Ninja Cut Launches LIMITED TIME Hawaiian Inspired Menu


Wait, it has ONLY been a year since Ninja Cut just opened?! Feels like they’ve been around for ages, with their Ninja concepts being so well established and etched in the minds of many.

What impresses me about the Ninja Cut are many factors:

1) Their food are ridiculously photogenic and pretty. There was never a dull moment dining at both Ninja Cut and Bowl, nor was there a time where we didn’t go WA, when our food were served to us.

2) Their pretty dishes are not just aesthetically pleasing, it’s pleasing to one’s palate as well.

3) The Ninja team is constantly keeping things fresh and R&D-ing their menu, it’s crazy. I wonder where they get their ideas from. How many times have you guys seen my post on Ninja Cut and Ninja Bowl here? More times than I can remember myself.

This time round, they’ve launched a Hawaiian inspired menu, as a way of saying thanks for the support in the past year, in the spirit of friendship and warmth! All I can think about when I see Hawaii is Lilo & Stitch, so I guess their theme is pretty apt and legit?

The focus this time around still stays true to Ninja Cut’s initial roots – serving up quality cuts of protein, yet incorporating some Hawaiian influences into their dishes. Actually I always thought their initial servings already very Hawaiian liao, but I haven’t been to Hawaii, so what do I know? Haha!

For starters, you got to start your meals off with their Coconut drink, as emphasized repetitively on my previous posts.

1) Maui Dream ($22)

This consisted of a toasted croissant topped with creamy chili scrambled eggs and very generous servings of crab meat, and lastly finished off with mentaiko sauce.

While this dish looked super familiar and feels very familiar, I can’t seem to pinpoint to where I’ve had something similar before, what got explodingbelly impressed was the copious amounts of crab meat. Really juicy kind of crab meat leh.

Omg I remember liao it’s pretty similar to what they have over at Ninja Bowl – scallops, scrambled eggs and toast in their Mentaiko Scallop.

This was the better rendition of it because I personally liked croissants better and this had ALOT of crab meat, contrary to the scammy crab meat dishes we usually have. The croissant was left pretty soggy after the phototaking session but ok la, it was still pretty comforting!

2) Moana Love ($18)

Don’t you just find their dishes, so so so so visually pleasing? But this dish was ok lor, your usual poke bowl (salmon or tuna) with a choice of truffle yuzu sauce or spicy lime cilantro sauce.

Of course any one would choose the former, cause truffle, and truffle yuzu sounds unique la. And so I did.

But I don’t like leh, the flavors weren’t very distinct and I thought it did not do the fresh salmon justice. I would recommend to go for the spicy lime cilantro which would bring a more pronounced flavor profile.

I’m not a fan of this dish probably because I don’t quite dig the quinoa at the bottom of the bowl, I’m the kind of person that likes quinoa, if and only if it’s a light portion of it in my bowl. Is it I’m just weird?

3) Unagi Burger ($22)

Saving the best for the last, we knew this was THE dish when we picked at the sweet potato fries during the photoshoot. Oh my gosh, the fries were on point, like THE best sweet potato fries I’ve had ever. That ratio of sweet and savory, and how the fries stayed crisp throughout it all baffles me. So damn good.

If you think the Unagi burger looks amazing already, wait till you see this!

LOOK AT THE FLOW! OK LA, the egg was a tad underdone as it burst out super super watery yolk when we pierced the knife through.

The chargrilled Unagi had that slight smoky flavors and all the components of the burger – brioche bun, Unagi, smashed advo and the egg went in symphony. Seriously, the makings of a great burger!

4) Happy Hula ($19)

Seriously hor, can they stop being so talented in their plating? This just looks like an art piece leh. I cannot.

True to the Hawaiian theme, this plate boasts of tropical fruits like passionfruit, mango, and coconut, and even features a PINEAPPLE COCONUT ICE CREAM, which weirdly tasted like a thyme ice cream.

Bottom line is, I didn’t dig this dish. The ice cream tasted weird, the components didn’t quite work for me, but I attribute that to my dislike for the above fruits except for mangoes and coconut. Ok la I just didnt like it, which was a tad bit sad for me as the Ninja desserts were always on point. Well, I could imagine this dish would have appealed to the fruit lovers but for fatties like me, NOPE.

Besides the above, the Ninja Cut menu boosts of other Hawaiian inspired proteins like chicken and pulled pork. I can’t wait for the next surprise that the Ninja team is gonna spring for us!

How to get there?

32 Seah St, Singapore 188388

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday – 9.30am to 9.30pm

Weekends – 9am to 6pm

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