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Pepper Lunch Keeps Their Menu Sizzlin...


The thought of Pepper Lunch just incites this bubble of happiness in me because it reminds me of my secondary school days (omg I got so old meh) and the fun concept of “cooking” my own food! Pepper Lunch has been pretty much the household name ever since it has set foot into Singapore from […]

Drinks for any occasion – My Fa...


The year 1992 must have been an amazing, game changing year for mankind because that’s the year when ShareTea and I were born! HAHA! Having established in Taipei, ShareTea has flourished through the years (just like I have), and has expanded to over 450 stores WORLDWIDE, including Singapore, US, UK, Australia and MORE. While they have grown exponentially […]

Something fishy is brewing over at Mc...

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Here’s a disclaimer, this is not an ad for Mcdonald’s. As you guys know, I am always excited when Mcdee’s launches something new and different – see here, here and here! This time round, attention to all seafood lovers, I’m pretty sure their newly launched items are made FOR YOU – Ebi burger, fish dippers […]

DIMPEA: Chocolate Dipped Green Pea Co...

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REMEMBER THE GREEN PEA COOKIES I WAS RAVING ABOUT PREVIOUSLY? Yes, PEATER is his name, and he found a new friend – Dimpea. DIMPEA is basically Peater dipped with vegan dark chocolate. Woah. Now… That’s intense. Haha! When I first tried Dimpea at a pop-up previously, I KNEW I had to get myself boxes and […]

Review: Five and Dime Brunch Menu

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Ah, Five and Dime, we meet again. A place which has encapsulated most of my dating memories – we celebrated his very first birthday here, and we had our first date at this very space as well! If you’re curious, here’s the previous review and story written by me, before I was Explodingbelly. Actually I think […]

Joe and Dough Launches SALTED EGG HOT...

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Joe and Dough has always been my favorite go to cafe because they not only have decent coffee and sandwiches, they’ve got wifi too! Besides, #SUPPORTLOCAL. Haha! I’ve been to Joe and Dough COUNTLESS OF TIMES, because they seem to be everywhere – 9 outlets and counting. I may have missed some as well. Today, the first […]

Review: Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roas...

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Pacamara is one cafe which we’ve always wanted to visit ever since they’ve opened their doors, but were 1.5 years late to it. HAHA! Pacamara is ran by the same team behind the now defunct OZ Specialty Coffee, with their Thailand partners, Pacamara Coffee Roasters. Although we were late to the party, Pacamara was one place we knew we […]

You can now dabao Llao Llao – j...

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YES. We all know this and love this. The SANUM from llaollao. There’s something about this yogurt store that makes us fall head over heels with it, with some even can bear the crazy long queues to get this coveted cup of yogurt. Why ah? Go other froyo stores got diff is it? GOT. They […]

The ultimate list of cafes with WIFI ...

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Eh have you heard? The Maslow Hierarchy of Needs got a new layer leh – it’s called WIFI. (Picture credit: GOOGLE) Seriously, we all NEED wifi these days. It’s no longer a Want. Just a couple of months ago, when I was doing up this list of places you could get sh*t done here, I thought we […]

McDonald’s Launches Truffle Fri...

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Explodingbelly has disappeared for a little while on this space because of her finals, and she’s back today not because she has finished her exams, but because she just completed one paper and is procrastinating. Yes, we all have heard, and we were all excited. McDonald’s launches their very own version of TRUFFLE FLAVORED SHAKER […]