Get Your $9 (ONLY) Poke Fix at Sweetfish Poke @ Capitol Piazza


OMG poke stores are popping up every where like bubble tea stores, japanese cheese tarts, blah blah and the likes. It’s crazy how food trends catch like wildfire here in Singapore. Soon, we will be seeing poke bowls at every random shopping mall, which I honestly do not mind because I LOVE poke bowls. I  also like to act healthy, pretty much like all of you reading this now. HAHA! Act yi ge eat clean. Eat clean for lunch then dinner eat like a swine – don’t think I don’t know.

Anyway, back to the point. I’ve been popping by several poke stores in the past couple of months and I think the most affordable poke bowl I’ve tried would be that from Sweetfish Poke! Prices here are incredibly competitive and ok la, this post came about 3 months late. HAHA! So please, take my review with a pinch of salt. Actually take all my reviews with a pinch of salt because I have commoner taste buds.

The Place


Located at the ulu-er part of Capitol Piazza, but more accessible from the MRT station – just at Exit D of City Hall MRT, Sweetfish Poke is more of a takeaway concept to cater to the working and student crowd in the area. Heng ah, I don’t study nearby, or else I’ll be one very poor student cause I’ll be eating this everyday.

7DC5D4DB-48F3-41D0-AAC7-16CB496DE6F9As you can tell, the number of dine-in seats are pretty uncomfortable and limited. You could watch your poke bowls done though, and it’s pretty awesome how the fish was marinated upon order which maintained the freshness.

The Menu

299A1BA1-EE09-4632-83D8-56A5AE81598CThey’ve got a pretty straightforward menu, where the ingredients are pre-selected by the guys over at Sweetfish. I personally preferred if I could select my own ingredients because I can be pretty fussy at times. After speaking to them, I got convinced that this was a better idea because:

  1. You’ll (more like I’ll) get spoilt for choice if I’m allowed to choose
  2. Then I’ll hold up the entire line, so instead of a 15 minute queue during lunch hours, it’s gonna be 45 minutes.
  3. They know what’s best for you. HAHA.

Honestly their creations are rather unorthodox, especially with the various sauces like sweet yuzu and kimchi.

There are only 2 sizes – Hungryy ($9) and Starving ($14). Starving means more grams of poke lor.

1. Roasted Sesame

FullSizeRender_1The amounts of poke in the starving portion is really quite sick la, DAMN ALOT. (Nowadays I blog, I very stressed cause I scared people grammar nazi me and post online leh. BUT do I look like I care? *flicks hair*)

I would think this would be a to-go flavor for the virgins or people who don’t quite fancy the freshness of umm… Fresh fish? Sesame sauce is like a to go flavor which helps to balance out the raw taste of poke and it’s generally palatable. I didn’t like the walnuts though, but my dining partners were swooning over it. Oh well.

2. Wasabi MayoB37E76C0-DC5C-41C2-B71C-E8102018483BHonestly, I can’t even tell which one is the hungry or starving size because the amount of poke looks comparable leh. How ah. I ruined this review, sorry :(

I’m not quite a fan of the wasabi mayo because I felt like it marred the taste of the salmon. Unless you love your wasabi, or else, nah. I don’t like. The bed of Japanese rice was not what I expected as well, cause it was slightly too hard and just like normal rice lor. Hmm.

3. KimchiA99D4E7A-CA11-4F46-A05F-A82637DE8815 Even though the flavor was quite unique, I thought the freshness was the tuna was a little compromised by the temperature. Maybe cause I take pictures for damn long as well. Nonetheless, not bad la the flavors, not something you’re able to find in other poke stores!

Okay, that’s all I’ve tried. Well.. With the numerous stores popping up in various places in Singapore, I don’t think Sweetfish fared any much different from the other stores I’ve tried. Perhaps, maybe the flavors and price point made them worthy to be featured on my very exclusive blog. HAHA! I would think many of the working adults and students would make Sweetfish poke their choice of lunch with that price point. Probably the place with the most generous servings of poke!

How to get there? 

Capitol Piazza
#B2-30, 13 Stamford Road
Singapore 178905 (Cityhall MRT Exit D)

Opening Hours

Daily; 11am to 8.30pm

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