Get Your Affordable Lobster Fix at Seoul – Lobster Bar @ Itaewon, Seoul


Wow, it’s been almost a month since I’ve written a post here. Do the readers of Explodingbelly even read this blog any more? DOES IT EVEN EXIST?! Haha!

Yes, I’m back and trying to get myself back into the flow of blogging and juggling my adult life with my passion. Man, it’s really tough. Being in recruitment is tough work, I tell you. No more time for tastings, no more time for friends, I just want to go home everyday and lay in bed to Netflix. Well, don’t get me wrong, I still kinda enjoy what I’m doing at work – that sense of fulfillment and that phase of getting more emotionally mature, it’s just so satisfying. Anyway, to cut the long story short, I’M BACK! You should be expecting at least one post…. a week lah. I think I’ve said that before, but I’m a liar. So, please let me try to tell the truth this time round.

So my first post back from my hiatus is… from my Seoul trip earlier this year! YAY! Can’t quite remember how it went because I just didnt have the energy and time to write it down like what I’ve done for my Bangkok and Japan trips. Sigh, those were the carefree days when I had all the energy. I’m beginning to realize that I’m becoming an old soul, everyday say tired. STILL YOUNG LEH, MUST HAVE THE ENERGY TO BLOG AND HAVE SOCIAL LIFE.

I digressed.

Seoul was pretty amazing though. And every trip with my mother warrants a meal with LOBSTERS – refer to: here and here. OK actually still got a lot more of our adventures but I never write only. This time round, I’ve found a perfectly affordable place at Seoul to get her lobster fix, FIXED. A quick google search will bring you to Lobster Bar at Seoul for a good Lobster fix.

Nearest train station to get to Lobster Bar would be at Itaewon station, exit 4. Keep walking straight down past Mcdonald’s, spot a HUGE bulldog sticking out of the wall, and you’ll see a flight of stairs that reads:


I’ve actually filmed my way here, and I’ll post it up shortly once I get them compiled (See, procrastinate again).

The Lobster Bar consists of EVERYTHING lobster and have their lobsters flown in straight from Maine. You can see the live lobsters swimming in the tanks as you enter the restaurant. It was pretty empty on the day we visited them, probably because it was after lunch time and it was a weekday! They’ve got pretty good views from where we sat. D5DD1321-A673-4306-9141-93D7C8830153Ah..

And here is the menu. Perfect for all seafood lovers, and hey, prices are pretty reasonable considering the freshness and cause, lobsters. But not say DAMN DAMN DAMN affordable, definitely more affordable than Singapore though.


We kick started our meals with a Lobster Cappuccino (7,000W, S$8.60).

CC1774FB-25AC-4093-A666-77D6F8A66891 Mum thought it was coffee. Okay lah, it DOES look like coffee, and there’s a reason why it’s called a lobster cappuccino right. D5B7B777-7C54-4FB6-8F0C-62A73CFB524BNot quite what I expected – Meagre chunks of lobster meat with a tangy tomato soup. NO… Where was the seafoody, lobster-ish soup I expected? NO…. But well, it tasted pretty good, it was just… not what I expected. Clearly very disappointed right here, but it was good la, really.

We ordered 2 lobster dishes, cause I didn’t want to overspend on my first day. We got their Signature Lobster Roll – Connecticut style (22,000W, S$27.05). ED5C75CC-1319-4954-BC13-DD9E3304F540OOOOOO Look at that. What constitutes to the Connecticut style roll – Butter, fresh chunks of lobster meat, a little bit of mayo (they say one, but I think it’s still a little too much), and lettuce. The second best part about this dish, is the ultra skinny fries. SUPER ADDICTIVE, and a lot crispier.

Oh wait, take another look at this lobster roll and my fat rolls.

E9A32600-D328-464A-AE5F-DBCFA0B61F22It was soooooo good, but I hope they could bring down a notch on the mayo. This was a tad better than what we have here in Singapore but Japan’s Luke’s Lobster still wins it HANDS DOWN. The lobsters at Lobster bar were fresh but they were just not juicy and chunky enough, and the bun was not buttered adequately.

I ordered a Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich (23,000W, $28.30) because it simply sounded too good to be true! GRILLED CHEESE AND LOBSTER LEH. F75093BA-C8D0-4887-BF3D-6601D3FBF261 OOOOH. Looks AWESOME – lobster chunks with2 types of cheeses, my favorite arugula and that toasted buttery bread. Mmm. I wish I didn’t have to share this with mum. 07E86301-F1A5-44A2-A24A-F59C915D7491TAKE IT ALL IN. Best damn combination ever. But definitely not something for the lobster purists. GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME THOUGH. ORDER THIS. And that SKINNY FRIES IS LOVE.

That’s pretty much what we had over at the Lobster Bar. Walked out the restaurant feeling really satisfied with our lunch – we even planned for a return visit but NO TIME LAH.

Stay tuned for more Korean goodies, such as CHEESE RIBS and KOREAN BBQ AND PRETTY PASTRIES.

How to get there?

 서울특별시 용산구 이태원동 56-13. 56-13 Itaewon 1 (il)-dong 

Just follow my instructions above.

Opening hours

Everyday; 12 to 3pm and 5pm to 10pm
Kitchen closes half an hour before!

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