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Shinjuku, Tokyo – Fuunji, best ...


Ever since my first trip to Japan, I’ve discovered the amazing alternative to ramen – TSUKEMEN. What is this? Basically tsukemen is ramen lor with their broth and noodles served separately, then dipped and eaten. The broth of a tsukemen tends to be richer and more concentrated, to the consistency such that it’s kinda like […]

Man Man Unagi Opens ANOTHER Outlet at...


“I forgot how good this tastes like..” – Me, when I took a first bite into the Hitsumabushi.  Honestly, Explodingbelly isn’t quite a fan of unagi; it’s like I do eat unagi but I don’t see myself going back to one place again, and again, and… again, for just unagi. But with Man Man, I […]



Just look at that toast. Take in all of its beauty. Now, just take it all in. HOW TO NOT HUNT IT DOWN WHEN YOU’RE AT TAIPEI? Comida, located a good 10-15 minutes walk from the nearest MRT station, either Zhongshan station or Shuanglian station, is literally a hole in a wall cafe. Its nondescript […]