TAIPEI: Cafe worthy QUADRUPLE CHEESE TOAST at Comida, 可蜜达炭烤吐司 – nothing above S$4, what?


Just look at that toast. Take in all of its beauty. Now, just take it all in.


Comida, located a good 10-15 minutes walk from the nearest MRT station, either Zhongshan station or Shuanglian station, is literally a hole in a wall cafe. Its nondescript exterior consists of just a tiny kitchen (i wish I had better knowledge of measurements to demonstrate how small it is); and a 8 to 10 pax al fresco seating area. 

Chances are, if you’re not looking for them, you’d probably miss it even if you’re in the vicinity. 

Come, see what I mean. This is the shop front and that entrance on the left leads to a tiny counter and the kitchen.

Seats wise?  See the peach colored tables? That’s all you have. 

Despite the limited seating and the exclusive opening hours of just THREE DAYS a week – Wednesday to Friday, we were lucky not to have encountered any queues at about 10.30am. There are a lot of takeaway orders by the locals though!

Here’s how exclusive their opening hours are:

Basically reads, off days on Monday and Tuesday, and they’re opened from 7am till they are sold out. They were down to 1 toast at 11am when we were there. Phew.

The Menu

 The menu is all in Chinese, and my brain automatically shuts down when I see a bunch of Chinese characters, so all I could figure out and decide on ordering were the 2 toasts that are only available for dine-in. 

I believe they have a selection of toasts with  various fillings like, molten cheese, scrambled eggs, half/hard boiled eggs, bomelette, pork patty, and several toppings!
We ordered the 2 items that were only available for dine-in because it seemed exclusive enough to us. But I really had no idea what we were ordering.

1. Quadruple Cheese Combo with Runny Egg and Pork Patty – (NT85, ~S$4)

 Damn. Look at that!

Wow. This one had the runny egg mixed with the cheese oozing out from the pockets of the toast. What’s even more amazing, is the well marinated beef slot in between those layers of toast. You need to separate the first 3 and the last 3 layers to savor it – pretty good for sharing!
Putting this into my mouth was a symphony of flavors – that natural sweetness of the protein, accompanied with the savoriness and cheesiness, wow, best toast I’ve ever eaten in my entire 24 years of living. OH AND DID I MENTION? THE BREAD ITSELF WAS LIGHTLY SWEETENED ON ITS OWN TOO. Unhealthy AF but GENIUS.

2. Double Cheese with Pork Patty and a choice of scrambled or half boiled egg (NT 70, ~S$3.75)

I’m sorry ah, my translation is not very accurate cause I don’t know the difference between 滑蛋 and 半熟. While the appearance of the toast is not as mindblowing as its counterpart, I preferred this to the other because it’s not as jelak, as the cheese is not as overwhelming and you can really taste each of the components! VERY SHIOK.

We also bought their milk tea!
While my mum and some of the viewers of my Instagram loved the milk tea, i didn’t quite particularly like it. I thought it tasted weird because it’s not rich as the usual milk tea. I went to the cafe just beside them to get coffee and it was LEGIT! Heehee!

If there’s one place you’ve got to go for breakfast, it’s definitely definitely 可蜜達Comida炭烤吐司! And the best part? There are various departmental stores, individual stores and cafes in the vicinity of the Zhongshan station area! Best breakfast experience for me!

How to get there?

可蜜達Comida炭烤吐司 (can just enter this into google maps)

中山區林森北路310巷24號, Taipei, Taiwan

No. 24, Lane 310, Linsen North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Opening Hours: 

7am – 12pm (Wed – Fri), 

Closed Mon – Tue

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