Man man X Teppei Syokudo – brings their Michelin Starred Unagi closer to you!


All you people active on Instagram would have already seen this amazing concept by the Teppei team – combining their Michelin starred Man Man unagi with their classic all time favorite Kaisendon! It has been all over my feed lately and I salivate every time I see it.

Tell me you didn’t lick your lips looking at this picture. Haha!

Man Man by Teppei is an Unagi specialty restaurant, located at Keong Saik, occupying a non descript store in the area – if it’s not for the perpetual long queue (rain or shine, true story), you’d probably have missed it. What separates Man Man’s unagi which earned them their Michelin star would have to be the freshly imported eel from a region in Japan best known for their eels (tell you where you also won’t know), you can even see them being kept in tanks at the restaurant, and the live grilling of these eels over charcoal in their “open” concept kitchen. Their menu focuses on only unagi and it seems like Singaporeans are not tired of it yet with the crazy hour long queues EVERYDAY. My favorite there has got to be the Hitsumabashi. I’ll leave that for another post.

After a long naggy introduction to Man Man, the link of the paragraph above to this post would be… that these freshly grilled eels from Man Man are transported everyday to their Plaza Singapura outlet for this limited time collaboration between their 2 concepts.
Here are what they are offering from now till end August.

These are only available exclusively to their outlet at plaza singapura!

My favorite out of the 3 dishes offered has got to be, what I named it to be – The Best of Both Worlds.

1. Chopped Unagi Kaisen Don ($19.80)

Look at how delish that is.  The grilled unagi is chopped because it’s a kaisen don so… yeah, just in case you were wondering.

With the unagi chopped, one would expect the textures and flavors of the unagi to be muted, however that was not the case, the unagi kept its integrity in terms of its textures and that barbecued flavor from Man Man’s processing of the eels. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I’m not THAT crazy over unagi.

2. Unagi Bento ($24.80)

This one’s for the unagi lovers – slabs of fresh unagi on a bed of Japanese rice. We really liked the inherent sweetness to the unagi and that lightly barbecued flavor induced from their grilling process. Worth it.

And the best part? You don’t have to brave the crazy queue over at Man Man to have a taste of these unagi. Of course, Man Man’s would be the best place to go because of the fact that you can have the unagi immediately after they’ve been grilled. BUT my mother teach – no fish, shrimp also good. Means if you can’t get the best or don’t wanna spend your time queueing, plaza sing is the place to go!

3. Unagi Tamago Don ($17.80)

My least favorite of the menu. While my counterparts loved the tamago, I thought it was too overwhelmingly sweet for my liking. Aside from that the unagi and rice were still on point la, so.. I don’t complain anymore.

If the above does not entice you, they also have the unagi option as the add on to your “create your own bowls” like this:

What makes all these options even better would be… THE DISCOUNT CODE. Simply quote “Explodingbelly X Teppei” at the counter to enjoy 15% off your bill! If you feel awkward saying the discount code, just flash them the picture on my Instagram! That’s what I did earlier on because the people there do not recognize the famous explodingbelly – I’m insulted. Haha!

Available only at Teppei’s Plaza Singapura outlet! Enjoy while it lasts ok!

How to get there?

68 Orchard Road

#B2-20 Plaza Singapura

Singapore 238839

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