Explodingbelly’s Adventure in JB – this is a travelogue, kinda.


Since I’ve now found a way to blog from my phone, the inertia to post is much lesser because I finally do not have to edit then transfer to my computer and  upload to WordPress again. I can just upload straight from here! I am v happy.

I’ve received several comments where you guys would love to sometimes read about my life instead of just reviews after reviews after reviews. Here’s one!

So we paid a visit to JB over the long Hari Raya weekends, without any prior planning. The only plan we had was, ok go jb. We even only got our airbnb booked just the night before, and had absolutely no idea what we should do. I also definitely did not plan or intend to write about this little trip, but since it’s so convenient to blog now, let’s just do it ! Please pardon the lack of photos in this post! 


Did you know, you can actually take a carpool into JB at just S$8 per pax?! And the best part? You don’t have to queue at the customs and there are designated drop off points where you can venture deeper into JB. But of course you must have someone experienced with you la – luckily my colleague is Malaysian hehe (Thanks Hazel!).

Day One (Saturday)

We expected ourselves to be stuck in a jam before getting into JB because of the long hols, but to our very pleasant surprise, it took us just slightly below one hour to reach our destination – Jusco!

While on the carpool, we then started researching on where our first stop would be, and we found this very picturesque place… This cafe stood out over at the Mount Austin area with its pretty sunflowers and classy exterior. Mount Austin is basically a place where you can spend your entire day there cafe hopping la, got too many things to eat. We returned to this area once everyday over our 3 days. Haha! However, you’d definitely need to take a cab or have a car to get here!

Besides the pretty sunflowers, they’ve got a huge mural which shouts ootd/instaworthy!

Super crowded interior with some woman judging me. The entire review of the place would be up soon!

Basically we shared a brunch here and if there’s any thing that The Hare needs to be known for, it has to be their MATCHA items!

This was the Matcha lava hotcake we tried, the best I’ve had so far – cannot say so much first or else no need to review Liao.

Thereafter, we simply had a good chill out session with this amazing, amazing view!

Then, we decided that we should not waste time chilling out since we are overseas, so we set off… to nowhere really. Maybe to the other side of the street. Hahaha!

Walked around for half an hour or so, and we decided to have dessert because we just felt like having something cold.

This is how we get fat leh. Feel like eating cold things then go buy mango ice with durian. SIMI SAI. But this was the first time we complained that there’s too little ice and too much fruits. Quite disappointing cause I was looking to quench my thirst!

Thereafter, we had Korean BBQ, cause there was a queue… Okay, you guys got to try this place, not because the food is like mind blowing good (still quite good lah), but more so because of its BANCHAN!

Ok this is standard serving. This is also the first time I’m seeing so much variety in one place. I go Korea also dont have ok!!!

Then you think the above is a lot, but.. wait till you see this.

We asked for refills and hahaha!

Besides the meats, we also got ourselves a kimchi pancake! Sigh, that’s a very satisfied and full sigh.

This entire meal set us back about S$36? Prety affordable!

We then had a couple of drinks and searched high and low for a massage parlor and finally found ONE after driving in circles. IT WAS PRETY CRAP THOUGH.

AT 1am, we finally decided to head back to our Airbnb for the first time at Danga Bay! It’s also my first time staying in an airbnb, but the apartment wasn’t quite impressive despite the relatively exorbitant price we paid. The apartment was dusty, had quite a lot of mosquitoes; while it definitely felt homely (because v cui compared to hotel), it was definitely not something I’d prefer. I guess, I would still stick to staying in hotels in the future!

Day 2

We woke up close to noon on the second morning because we were all just so tired and the other 2 girls are just masters of lazing in bed

img_1608.jpgBrought him out because i can hug to sleep while Hazel is busy driving and navigating. I’m a good friend. I got this cutie for like S$10 at a Korean store, super soft and cuddly!

Breakfast in JB calls for BKT – because we are Asians like that.

After queueing for an eternity and withstanding a few staring down episodes with fellow diners for a table…
 FINALLY. I tell you ah. Having this on a hot day, is no go.In all honesty, i think BKT over at Singapore also quite nice what! The only thing I like about the broth here is the slightly herbal-ish touch to the soup and the fact that we can pick EVERYTHING under the sun to dump it into our soup! Ok la quite shiok, and very affordable too!

After which we made an impromptu decision to get our hair cut and… well.. that took like most of the day. Ok maybe about 3 or 4 hours.

THEN.. we went to eat again. Ok la we got shop a bit but meh, mo qin (no money). Hahahaha!

We saw a post of this on Instagram and immediately keyed the address into Waze and got on the way. Omg. If you guys are enticed by the food I’ve been talking about here, then you got to wait for the review for the full menu, prices and directions! Haha!

Here’s where we went!Cheesy fried chicken – definitely a first for me! I only had the Korean cheese ribs kinda thing, but wow chicken and cheese is LEGIT. Actually everything with cheese is legit.

Wanted to grab dessert after which, but we got lost and had loklok instead. In the end, when we finally found the store, it was closed…

We were all so drained and tired BUT cause overseas, so need to make use of every ounce of energy; we refused to head back! Besides we stayed in Danga Bay because the Malaysian said it is THE TO GO touristy place.

WHO KNEW she is a fake Malaysian – her so called Ferris wheel that she was actually excited about for a week, was a kiddy carousel.

And her very romantic and pretty place was actually a kids’ fun fair. Kinda like our version of Uncle Ringo.

OH OH! But the most thrilling part of the night has got to be:

​Sitting on this drum like thingy and rolling around, it’s like omg your heart will go to your mouth when it rolls backwards. Obviously trying to look cool and stay calm. Fake one.

Ended our night off with cheap magnums, beers and omg HTHT. I feel like I’m back in school having my weekend sleepovers!


We were supposed to check out at 12pm and guess what time we woke up? 11.45am. 

But I woke up way earlier because of WORK SHIT. Technically I spent the entire day working on my phone. Oh well. That’s MY life, come who want to hire me.

Then we headed to the hipster area at Jalan Dhoby – http://explodingbelly.com/2015/11/13/the-jb-cafehopping-guide-just-10-minutes-away-from-customs/to have brunch! Ok la also because we already ran out of places to go!My first time at Kin Wah – service is definitely not 5 star but the toast and eggs were pretty legit. Still prefer Hua Mui because they have a menu and friendlier staffs hehe!

My ice kopi was quite meh and coffee has to be legit before I can start my day so I decided to bring them to Bev C for the coffee and of course the unique concept there!

Got bed in the cafe one hor. Still as hipster as I remembered it to be!My virgin galaxy cake, inside got one small small tiny peanut butter core. Not very impressive, the coffee also not nice. Oh no. Very disappointed.

Then we went off to KSL for some shopping, but it was soon time for our carpool home! Before which, we headed back to hazel’s place because her mummy cooked BANMIAN!Looks legit hor! It was awesome and we also got to throw the fireworks thingy!​​


​we were supposed to throw this upwards but we were both so afraid that it would explode in our faces so we just lit and threw. NOOB.

​This one is like counter strike, fire in the hole then must scatter away. That sound effect though. HAHA!

Okay I think we’ve come to an end of our adventure in JB. It was definitely super super fun, even though we really needed to rest after our hectic work week. This was a good enough chance for us to keep our minds off work, even though I cannot la.#workaholic

Yay let’s do more of this again and hope you guys enjoyed reading about my adventure, dondrop me a comment or annoys if you want to see more of these! Hahaha! Till next time, more reviews coming up!

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