Nesuto – Japanese French Inspired Patisserie Opens on Tras Street


How many times have we seen this combination of words on my blog- JAPANESE FRENCH. Ok lah, not a lot of times on my blog, but honestly I think I’ve seen more than enough. Which explained why when I heard that there was a new patisserie opening so close to where I’m currently living and breathing (read: my office), I wasn’t all that excited. My reaction was more like meh, see what people review first. HAHA stupid snob.

Honestly, I’m a little tired of visiting fanciful cafes or patisseries only to realize that they are pretty much average tasting or have absolutely nothing to shout about.

What brought me to Nesuto were the reviews online and the pictures of their pastries – wa not bad leh. So I visited them a week after their opening and procrastinated on the review one month later. Here it is!

A brief introduction of Nesuto, you’d probably get from the other bloggers who have reviewed this before me, but I’ll still share in case you’re an ardent fan of Explodingbelly and only read my blog. *flicks hair* Nesuto is a Japanese word loosely translated to the word ‘Nest’ – they are ran by the same folks behind SHUU by Koki Tamagoyaki, a takeaway concept located at Raffles City. They are a very talented team by the way.

The Place


Located along the stretch of atas restaurants and random gyms at Tras Street, Nesuto looked like any other F&B establishments in the area. You’d probably think that they are some atas expensive place and walk past them.

However, entering the store blew me away – its interior was tastefully designed with amazing wall murals and dominated with soft, pastel colors. I can already see those chio instagrammers going there to take pretentious pictures of them looking down at their pastries against the backdrop of the beautifully curated murals. Here are some snap shots of how good the place looked.6D5EB5F1-5EA3-4CDA-A6E5-AFCBC7B56569 This is the waiting area – I saw 2 girls waiting for almost an hour just for seats. #dedication25DD0E88-0933-4AB9-A897-1D7B443E79C6 1D8AA313-06F0-4AEE-BD02-711443FC06D9I think I didn’t do justice to how nice the place is because it was SUPER crowded on the Sunday I visited them.

Evidence of the crowd:DBB072DF-5CBA-48B0-86AC-C10BFE2B2907

Seats are rather limited and because they do place emphasis on their food and pastries, you’ll realize that the kitchen takes up almost 35% of the entire shop space. Don’t ask me how I got the percentage, I humtum one.

The Menu

796194CB-56DA-4816-B812-0CFA85A0E956 F4C48B95-5551-42A2-99CD-6A53D6A5E400 F226A5E7-B1C5-463E-84C6-817F624CD82FAs this is the soft launch menu, there will definitely be changes along the way after things have stabilized. They are also looking to introduce plated desserts here.  B428CA9A-4D10-4785-93C4-DD89538862F8They’ve also gotten their teas from Antea Social – who does specially curated teas to compliment the pastries over at Nesuto. They’ve got pretty unique blends, I highly recommend the cold brewed tea because I’m not a fan of hot drinks. Hahaha!

The Food

On to the items I’ve tried at Nesuto.

1. Madeleine

238CB19B-A741-4F4F-BBD7-3348A1F2D0E7 Oooo this madeleine was easily one of the better ones I’ve had! Lightly crisp exterior, and that soft, buttery inside – well-balanced flavors and the best part? It’s not overwhelmingly sweet! Seems like we are off to a good start!

2. Yuzu Raspberry ($9)E217CE9E-74DC-4F91-B1CA-7AB073D1267D
I was honestly blown away by how this tasted. Light Japanese cake with the fragrant yuzu cream diffusing across your palate, and finally ending off with a citrusy note of the fresh raspberry. 3D65682A-2ACE-4754-920D-6B756A99ADE9 Wow. Even though the shaved white chocolate on top of the cake gave it an extra bite, but hor, it made the entire slice sweeter than it should be. Maybe we should do without the shavings!

In fact, all the pastries over at Nesuto tended towards the sweet side, much to my dismay. My sweetness threshold is actually quite low lah, sigh.

3. Le ‘Omm ($9) – Matcha Azuki Layered CakeF936119D-4704-4A03-B7F4-165E6A299EF8 This is just gorgeous. Look at those layers. I recommend for you guys to eat all the layers together for the optimal experience. 8905747E-6F1A-47EA-8712-3FE9C9FF9673 I wished the matcha was richer in flavor and have a bitter profile instead of the sweeter kind; but I guess this would suit the general population! What sets this slice of cake apart from other matcha cakes would be the subtle addition of rum, which brought out more of the flavor profiles of the cake. BUT IT WAS STILL TOO SWEET FOR ME.

4. Suzette ($9.80) 971B8BEF-08E4-483E-B5FC-C6C33767B31C This seemed to be the face of Nesuto, as it made its rounds on my instagram feed when they first opened. I did not think much of the Suzette as I’m not quite a fan of crepe suzettes, the item that this was inspired from. 58AF81DC-9714-468A-A99A-97D29741A46E But after a mouthful of this, my eyes glistened with pleasure. THE TEXTURES, smooth and creamy within, a surprising crunch from the varlhona chocolate pearls and the almond tart base – I AM IN LOVE. Flavor wise, the moist orange caramel mousse + vanilla cream core made my palettes scream in excitement as it was a pretty unique combination for me! The downside? That cloyingly sweet after taste. And it is VERY sweet. Gosh. What a pity, but the textures were still 10/10.

5. Noisette Rocher ($10.50)

I call this the gigantic Ferrero Rocher. What’s beyond this chocolatey case would be a hazelnut praline mousse and a dark chocolate almond core. FullSizeRender This was one sinful ball of chocolate, I would think it is the safest choice you can get here!

6. Duo Creme Brulee (Part of the plated dessert menu)

This was a life changing creme brulee. FullSizeRender_1 I’m never a fan of creme brulees but this one with a unique twist of Madagascar vanilla and chocolate beneath the perfectly caramelized top, changed my life. 14E558E8-92D6-4578-A497-188E0C0960A5LOOK AT THAT. Top layer vanilla, bottom layer chocolate, VERY NICE.

This was surprisingly not as sweet as I expected it to be, and the fresh fruits on top helped to balance out the sweetness. This is my favorite out of the lot!

My experience over here changed my first impression and stereotype of what Nesuto would actually be. I’m a judgmental prick. They have variety, quality and I really like how they give a unique twist to the otherwise usual offerings. A pretty good place to chill out for an afternoon tea but I would think weekends would be quite a horror with the small space.

How to get there?

53 Tras Street, Singapore 078992

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday – 11am to 8.30pm


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