LAVA Ice Cream Cookies – I LAVA YOU @ Creamery Ice Cream Boutique


Hi friends, I don’t know how is this post gonna work out because I’m doing this review from my phone! Believe that it’s gonna be a good alternative if this post works out well, because I’ve been so crazily swarmed with work (what’s new) these days – reaching home at 11, 12am, then rinse and repeat for everyday of the week. Sigh.

I’ve a couple of places which I’ve been wanting to review and now, I finally can leh! Some more can upload the pics here straight from my phone! Shiok.

Ok back to the point, CREAMERY ICE CREAM BOUTIQUE – the mother of all lava cookies! Hailing from right from Bangkok, these ORIGINAL LAVA COOKIES has spread their fame around the country, to JB and finally right at our shores!

The Place


Located at the Lavender area, a place where it has already been littered with tons of cafes already like Tiramisu Hero, Chye Seng Huat, Bao Makers and MORE. I’m still very glad Creamery has decided to join the enclave because THERE ARE NO GOOD ICE CREAM IN THAT AREA.

Always want to eat dessert after my mixed organ soup but DONT HAVE.

Clad with the clear glass windows and splashes of yellow, Creamery stood out from its counterparts along the stretch. I can imagine people taking OOTDs and pictures of this cute bear. But that day I visited, the weather was CRAZY HOT. Besides, they are located a good more than 5 mins walk away from the MRT. I died.The seats can get pretty cramped and you probably should not come in a group larger than 4. Your group will be damn burden and there will be random strangers cockblocking your gathering. #truestory.

The Menu

Besides their signature lava cookies, Creamery serves up ice cream that are made from scratch with over 80 available flavors. Of course, they would only be like that few flavors on rotation la!

The ones that stood out for me were the Singapore exclusive – Secret Garden, made from the Eternal Garden Tea (don’t know what’s that); Thai Milk Tea and very surprisingly, the Zombie Food, which was passionfruit. I hate passionfruit by the way.

Prices are pretty affordable here, premium ice creams with their lava cookie would set you back just $8.90! Best to have it alone cause damn addictive.

A visual representation of how the lava cookies look like:

The Food

We ordered 3 of their selections, and were highly recommended to have the non lava BROWNIE.

Anyway I have a confession. Actually even though the cookies are very chio, it’s quite difficult to get a good pic of it.

Like kancheong for a good shot then like the person will come drop the scoop of ice cream on the cookie. Then you are very conflicted between taking a video or a picture. When you all go there, tell me if this feeling is real.

1. Monster Matcha ($8.90)

This came in a beautiful pan and oh gosh, that cookie itself looks amazing already.  Then, we had the Secret Garden plonked on to the cookie and watched the matcha zup ooze out.

I’m personally not a huge fan of teas or food with flowery scent like EARL GREY. But I enjoyed this scoop, much to my disbelief. The light floral notes went perfectly well with the heavier, richer matcha sauce. The hot-cold combination and the mix of textures was ON POINT.

2. Red Devil ($8.90)

This was the red velvet cookie with cream cheese filling. Doesn’t look like the most appetizing item, BUT I actually liked this more than the matcha. It could be for novelty’s sake, but I thought the heavier flavors of the cream cheese made the cookie more enjoyable.

We had this with the Banoffee ice cream, and omg I really love banana. Hahaha! I would recommend you to go for the more unique flavors that they have first, unless you love bananas like I do lah.

3. Brownie Cookie ($7.90)

This was the recommended non-lava cookie we tried. Ok la never regret because the chocolate was damn GAO and had the satisfying bitterness to it. Besides, the cookie has this lightly crisp exterior and that warm, gooey within.

The Zombie Food – passion fruit ice cream, cuts through the rich flavors with its tangy-ness. I would say this combination is a match made in heaven. BUT if you’re super full after a meal, don’t go for the brownie cause it’s really super super rich!

Closing Remarks

Here’s us, at the end of my first post blogged using my phone. And I pretty much enjoyed the gastronomic and visually appealing experience at Creamery!

Would I travel so far for lava cookies? Hmm maybe. Maybe because serangoon here also got lava cookie hor. But I would definitely return for their ice creams. I got impressed dao.

How to get there?

139 Tyrwhitt Road


Singapore 207557

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday – 11am to 8pm

Closed on Thursdays.

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