Tokyo Chopped Salad is conveniently located at Millenia Walk, just below the brand new Triple Fit gym, and 2 stores away from Teppei Syokudo! A4A1EC9E-1A18-48B7-B91D-A954074DF002

A pretty tight dining area, best to go there to dabao back to office lah, better. Then again, ever since I started working, I everything also dabao one, cause I’m a workaholic.


You can watch the salad choppers in action, and choose to either DIY your bowls of salad, or pick from their pre-prepared and curated combinations!

Here’s the DIY chit:IMG_7694

And here are the curated bowls:

unnamed (1)

Being first timers at TCS, we went with their chef’s recommendations –

1. Mentai Teriyaki Chicken Salad($13.80)

ECC21B5B-D323-4799-BEC1-FF30C637167FWhat really stood out for this bowl was the Mentai Caesar Dressing which gave an umami kick to the entire bowl.

2. Premium Beef Tataki Salad ($14.80)

1AA06717-D5AA-43F5-BAC5-A529ADDC8B23Wa the beef is daebak, and this combination is perfect for the gym go-ers because it is packed full of protein with the tataki and quinoa! I feel a bit sad though, cause the mushrooms were also chopped, I couldn’t taste or feel the juiciness of the shrooms :(

3. Kaisen Salad (okay this one is the one I eat twice every week from Teppei Syokudo)


Oh doesn’t this just looks perfect! I wish the usual kaisen salad from teppei syokudo were chopped as well, so much easier to eat and made the chunks of sashimi feel lagi juicy.

After trying out their top 3 best sellers, actually… It’s really nothing much to shout about lah. The combinations were okay and I thought they should just limit the chopping to the greens, because I really want the textures of the other ingredients aside from the proteins to come through. Oh, oh and another awesome thing that they had were their variety of salad dressings! 95329A02-E816-4518-926A-1907B11D1363

Look at the background! Some of which that had really stood out for me were the spicy miso, mentai caesar, seaweed sesame (LOVE), and the taste like chicken rice chili – ebi chili!

Overall not a place that is mindblowingly great, but it is some where I would return to for my fuss free salad fix!

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How to get there?

9 Raffles Boulevard #01-102
Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596

Opening Hours

11am to 9pm

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