The Ninja Strikes (Again) – Ninja Cut’s NEW Menu @ Seah Street


OMG, this is seriously effort from the Ninja team. First, it was an updated menu at Ninja Bowl; and a few months later – here’s the new menu from Ninja Cut. I heard they are in the midst of creating something new AGAIN to keep things updated at Ninja Bowl.

All these talk about Ninja Bowl and Ninja Cut is making me confused. So confused that I told the wrong place to my dining partners – namely my favorite chiobufairy and loneshark7. Those are their instagram handles, I’ve freaking weird friends, I know. These 2 good friends got scammed by my carelessness to head to Ninja Bowl, while I was on the way to Ninja Cut, and they waited for me for a good 15 minutes before I realized that I gave them the wrong info. HAHAHAHA! Sorry, I guess? Public apology ok?

If you guys are wondering what’s the difference between Ninja Bowl and Ninja Cut, I think (and hope) I’ve explained it here! Cut is more protein and meats lor, bowl is like… those healthy bowls lor, y’know? HAHA!

In this brand new menu, Ninja Cut focuses on going back the memory lane with a twist to our favorite childhood comfort food, or in general, just more comforting foods. Which are great additions for a change from the heavier proteins.

There are 5 new additions to their menu, namely the..

P.S. Pardon the poor quality of pictures cause I was too embarrassed to bring my food out to shoot. :( I don’t want people to judge mah.

1) Don’t-Cha-Wan-Some-Mushi ($16 NETT)

F2B1A77A-3B1F-4FFB-8615-73A366545404What a cheesy name, really. While this is not exactly a childhood dish, this is a creation inspired by the steamed egg dish we usually have when we order cai fan or at home. Ok la, actually until now I still eat it, am I a child? :) Haha!

Like I’ve mentioned, not exactly childhood dish, but something comforting in contrast to the usual offerings on the menu. What’s so different about this and a regular bowl of chawanmushi – besides the size, this has TWO layers. The top, being our favorite Japanese steamed egg topped with tobiko and fresh scallops OR shabu pork belly; the base was a layer of CHEESE RICE.

Dip your entire spoon into this dish and you get a warm comforting mix of yum. If you’re looking for something super flavorful, this might not rock your boat, but it was definitely nice and comforting.

2) Beefy Patty Macaroni ($16)

FullSizeRender_2 This one’s a take on our childhood chicken macaroni soup. Really got leh, I don’t even see macaroni nowadays.  Maybe cause I’m not a fan of macaroni since young, as well as tomato based pastas or anything, I didn’t quite like this dish because I thought it was rather meh.

Not saying that it is not yummy, but just nothing much to shout about for me. I heard this is one of their best sellers so far though! The entire dish was made upscale with 145g of beef patty stuffed with cheese and topped with a perfectly poached egg, of course.

3) Crab Rosti ($18) 966CF8EC-FBBA-4876-87B2-53BD94A0F3F1 This is definitely not childhood food for us, but it sure is, for the talented Ninja Chef Nina who grew up in Switzerland. This was also my favorite dish amongst their brand new additions. FullSizeRender_1 Cheese-stuffed rosti, poached egg, and fresh crab meat. I heard they have to hand pound the crab meat at the start of the day to make it into pâté to keep it fresh. I loved this so much –  that flavorful rosti and crab meat was just a match made in heaven.

The next main that they have would be the Hello Ebi-Bardy ($16), which is basically a dish with pan seared prawns and lemon butter sauce. I didn’t try this, but definitely sounds like something for a hangover. BUT WHAT DO I KNOW, I NEVER HAD A HANGOVER.

5. Kaya Toast ($18)

This picture quality so nice because I finally had thicker skin after all the mains, and brought it out to shoot.

This picture quality so nice because I finally had thicker skin after all the mains, and brought it out to shoot.

This dish is something that resonates with us all, I believe. Kaya toast made atas.

Using their popular and winning recipe for their brioche toast (REALLY THE BEST TOAST I EVER HAD), they stuffed mochi cheese and kaya into these buttery toasts. The noteworthy kaya spread was homemade with the golden ratio of pandan, which went perfectly well with the gula meleka drizzle and sea salt mascarpone ice cream. I wished they spread more of that delicious kaya though. I WANT MORE. OMG. But the mochi cheese hor, I didn’t quite feel or taste leh. Maybe cause this dish was shared and I didn’t quite get that part. It’s still super yummy though!

801ADB5A-7755-4CC4-B513-2D142DB3F5AFHere’s another look at that wonderful creation.

Ah, Ninja Cut.. You always leave us wanting for more.

Where to find them? 

32 Seah Street
Singapore 188388

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 9.30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9.30am to 6pm

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