Relive your childhood with Cartoon Network X The Soup Spoon @ Waterway Point


OMG?! Ben 10? POWERPUFF GIRLS? WE BARE BEARS? Adventure time?! My childhood (read: current) favorites collaborating with my favorite soup place in Singapore? NO WAY.

I can actually hear my equally childish friends squealing with delight now. Well I guess this one hits right at home because unlike the usual Japanese character cafes which usually features our current craze, this one screams NOSTALGIA. Ok la, this cafe is not just for us oldies, there’s a reason why this collaboration is only at Waterway Point! We reckon it’s because punggol is the region with the most young parents with cute kids – I can totally imagine the kids enjoying the ambience and food there!

For a limited time only, this Soup Spoon outlet will be transformed into CN cafe, serving up their specially curated menu!

The Place

Honestly, while the place is not as impressively done up as most of the other character cafes, they’ve still got several photo worthy spots and I guess they still have to make the decorations as sturdy to withstand the possible rough handling by the kids who would frequent the outlet!

There’s something for everyone!

Powerpuff girls

The powerpuff girls take center stage, quite literally in the cafe. I can imagine people queuing to snap pictures with this display.They also have the powerpuff plushies littered all around the cafe! Well, lets hope that the kids don’t sneeze, salivate or puke on it. Thank goodness I had my share of hugging these adorable plushies!

Adventure Time

I didn’t catch any of the specially featured Adventure Time characters in the cafe, I might have missed it but they should really feature that pink fat thing. What is it called again? LUMPY.But at least they have the adorable table mats and cushions.

We Bare Bears

This was the character that drove everyone crazy, be it existing fans of the cartoon or those who were seeing it for the first time. Who can resist these 3 adorable bears?!They’ve also decorated the exterior of the open concept kitchen with a food truck inspired by one of the episodes in We Bare Bears!A quick glimpse of what to expect in the interior, nothing too fancy but good enough for me!

I just realized that I missed out on Ben 10, but… I’m honestly not a fan of him. I can imagine the kids going crazy and doing like weird actions with their ben 10 watches. But he just doesn’t appeal to this adult right here.

The Menu

Here’s the more exciting part – their specially curated menu for this CN cafe. I’ve got all pages captured for you guys to get excited about before heading down!

I liked how they are smart enough to simply add straightforward details to the dishes to fit them to the theme; but some of my counterparts were rather disapproving of the designs as for some dishes, they merely poked a paper standee into the item and pass it off as a character centric dish.

Okay lah, they are partly right, because one does not pay extra for a paper standee. But too much effort placed in the decoration can be pretty time consuming and have a lot of hangry adults + crying kids in the cafe. That combination, i don’t dare to imagine uh. I have to give props to The Soup Spoon for keeping the prices relatively consistent though.

The Food

They’ve got specially curated dishes for each character and since I neglected the alien green boy – Ben 10 earlier, here’s a feature of some dishes you can expect!

As you can tell, color combination got effort! Much to our surprise, the Ben 10 Root Beer Float ($8.90) was 10/10. BEST DRINK ON THE MENU, and probably the best root beer float I’ve had so far because, in addition to the usual root beer float, the added jello gave life to the drink! V nice, we ordered a second serving of it!

Sorry if you realize, there’s a phone in the frame, this was the only shot I got of the ben 10 pizza! This was pretty ok but definitely not your thing if you’re looking for a thin crust, crispy crust kinda pizza.

I liked the crust because it was so pillowy and easy to eat!

Powerpuff girls!

In case you didn’t get the reference to PPG, this one is cause the girls are made in the lab, so got conical flask (OMG DID I JUST IDENTIFY A CONICAL FLASK??).

We Bare Bears

They probably got the most coverage on my blog because they’re just too cute.

This is the Angus Beef Steak ($23.90), ok leh not bad! i think the Grizzly Beef Burger ($18.80) fared the best out of all, that ooozy sunny side up, with that cheesy sausage as the bear ears… TOO CUTE!

More pictures of their other items, I didn’t try them though!

Finishing our Beary cute meal with their brownie, hmm.. hmm. It was photo worthy. Let’s leave it as that!

Now it’s time for… an ADVENTURE! (I need t stop)

Adventure time!

Black Pepper Seafood Pasta ($18.90) came a little too dry and wayyyyy too peppery for my liking. A quick tweak in the recipe should do the trick right there! Finishing up with the dessert drink – Butter + Banana Milkshake ($14.90++) [right] and the Powerpuff Vanilla Milkshake ($14.90++) [left].

I personally preferred the banana one to the vanilla, because the vanilla was way too vanilla-ish.

But I definitely have to say, everything is just so simple, yet on point! I’m honestly pretty impressed with how they managed to keep the dishes simple and to the theme! The kids and the kid in all of us would definitely get excited once the items are served!

Walk down the memory lane and get hit with the pangs of nostalgia when you visit this limited time only CN cafe at waterway point! I do secretly wish that they still serve the usual Soup Spoon Menu on the side, because character cafes do lose their novelty with time. Hmm.

This unique collaboration would last for ONE YEAR! So for those who haven’t visited them, don’t fret, still got ALOT OF TIME! Check out #CNCafebyTSS on Instagram for more adorable pictures!

How to get there?

Waterway Point Mall , #B1-12

83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828761

Opening hours

Daily – 11am to 10pm

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