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Where to Get Your Shibuya Toast Fix i...

NEW and UPDATED version of your most comprehensive Shibuya Toast Guide in Singapore. For updates, scroll to the end of the post! Seriously, who can resist THICK toasts? Imagine that satisfaction as your teeth sinks into the fluffy brioche toast.. The crispy exterior, the warm, buttery interior, with a scoop of ice cream and various […]

23 Secret Hideouts to get SH*T DONE

As the most dreaded week of every semester dawns upon every University student, I thought I should probably try to be cool to do this post up, instead of meeting assignment deadlines and flipping past the preface segment of my textbook. Recess, used to be our favorite word until we grew up. Recess week, is a bitch. We all know […]

6 Must-try French Toasts for Brunch L...

6 Must-try French Toasts for Brunch Lovers

For most cafe-hoppers, the sound of brunch will make you go weak in your knees. And that’s the reason why we are all so willing to sacrifice our weekends to travel for the brunch menu in all parts of Singapore. When the cafe scene wasn’t as bustling as it is now, what used to excite […]

The Ultimate Guide to Salted Egg Yolk...


UPDATE! – 15th April 2016 I’ve decided to place my updates all at the top of this list so you guys can have easy access to the NEW DISHES! NUMBER 64: Salted Egg Lava Cheese Tarts (Review HERE) Genius. Enough Said. Tasted ALOT better than I expected too. Available at all Prima Deli Outlets islandwide, I heard […]