Mcdonald’s Launches Chocolate Pie and Fish & Fries in Singapore!


Oh aren’t we tired of the usual mcspicy, fillet o fish and Big Mac at McDonald’s? Ok la I can hear you mcspicy fans screaming NO, but really sometimes a bit sian right? Ok I don’t care. I EAT SAME THING FOR 25 YEARS LIAO LEH.

Our prayers have been heard and answered!

Yeah I’m as excited as him, but I swear I didn’t ask him to do this fishy dance!

Adding to the repertoire of their very familiar menu, comes the hearty alternative to our favorite Fillet o fish – SWEET CHILLI FISH BURGER ($7.50 for the extra value meal).

My favorite pillowy soft buns with a perfectly battered fish fillet. You know, the batter is unlike your usual hawker batter kind leh, is the crispy crispy then when you take a bite, the crisp exterior just breaks off and you get the bits of cracker like skin in your mouth and the meat altogether. I don’t know if you guys know what I mean, but yeah. The only downside to the burger would be the size of the fillet.

For the most part, I was just eating the bread and the sauce. WHERE THE FISH AT?

To my pseudo carb free friends, there’s also MCD’S rendition of the Fish and Fries ($7.90).

2 slabs of the fillet you can find in the burger, I preferred it in this version because that’s where you can feel the entire texture of the fish, and yes! It comes with tubs of our favorite tartare sauce! To think I actually hated tartare sauce when I was younger, I was a tasteless lil bitch.

Leaving the best for the last, that has got to be their CHOCOLATE PIE ($1.40)! This block of unappealing looking mess is what everyone’s going crazy over! Hailing from Korea, it has been making its rounds in Japan, as well as Bangkok, and now finally Singapore!

That molteny, chocolatey centre is LOVE. Unless you consume it while it’s hot, otherwise the filling would just be a creamy chocolatey spread! Still not bad la.

A tad too sweet for myself, but I can imagine how the people with sweet tooth would enjoy this. At that price point, I’d go for this over a chocolate bar ANY DAY, any time!

All these items will be out ISLANDWIDE on 1 March! FASTER GO EAT. Ok bye.

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