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Drinks for any occasion – My Fa...


The year 1992 must have been an amazing, game changing year for mankind because that’s the year when ShareTea and I were born! HAHA! Having established in Taipei, ShareTea has flourished through the years (just like I have), and has expanded to over 450 stores WORLDWIDE, including Singapore, US, UK, Australia and MORE. While they have grown exponentially […]

Affordable and DIY kaisen don? SASHIM...

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I first heard of Teppei because of their elusive omakase dinners that required a waiting list of a couple of months. There was once I even tried to call to get a reservation for myself 2 years ago, but to no avail. Hence, when I heard that they first opened their take away outlet in the Food Hall […]

Salted Egg Croissant in SINGAPORE? Ye...

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I know everyone got damn excited when i posted about salted egg croissant being available in JB – here, I can’t imagine how many of you are HYPERVENTILATING while reading this. YES. SALTED EGG CROISSANT ON OUR VERY ISLAND. Eh, it’s about time lah. Of course, Flavour Flings at Hougang are the pioneers of this […]

The Golden Duck Salted Egg Chips dese...

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You all can now order HERE! “Oh my, are these salted eggs laid by golden ducks?” I asked myself after popping these chips uncontrollably in my mouth, and then proceeding to finish an entire bag within a day. These are so good, I’ve got to share it with the world. Or maybe not. Because I heard […]

Salted Egg Croissants @ Seven Oaks &#...

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I wonder why it has taken so long for this idea of a Salted Egg Croissant to come closer to our shores. Ever since we’ve been blown away by the pictures of salted egg croissants created first (or so I thought) by Urban bakery in Hong Kong (which has been featured on my ultimate list […]

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas!


I know. I’m regretting my decisions too. WHY DID I PROCRASTINATE?! NOW THE SHOPPING MALLS ARE SO PACKED EVERYDAY, WHERE GOT TIME TO GO BUY THINGS? OR GET INSPIRATION?!! I know. I hope this list would help you guys generate some ideas on what to get for your loved ones, or for your gift exchanges! […]

The ultimate list of cafes with WIFI ...

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Eh have you heard? The Maslow Hierarchy of Needs got a new layer leh – it’s called WIFI. (Picture credit: GOOGLE) Seriously, we all NEED wifi these days. It’s no longer a Want. Just a couple of months ago, when I was doing up this list of places you could get sh*t done here, I thought we […]

15 places for unicorns to get your RA...

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Okay just a heads up, this post is about RAINBOW CAKES and a short walk down Explodingbelly’s memory lane with her rainbow cakes escapades. I think all of us would have a rainbow cake craze some time in our lives because seeing colors just makes us SO HAPPY. During a period of time last year, […]

4 places to get your Christmas game o...

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To get into the groove of the Xmas season, besides shopping for presents at Tokyu Hands at Orchard Central, you may want to take a break at the following places for lunch/tea/dinner for some inspiration with their Christmas specials! I’ve always thought OC is a food haven for ALL food lovers like us! It’s like […]

The Ultimate AFFORDABLE Truffle Dishe...

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I love the smell of truffle. I love the taste of truffle. I want to bathe in truffle oil everyday. Okay no. Yucks. HAHA, but seriously, MOST of us get really excited when we read Truffle <something>. “Most of us”, because I know of people who shun away at the slightest tinge of truffle. Those […]