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BellyCooks – 1 ingredient homem...

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Since explodingbelly has semi-graduated and is on her holidays now, it’s time for her to hone her skills in the kitchen, like where women belong (bitch pls). As I’m a horribly lazy and unskilled cook, who only knows how to oven bake my salmon and chicken breast, and fry some vegetables, I’m constantly looking out for ways […]

Product Review: LG TONE Active Blueto...

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As you guys know that I’ve been really excited about running these days, especially with the Fitbit and the clearance to finally run after 4 months of rehab, I’ve encountered several problems, which have been hindering the comfort of my run, besides the knee of course. Oh THEN AGAIN. RUNNING IS NEVER COMFORTABLE, to me. HAHA! […]

Updates (Like you guys care…)!


I have been doing a lot of typing today, sending in various sorts of applications for my internship, follow-ups and also, for applications to summer school and community programs. So since I’m typing, I might as well type this shit up. This is the first, and probably the last summer where I am so actively […]

The Journey Thus Far.


Just yesterday, I’ve been bombarded with questions by a couple of friends about the lifestyle that I’m leading today, in the ENTIRE day. It’s like everyone had this secret plan to get to know why I am doing what I’m doing today. It was really thought provoking for me, because I could not seem to […]