About Me!

Photo 16-2-15 3 22 54 pmClara Chua. More known as Clara Bean, because of my Facebook profile.

22. Psychology Major, en route to becoming a Clinical Psychologist.

This blog would be mainly on food, my adventures and sometimes with an occasional rant, or two. Basically what I do in my life. This all started out as a blog on fitness, but I slowly discovered my undying love for food. Being an avid cafe-hopper, and someone who is intrigued by food and cafes that are uncommon and new, this blog has evolved to cater to my second love – the love for food.

I love exercising, as much as I love eating. I have been playing Basketball for a good 13 years now, and I am also a gym junkie, because I don’t fancy people asking me, DO YOU EVEN LIFT? Yet, being a food-lover as well, I’ve never believed in restricting one’s diet to achieve an ideal physique. Moderation is always key.

Allow me to bring you along on my adventure in my mundane life. Getting by in life with a little of everything: discipline, moderation, motivation, patience and faith. Always trust the process, and stay disciplined.

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