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DIMPEA: Chocolate Dipped Green Pea Co...

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REMEMBER THE GREEN PEA COOKIES I WAS RAVING ABOUT PREVIOUSLY? Yes, PEATER is his name, and he found a new friend – Dimpea. DIMPEA is basically Peater dipped with vegan dark chocolate. Woah. Now… That’s intense. Haha! When I first tried Dimpea at a pop-up previously, I KNEW I had to get myself boxes and […]

Joe and Dough Launches SALTED EGG HOT...

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Joe and Dough has always been my favorite go to cafe because they not only have decent coffee and sandwiches, they’ve got wifi too! Besides, #SUPPORTLOCAL. Haha! I’ve been to Joe and Dough COUNTLESS OF TIMES, because they seem to be everywhere – 9 outlets and counting. I may have missed some as well. Today, the first […]

Review: Montana Singapore @ PoMo

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Montana Brew Bar has recently rebranded themselves to Montana Singapore following their massive success with their affordable waffles, injecting life into the otherwise unheard of POMO. If you’ve found the name REALLY familiar, yes, I’ve blogged about them before and their waffles before! The rebranding comes with several changes – the slight rise in the prices of […]

Salted Egg Croissant in SINGAPORE? Ye...

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I know everyone got damn excited when i posted about salted egg croissant being available in JB – here, I can’t imagine how many of you are HYPERVENTILATING while reading this. YES. SALTED EGG CROISSANT ON OUR VERY ISLAND. Eh, it’s about time lah. Of course, Flavour Flings at Hougang are the pioneers of this […]

Third’s a Charm: Chir Chir̵...

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Following its success in their first outlet at Somerset 313, Chir Chir is rapidly expanding, and now, has its third and newest outlet at Chinatown Point, giving yet another dining option for the working crowd in the area. What’s so different about this outlet from the rest is their opening hours. Being located just a […]

1-for-1 deals with LOCO @ Pie Face NE...

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As some of you may know, I’m trying to save up furiously so that I can head for more trips before I start my life as an adult, a working adult. Boohoo. I have recently found an app that not only helps me to save money, it gives me a chance to win an $88 […]

Review: The Plain Jane Cafe @ Serango...

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Even before they’ve opened their doors, I’ve seen the pictures of their beautiful interior and people on Instagram gushing over their swiss rolls, I wondered what’s the deal with this cafe? I learned that The Plain Jane was just a 2km+ walk away from my place, and of course, I was excited to pay them a visit! […]

The Golden Duck Salted Egg Chips dese...

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You all can now order HERE! “Oh my, are these salted eggs laid by golden ducks?” I asked myself after popping these chips uncontrollably in my mouth, and then proceeding to finish an entire bag within a day. These are so good, I’ve got to share it with the world. Or maybe not. Because I heard […]

沈阳风味 (Shen Yang Feng Wei) – Hid...

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Like many others, I’ve heard so much about Hill Street Tai Hwa’s Minced Pork Noodles at Crawford Lane, the tiny coffee shop located just behind ICA building. This coffee shop, Tai Hwa Eating House, houses about 5 to 6 stalls; however, you’d see majority of the people at the coffee shop having food from either the […]

Review: Roots Kitchen Bar @ Dickson R...

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Roots Kitchen Bar, a welcome addition to the neighborhood where you can find anything and everything, except a for good solid European fare with an amazing ambience to boot. Roots has thankfully filled in this gap for us. This humble restaurant prides themselves with serving quality food at casual dining prices, in return for the […]