Taipei, Taiwan – Get Your Sweet Tooth Fix Away From the Hustle Bustle @ Tentendenden (點點甜甜)


All you Explodingbelly readers should be glad that there’s finally an English review for Ten Ten Den Den 點點甜甜. Don’t believe, you all go google tentendenden now.

But first, let me rant about how ulu this cafe is.

After a good 15 mins walk from the nearest train station at Banqiao – winding through the secluded streets in that sultry August heat, if it weren’t for google maps, I wouldn’t have thought we were walking in the right direction.

Much to our surprise, we easily passed by a handful of cafes along the way to Ten Ten Den Den. What a secret spot for cafehopping, probably not quite a secret for the locals as these cafes were packed!

One of the couple of cafes we passed by along the way.

You could actually catch a good ootd here though, aside from enjoying the cafes in this area. I’m obviously not a pro at taking OOTDs, but you get what I mean.

We finally arrived after what seemed like a half an hour hike, the heat is really no joke. But the entire vibes of the cafe just made us forget about that annoyance from the walk and heat momentarily.

The Place

I’ve a love hate relationship for this place, I hated how we had to walk so far in the sweltering heat, but at the same time I’m glad it was so hidden; it was a great respite from the hustle bustle of the city life. The exterior of the cafe looks really promising with that ceiling to floor glass windows coupled with its cottage like vibes.

As the place was relatively compact, I wasn’t quite able to capture majority of the space into one picture, so here are some snippets of it for you to align them in your minds.

Looks very peaceful hor, can people watch (a.k.a stalk) through the glass.I can totally imagine myself studying/working here with a cup of coffee. Wow. And, much to my dismay, everyone started flooding in 10 minutes after we were seated. There goes my peace. We were also pretty surprised with the crowd in here considering how ulu it is!

Their fresh bakes are all displayed here but they do not serve any other coffee except for drip coffee! Hmm. Probably not a good place for the non coffee purists.

We picked the most comfy looking seats in the cafe BUT, we were wrong, the table is too short and cramped. I cry.

The Menu

Their bakes range around NT130-150 ($6.50 – $7.50), and they all looked REALLY good.

What we ordered

Over at Tentendenden, they have a minimum spending of a drink per pax! The drink menu was a little disappointing for me as they did not serve my favorite iced mocha. We got the Very Berry Bubble (NT120, $6) because my mum loves anything fruity and acidic; while I got the Iced Matcha Latte (NT140, $7).

Honestly honestly, the appearance of the matcha latte was a little underwhelming aside from the very nice looking porcelain cup. I personally haven’t had a really good matcha latte and this one looked WAY TOO MILKY for my liking, but I was wrong. As usual. Mixing everything up and taking a sip of it made me let out a gasp of satisfaction, WOWWWWW, that rich matcha flavor with the light foamy texture coating my lips, what’s this sensation?! Before I get overly dramatic, let me just conclude that this was a legit cup of matcha latte.

The berry bubble was refreshing and it was a great change from the one too many coffees we’ve been having everyday. Their drink menu was actually ALOT better than I expected!

Now, it’s time for the cakes!

I really loved how they put in such effort in getting pretty and photogenic plates for their cakes. We ordered one of their signature matcha chiffon cake (NT130, $6.50), and the OVER THE TOP BLACK SESAME CHIFFON CAKE (NT150, $7.50).

Matcha Chiffon Cake

The plate!!! And of course that delicious looking piece of cake. The textures of the Chiffon cake were textbook – light, fluffy with the bittersweet goodness lingering at the tip of your tongue.

The addition of the matcha sauce amplified the fragrance. This cake was rich, light, fluffy, bitter yet sweet – that complexity of flavors… it was worth every bit of the effort making our way here!

2. Roasted Black Sesame Cake

That black on black combination. I’m not quite a fan of black sesame and the only reason I ordered this because it looks really loud and instaworthy. BLACK CAKE LEH. SO COOL.

This would definitely appeal to the black sesame lovers because that roasted flavor was so fragrant and the cream in the middle of the cake kept the flavors balanced. I didn’t quite get the idea of having meringue with cake but well, at least it made it more aesthetically pleasing for me.

Closing remarks

Did I regret my long walk here? With an empty stomach, yes. I was definitely surprised at how well they executed the items on the menu. Afterall, aren’t we all kinda familiar with such items in cafes? What was impressive is how they were able to elevate the flavors in the otherwise common cafe offerings, and the ambience of the cafe!!!! En pointe. What a great respite and I’ll highly recommend this area if you’re looking to cafe hop without looking too hard!

How to get there?

Banqiao Station

No. 2 Guangzheng Street Lane 45 Alley 2

New Taipei, New Taipei City 220



Opening hours

Daily; 12pm to 8pm

Maximum time to stay: 1.5h

Minimum spending: 1 drink per pax.

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