Paddy Hills Strikes Again With Comforting Brunch Menu


If you’re observant enough, you could probably guess which cafes/restaurants are my favorites – I can’t stop writing and going crazy over them!

Paddy hills has recently launched their new brunch menu which focuses on Italian influences and puts a twist to our otherwise comforting and familiar dishes. I think it’s becoming a trend where cafes are revamping to serve food that are comforting, is it because our generation who started off the whole cafe hopping hobby are becoming old and nostalgic? Haha!

It’s too early in the morning, I’ve no idea what I’m talking about.

The Menu

This is pretty much close to a revamp of their menu – so much have changed but thank goodness they kept my favorites! Thumbs up to the PH team for consistently R&D-ing and creating new items for the menu! As much as i wanted to  order my all time favorites, I cannot, because of you guys. Burden.


This is probably the constant on the menu, but they’ve removed my favorite matcha milkshake from the menu. Sigh.

Here’s what you should order.

Their Instagram worthy and equally delicious Bubbly Yuzu ($8). The yogurt bubbles really very very nice and refreshing. 
  & of course, their ice mocha. On point. Enough said.

What I thought was not worth trying, which was ironically one of their “best sellers”,

Good Ol’ Peanut Butter Choc Banana Milkshake ($12)

Skip this, honestly do not see how this is one of their best sellers. It’s a confusion of flavors despite it sounding so awesomely sinful, and it was more parts milk than anything else. Sigh I was beyond disappointed. 

Alright, now to the FOOD!

1) Scallop Carpaccio ($16)

I definitely did not expect it to be served in such a unique presentation. Very nice leh, it’s like the scallops having a sauna session with the rocks underneath.

I believe there were 6 fresh plump scallops in this one – you could taste the sweetness in each bite and these were cooked with the umami HK soy sauce, wow I tell you. If there’s one thing you have to order from their menu, it has got to be this. Come, let’s look at it again.  I can still remember the freshness in this one. 

On to the mains! For their revamped menu, the paddy hills team were leaning towards a menu that served up familiar Brunch foods with a twist.

1. Kimchi Toastie ($18)

This does not seem like much, I wish you could smell it though. That perfectly buttered brioche and onsen eggs, we couldn’t wait to tuck into it!
Slicing through the toastie released the amazing cheesy aroma and revealed the generous stuffings of cheese, home cured bacon and kimchi.there are several ways you can choose to savour the amazing buttery brioche on its own, and enjoy the myriad of flavors and textures bursting on your palette; or you can choose to dip them in the onsen egg. We wished there could be more cheese in the entire mix, but that’s just us being greedy.   I could have this everyday. 

2. Hey Crab! ($25)

   Everyone squealed in excitement when this was served to us. This dish just shouts INSTAGRAM WORTHY. This is made to look like crab in the sea, hehe! Actually got a bit of resemblance la! 

Soft shelled crab, home smoked salmon (this is the best), MAC AND CHEESE, all of these tucked between the charcoal croissant. This is definitely a combination that I’ve never encountered before. I’m personally not  a fan of soft shell crabs, but this dish did steal my heart. Very shiok! Oh gosh, I can’t make up my mind on which I like better!

3. Pork Loin ($29)This is for you guys who would love to have something more elevated or a restaurant like dish for your brunch. Not something I would usually order for brunch but this was pretty good.  Besides the fork tender pork loin (pretty done well seasoned by the way), there were also ESCARGOTS, and the charred kai lan was surprisingly good. I still wouldn’t order it for brunch though, but well.. to each his own. 

4. Truffle Risotto ($26) their truffle risotto makes a comeback on the menu as a permanent feature by popular demand!

This tasted as good as I remembered it to be. That aromatic truffle scent and the large portions of mushrooms, it’s heaven on a plate. Hehehe! What’s on the top is a large Parmesan chip, which savoriness cuts through the sweetness of the broth like zup. 

Definitely a dish to share if you’re not a fan of your mushrooms cause this definitely can get quite gelak. Not for me though, I wanted a second serving for myself!

On to the desserts!

1. Vanilla Pana Cotta ($15) Ooh, a garden on a plate! That smooth velvety vanilla pana cotta with raspberry gel, lemon balm and chocolate soil – typing this out just gives me the tingles on my tongue! That citrusy flavors cutting through the sweetness of the pana cotta, this is what I call a well balanced plate.

I wouldn’t order this if I go there though because $15 for a pana cotta… I’d rather add a few dollars to order my FAVORITE hotcakes. Come, see below.

2. Berry Muffcake ($23)  ok its more that just adding a FEW dollars but at least this one can share with more people hor! I don’t know if I should continue writing about this because… I’ve raved about it from in all of my previous posts – here and here. Ok just order, you won’t regret. Explodingbelly guaranteed.

Well I guess I’ve finally came to an end of this post, Paddy hills never fails to impress. While I’m not gonna deny that they are really more expensive as compared to other cafes, what they serve and the ingredients used justifies the price. If you’re looking for a place to pamper yourself over the weekends or over any day, really, this is definitely a good place to enjoy some quality food and coffee. 

How to get there

38 South Buona Vista Road, 118164 (Haw Par Villa MRT)

Opening Hours

Weekdays: 10.30am to 5pm, 6pm to 10pm

Weekends and PH: 9am to 5pm, 6pm to 10pm

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