Affordable First Date Brunch @ Wooloomooloo Steakhouse – Swissotel Raffles


Wait what? Isn’t Wooloomooloo a super atas and expensive place to dine at?

Ya that has always been my reaction until I set foot into the restaurant today. Wa today eat then today post leh, efficient not? Hahahaha!

Wooloomoo Steakhouse has been a place where I’ve heard a lot before, yet have never set my food in there because I’ve always thought the place is super super super atas and expensive for a peasant like myself. However, I was taken aback at how affordable their weekend brunches are – $48++ FOR A 5-COURSE BRUNCH with an amazing view like this?7EF1A350-6DCE-43AE-A619-35CF86F0D8EF

Perfect for a chill out weekend or a nice surprise for your dining partner – confirm make an impression one!

With the good views and nice ambience, here’s the menu they offer for their weekend brunch:


You get 3 starters, a main and finish the meal off with a dessert at just $48!

Well.. The starters rather good, but in all honesty, nothing mind blowing. Then again, I’m always honest. “Nothing mind blowing” doesn’t mean not nice ah but just ok lor, it’s good, but not like WA SIAO DAMN FREAKING GOOD kind. My favorite dish out of the 3 would definitely be the homely Fire Roasted Tomato Soup.

1D96FAAF-7F4F-4261-B718-68E6F43C50ABThis was an amalgamation of sweet and tangy flavors, super wholesome and comforting before starting on the mains!

The other starters included:

1) 65 degree boiled egg

174DFBD5-3FA6-41D9-86EF-F1A46D51D1CBThis was avocado cream spread on a piece of sour dough toast with a 65 degree egg, pretty filling especially after having their pretty delish complimentary bread –

57784060-A10D-478C-8F73-49F28F047365Got fried garlic one hor. And it was super filling, especially since we waited for quite a while for our mains to arrive, so we picked on the bread until we finished everything. Hur hur.

2) Another of the starter would be the poached salmon salad.

2BAE520A-1E71-4CC3-AD6F-AF9BD2AFA0E6A nicely poached slab of salmon served with rocket leaves and surprisingly tasty capsicums. Nothing to shout about, except for the fact that WOW this is really worth the amount I’m paying.

By now, I’m already like done with my lunch already and my main has not arrived yet. Awesomeeeee!

For mains, you get to choose one of the 3 selections. We picked the Mackerel and their grass fed sirloin.


The fork tender Mackerel. My partner @chiobufairy loved it for its good seasoning and tenderness. I’m not a fan of fish, so… I thought it was OK, which is considered as good liao la, since fishes are mostly meh to me most of the time. I really hate fish, oh gosh, except for sashimi.

969D4BE7-4C81-4E71-AE8C-5D40B58F8BA3I loved the sirloin, especially how it has a good ratio of fat to protein. Preferred it without the sauce though, they might have fared better if they served mushroom sauce instead. HAHA!38809980-E2AD-419C-AC86-43BC606E8B98They definitely did live up to their reputation of being a steak house la, and the side of sautéed spinach was a refreshing change from the usual sides served with steaks. NOT BAD.

Sorry ah, does this picture make it less appetizing? I can’t decide whether it looks appetizing or not appetizing. Hmm.

To finish everything off, they’ve got 2 different desserts for you to choose from. Both equally pretty but we preferred the Raspberry Flan to the Normandie.

563CA3ED-A44A-4C8F-830E-C53D4DFEC2F6Art on a plate – served together with a Marscapone gelato and chocolate sauce. A great balance of the flavors and it was surprisingly not as sweet as I expected it to be!

00583C79-6611-4333-B1C3-2C01776B0F11The Normandie, on the other hand, lacked of the play in textures and flavors. I thought it would have tasted better if there was something firmer in the entire dessert. The mousse like textures in this nicely plated dessert at room temperature was meh.

Overall a pretty good experience – a super filling and value for money meal with our bellies satisfied and at the brim of exploding. VERY VALUE FOR MONEY, it’s 7.30pm now and I’m still stuffed. Haha! Food is great and hey, their usual ala carte menu is also pretty affordable at the $20 to $30 range! Surprise, surprise!

To keep things fresh and for you to return to Wooloomooloo, they actually change their menu once every 2 weeks. MUCH EFFORT. Which also means…. MY REVIEW IS USELESS AFTER 2 WEEKS? OH NOOOOOO. Okay lah, but moral of the whole story is, this brunch is super value for money.

How to get there?

2 Stamford Rd, Level 3 Swissotel The Stamford, 178882
Can go in from Level 3 of Raffles City

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 12.30pm to 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 11pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 11pm

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